Technology Community Techineer Reaches 1.4 Million Instagram Followers

Techineer, a company showcasing technological innovations via Instagram, recently hit 1.4 million followers in just a little over a year. Techineer continues to grow rapidly and remains one of the most popular communities on social media.

The CEO and Founder of Techineer, Marko Danial, is an entrepreneur and engineering student. He founded Techineer in early 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 20-year-old took advantage of the transition to remote classes to showcase his passion for scientific innovation, engineering, and technology.

“As a current engineering student, I want to continue inspiring the younger generation to go after their dreams. I started Techineer to help educate people on some of the latest viral technology and engineering innovations around the world,” Danial notes.

Part of the reason for Techineer’s success is Danial’s early adoption of Instagram Reels, which were released in August 2020. He spent all of his free time between remote classes creating posts, researching new technology and innovations, and finding sponsorships. Techineer showcases the latest and most innovative products almost hourly on their Instagram page.

Ultimately, the new Techineer shop brings affordable, high-quality, durable products to customers all in one location, including products showcased on their own socials. The shop includes valuable products that solve everyday problems. From clever ways to incorporate technology into various tools, electronics & gadgets, and accessories, Techineer has it all.

“Techineer has been by far my most significant project. My goal is to continue taking it to the next level. We are firm believers in technology and are on a mission to ensure that everyone has access to some awesome products,” Danial said.

With Marko Danial’s passion for technology and engineering innovations, along with his commitment to finding the best products for consumers, Techineer will continue to see rapid growth.

Techineer is a one-stop shop for tech geeks and newcomers who are looking for a go-to place to satisfy their cravings for innovation!

For more information, visit or @Techineer on Instagram.


PDFBear: A Secure Watermarking Tool to Enhance PDF’s Security Level

Almost all digital users utilize PDF, or Portable Document Format, to store and exchange information. Apart from that, digital users are attentive to several additional capabilities affiliated with PDF files, such as security control to a greater extent. As a result, the user may easily handle crucial files in an appropriate method.

Furthermore, of all the PDF-related capabilities, applying a watermark for information security is the most vital. It’s one of the most efficient protection against content being plagiarized or misappropriated. With that in mind, below are some critical steps you can take to protect and secure your PDF so that other users cannot manipulate it.

Why Is It Necessary to Add a Watermark to PDF Files?

Watermarking as a preventative measure protects your data while allowing it to be shared. Watermarks are an easy way to remind people that a file has been categorized. Watermarks ensure that copies are appropriately classified and that when labeled “confidential,” the PDF file isn’t inadvertently posted on a public-facing link (or similar non-confidential use).

Aside from that, when you add watermark to PDF online, it can be used to identify and track duplicates. Each duplicate may have a distinct watermark, allowing you to pinpoint the source of a leak quickly. Moreover, this serves as a solid barrier to those who might otherwise reveal sensitive or confidential details to other individuals or the media.

How to Use PDFBear in 4 Easy Steps to Digitally Watermark Your PDF Files

Did you know that even though the PDF file is password locked, watermarks applied with Adobe Acrobat can be simply removed? However, to fully use its effectiveness, applying watermarks must be in a way that any modifications or alterations to the file are visible. Otherwise, what is the point of using watermarks if they aren’t visible or not robust enough?

PDFBear ensures that all of your digital documents are protected from unauthorized changes, potential theft, or any other misuse that could jeopardize the security of your critical information. With that, the procedures for adding watermarks to your PDF documents, as well as the proper functions when applying them to your PDF documents, are outlined below.

  1. Ascertain that the PDF files you will be working with are already on your computer or device. Then, select a document that requires watermarking. Next, click the “Select a File” button to upload the file to the remote server. You can also upload a PDF file to this website using Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or a URL.
  2. After uploading the file, go to “Edit” and choose “Watermark.” Please select whether you want a text or image watermark and the watermark location where you want it to appear. You can further customize the size, placement, appearance, and pages on which the watermark appears.
  3. The advantage of using PDFBear to place a watermark on your PDF file is that you can easily position your watermark in any region of your document. For a cleaner, professional look put it in the center or the middle section.
  4. You can now download and utilize your upgraded PDF files after the watermarking is complete. You can either make use of the generated download link or press the ‘Open’ button. To keep in mind, if you want to save your file rapidly, you’ll need a fast internet connection.

PDFBear’s Maximum Protection & Security

According to the site’s privacy policy, every file submitted to the system is automatically deleted from their servers one hour after being processed. This ensures that no unauthorized individuals gain access to your PDF file. In addition, PDFBear adheres to the most stringent security standards, ensuring that the privacy of their customers is always prioritized.

Quick Processing

The website advertises that its services are processed quickly. This is a unique feature because most platforms that provide similar services, whether online or software, cannot compete with PDFBear’s speed. This is due to the developers’ understanding of the value of time and how users might have spent their time doing something more vital than waiting.

Furthermore, for those who have trouble browsing an online tool, the website’s layout is simple to understand. It takes only a few seconds to become comfortable with this user-friendly design.


There you have it! A quick and straightforward guide to understanding when, why, and how to add and edit watermarks in PDF files. There’s no excuse not to employ this powerful and safe feature in your PDF files now that you know the fundamentals of watermarking. As a result, prepare all of your PDF files and use PDFBear to resolve your PDF issues.


How You Like That: Experience The Convenience of PDFBear Features

If you wish that your life is more convenient for managing your PDF files, you should start using handy PDF tools. The process of converting, numbering, or even adding watermark to your PDFs is not easy without the right tool. But if you use the tools listed in this article, you will how convenient your life will be.

PDF Editor

A PDF file is a handy format that allows us to ensure that our files can be viewed or opened in different operating systems or devices. Although it’s famous for its uneditable feature, you can use some tools to edit it. With that said, adding, removing, and editing your PDF’s content is effortless with this PDF editing online.

Users can easily edit PDF files in four simple steps, making it convenient if you’re on the go. Use this PDFBear tool now and enjoy the process below:

  1. Upload the PDF that you wish to alter.
  2. After uploading, you can now draw lines, add text or shapes, and even highlight important things.
  3. When you are done, apply the changes.
  4. You will be taken to the “Download” page and quickly download the file.

Number Pages

If you need to add numbers to your PDFs’ pages, there’s no other tool to use than this one. It’s pretty easy to use, and you only need to perform four simple steps. Before knowing the process step by step, we need to know the advantages of adding numbers to PDF document pages.

People use numbers in highlighting any crucial words or phrases in a project or report. You can also easily find numbers if there are thousands of words on a page, which users should do this method before it’s too late. If a PDF file is organized and in order, people can quickly follow the content, and reading the file will be enjoyable and worth the effort.

In addition to the details, even if your work is outstanding and brilliant, people will still have a hard time understanding, and they will be confused if your file is chaotic and disorganized. To avoid something like this, take the first step and start adding numbers to every PDF document you have. Start using the “Number Pages” feature now and learn the basic steps below:

  1. Upload the file that you wish to add numbers to its pages.
  2. Pick the spot where the numbers will be placed and apply the changes.
  3. Decide on how you will share the file. You can either send or email the file link or the file itself.
  4. You can now save the document to your PC or share it on your social media sites!

Add Watermark

When you don’t own something, don’t claim it as yours. In this era, some people might take credit for a work they didn’t start or created. Now that we can publish almost anything on the web, like videos, pictures, or important documents, they can be viral, and other individuals might claim them as their work. It’s also a similar case with your PDF files, and unwanted individuals might want to steal them, which is the top reason why you need to start protecting them now.

When we mention protection, it translates to placing a watermark on your documents, telling other people that something belongs to you. To cut the story short, you need to put watermarks on every PDFs that are important to you. If you need to use a reliable tool to achieve the process, you are in the perfect place because PDFBear will lend a helping hand. This online tool is fast enough to process your files and adding watermarks to them.

You can also pick the spot where you can place a text or photo as your watermark. The watermarking process is easy to do, and you can do it using your mobile devices. With that, here are the four steps in achieving the process:

  1. Decide and upload the PDF document you want to place some watermark. Get the file from your gadgets.
  2. Add your watermark now and start the process.
  3. If PDFBear is not yet done with the process, please wait.
  4. After the first three steps, download the file to your computer or save them to your online storage accounts.


PDFBear is the best online software capable of converting, compressing, merging, or splitting PDF files without any hassle. You can access this platform through your mobile devices, or desktop and users will not be required to register or download anything. They only need to visit the website use the tools that they need.


Background And History Of Tag Heuer Watch

TAG Heuer is one of the top and most famous luxury watches with a strong history and automobile racing, deep connections, developments, and innovations to the mechanical watches chronographs. This watch is priced at around 15,000 to 20,000 Dollars because of its elegant look and durable timepiece that every watch lover looks for.

Roots Of The Watch

The TAG Heuer Watch company was manufactured way back in the year 1861 by the late Edouard Heuer. His first workshop of watchmaking was produced and made in the Jura region of swiss near St Imier. The company started building because of top quality watches’ reputation with high precision and quality of timekeeping.

It has a different series of technical innovations during the 1880s. The company was voted to lead and to become one of the sporting inventions specialists. During the ’30s, this watch was used at the Paris, Amsterdam, and Antwerp Olympics. During the year 1934, this brand was introduced to the Autavia watch, and it is the first stopwatch made for race car drivers.

During the year 1985, this watch was being bought and acquired by the group of TAG companies that are being called the S.A. TAG, and it is the abbreviation in the method and techniques of the Garde d’Avant. The TAG group collaborated and joined with the Heuer and Tag brands to have a new quality brand that has joined together, and it is now called the TAG Heuer watch that is being well-known all over the world.

Simplifying the Chronograph

When the watch’s engineering was being trumped with many concerns during the past, the designers’ movements needed to create and develop the new calibers with major moving parts to make the people more reliable and accessible to service. During the year 1888, Heuer Edouard set and patented the opinion that can simplify the chronograph.

The main movement of the construction is still being used in the manufacturers nowadays. The opinion of the couples and decouples, clock, stopwatch, mechanism, and the gear’s timekeeping will empower all of it so that the progress and development will only be allowed to be more timepieces that have a mechanical style and design so that it will be sold at the mid to lowest cost.

Faster And Faster

This watch’s achievement was technical during 1916 when Heuer Charles first introduced the first and original Mikrograph. This is the first brand that they designed to be a mechanical stopwatch that can measure up to 1/100 of its second. If they want to achieve and accomplish this, they will need to check their movement rate at 360,000 mph to be faster than the recent ones.

The First Swiss Watch In Space

Back in May 1960, John Kennedy was the United States president. He then announced that his goal is to land a man on the moon and return to earth safely. The first style and method in reaching that goal are to put a person into the moon. After they had announced, a man wanted to volunteer, and his name was John Glenn.

John Glenn went to the moon with the primary mission to accomplish, and he oriented the earth almost three times while he was wearing the Tag Heuer watch 2916A. He wore and placed it on the top of his space suit that is custom-made with its electric strap. The astronauts love to use this watch in their mission to orbit. This was kept by the National Air and Space Museum in D.C.

The Carrera

Tag Heuer is the most famous watch mixed and associated with mobile racing, and the popular and renowned look in the Heuer collection was the Carrera. The head of the Tag Heuer company Jack Heuer wants and suggested that name after taking the company. The Carrera Panamericana is a wild race run on the public and private roads in Mexico’s streets during 1950-1954.


Suppose you are starting to collect watches or a seasoned buyer of the TAG Heuer watches. In that case, this watch design has a lot of styles to offer to every customer because it is a watch that has excellent durability and design that can fit any person who loves watches. This watch is being displayed in the showroom in San Diego.

You can also find many pre-owned and limited edition pieces that you can find online, but you need to make sure that it is fake because many people make a copied version of this watch. You can go to the Hamel Leo jewelry store because they displayed a lot of Tag Heuer watches.


Hunter Valley Holiday: Making the Most of the New South Wales Experience

Hunter Valley is conveniently located two hours away from Sydney. Any traveller who wants a quick weekend getaway surrounded by nature and culture should visit the region. It is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts or those that want to escape normal city life.

Typical Hunter Valley holidays often include a visit to a vineyard and, of course, some wine tasting. Known for some of the finest wineries in the country, Hunter Valley offers this exquisite but affordable experience. However, there is more to this area than its delicious wine.

Depending on how adventurous or laid back the guests are, Hunter Valley offers an expanse of activities to do as a family or a group of friends. Each area of the region has its unique attraction that will convince anyone to revisit.

Activities to Do in Hunter Valley

Sightseeing experiences and local attractions make Hunter Valley holidays memorable and worthwhile. These activities will surely make the experience more exciting and worth going back to.

  1. Ride a hot-air balloon or helicopter – To get the best view of Hunter Valley, soar up the skies in a hot-air balloon or a helicopter. It is the perfect activity for anyone celebrating their anniversary or birthday.
  2. Do some horseback riding -Those who prefer land activities can try horseback riding to see the beautiful rural sceneries within the region.
  3. Tour the countryside with a bicycle -Bicycles are also a good way to explore Hunter Valley. Several routes pass through vineyards and other idyllic landscapes.
  4. Relax in beautiful gardens -Spend the day wandering around picturesque gardens with full-bloomed flowers of different colours and smells.
  5. Go kangaroo spotting – Kangaroos can be spotted in the vineyards and bushlands at dawn or dusk. It is important to keep a safe distance when trying to take a photo of this national emblem.
  6. Try grape stomping – Get barefoot and start immersing in the traditional wine-making process of grape stomping.This educational and fun activity is worth a try!
  7. Buy souvenirs at the shopping village -There is an area in Hunter Valley where shops are lined up to sell regional food, treats, and souvenirs for tourists.
  8. Experience fine dining in many restaurants -Several restaurants serve seasonal dishes that reflect the culture of the locals. These delicious meals can be shared while gazing at a magnificent view of the valley.

What to Prepare for a Hunter Valley Holiday Trip

To plan a holiday to Hunter Valley, make sure to find suitable accommodation near a point of interest or attraction. Book your hotel and planned activities at least a month before the trip to prevent being rejected due to overbooking. The peak season for visiting Hunter Valley is during autumn.

Hunter Valley should have all the basic establishments, so there is no need to worry about buying some groceries or other necessities. Carry some cash for emergency purposes.

Since the region is surrounded by nature and artistic terrains, it is greatly encouraged to bring a camera to capture the valley’s natural beauty. It is also a perfect way to document your experiences.

A holiday trip to Hunter Valley can be full of unexpected and enjoyable activities for both adventurous types and those who seek a relaxing and fun time. Consider planning your stay in advance to have a smooth and hassle-free getaway to the countryside.



Growing up, every child has heard their parents lecture them about how beneficial it is to eat fresh greens and vegetables every day, to be able to grow up strong and healthy. These children become adults who order fresh produce delivery every week to keep their family healthy and active. It all comes in full circle; they grow up resisting vegetables and greens, and when they have a family of their own, they have subscriptions to fresh produce delivery to keep their family healthy!

Why healthy eating is essential:

  • Today, people are so busy with their jobs, taking care of the house, travelling, and many factors that contribute to the fact that a large majority of the population end up ordering take-out food that is mostly greasy and fatty and could make the person unhealthy and tired. 
  • The essential aspect of eating healthy to lead a healthy lifestyle is to cook fresh meals at home using fresh ingredients either bought in the market, or for the sake of convenience, having the fresh produce delivery service sending it to the doorstep. 
  • Healthy eating reduces the risk of cholesterol, heart conditions, diabetes, keeping the Body Mass Index (BMI) in check. Along with healthy eating, it is also essential to stay active every day.
  • Eating healthy has also helped many people change how their energy fluctuates and gives them a boost of energy every day to go about their daily tasks.

How to go about the healthy route:

The following tips are to help individuals start eating their healthy meals and start their new journey towards life:

  • The first and foremost tip is to align the number of meals and at what intervals these meals will be consumed. It is vital to have a set time during the day that is dedicated to having a meal.
  • The recommended number of meals to have in a day are 3, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
  • Snacks can also be incorporated into the plan; for instance, a healthy snack such as some fresh carrots with homemade hummus will taste good and provide the nutrients needed.
  • It is certainly possible to have an eating plan that can be done without actually measuring the portion sizes of the meals being consumed. Contrary to the diet culture obsessed with counting every calorie they consume, many people have found a way to eat more intuitively without measuring the calories. 
  • Most people have found recipes online that show ways to make bland ingredients into unique and delicious meals using fresh produce and many spices to add flavour. There are so many creative ways people can use vegetables that they have never imagined they could be used! For instance, making spaghetti out of zucchini is in vogue now, but people were amazed by this concept earlier!
  • Every morning starting the day with a healthy green juice or a fresh fruit smoothie bowl and a tall glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon is another great habit to start. 
  • An excellent way a person can guarantee to eat healthy daily and cook their meals is to meal prep and come up with a grocery list. Many fresh produce delivery chains have a monthly subscription system that allows people to plan their meals accordingly and get their fresh produce promptly. It helps them save time, money and energy!

Guide To Storage of Wholesale Nuts

Nuts are a delectable source of protein, fibre, and good fat. They can help lower bad cholesterol, aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, and many more. No wonder families, local cafes, small restaurants, and large dining establishments buy fresh wholesale nuts to incorporate in many of their recipes. However, like any food bought in bulk, nuts need to be stored properly to get the most shelf life out of the sizable quantity. 

How long do bulk nuts last?

The shelf life of nuts will depend on their storage. An unopened bag of nuts kept in a refrigerator takes up to two years to spoil. In contrast, nuts kept at room temperature last only three months. 

What affects the freshness of nuts?

The longevity and freshness of nuts are affected by the storage temperature or condition, whether they are shelled or not, and whether the package is opened or not. Nuts stored at a cool temperature, like inside the refrigerator or freezer, last longer than nuts in warmer environments. You can store nuts in tightly sealed containers to keep out moisture and contaminants. 

Nuts with shells intact last longer at room temperature than already shelled nuts. The shelf life of shelled nuts will only lengthen if kept in environments with regulated temperature. Furthermore, cashews and pecan varieties are quick to become rancid in warm environments, so these types must be stored immediately at regulated temperatures. 

The freshness of wholesale nuts is usually indicated by “best by” dates rather than hard expiration dates. People may still consume nuts past the best by date, as long as the smell and taste are not anything unordinary. Nonetheless, it is best to store them in ways that will optimise their freshness.

Cashews and Walnuts can still be enjoyed past the printed date of 6-9 months when kept in the pantry. Almonds are safe for consumption past best-by date 9-12 months in pantry storage. 

All mentioned nut varieties are still good to eat for a year when in the fridge and two years when in the freezer. On the other hand, pistachio is good for three months past the best-by date in pantry storage. 

How to store nuts in bulk?

Leaving nuts in the open air or at room temperature is the least effective way to lengthen their lifespan. It is better to keep nuts in small jars, bags, or boxes and properly seal them to keep them fresh. When bulk nuts are separated into smaller containers, one would only need to open a single container at a time. Thus, only a small number of nuts will be consistently exposed to open air while the rest of the stock retain their freshness. If you are using your nut supply in cafes or restaurants, this method is especially helpful for you. 

Keep in mind that each type of nut needs to be separately stored – no mixing! More importantly, nuts should be kept away from high-odour foods, such as onions, asparagus, and seafood. Nuts tend to absorb smells of other food and may adopt an unpleasant smell.

For much longer periods of storing, it is recommended that bulk nuts be refrigerated in an airtight freezer-safe container. Nuts can stay in the refrigerator for up to six months or stored in a freezer for around a year. Every variety of nut can be stored in the fridge except shelled pistachios. Again, each type of nut must be stored separately. 

After freezing, nuts do not need to be thawed for consumption; instead, they can be left until they come to room temperature. They can be used directly from the freezer into cooking and baking as well. 

Storing activated nuts

Activated nuts mean nuts that were soaked in salt and water for around 7-12 hours. This process will make them more prone to moulds and should be consumed within 24-48 hours. Washing unshelled nuts is also not recommended as it adds extra moisture that encourages bacteria growth.


Troubleshooting: How to fix a Mac computer

The world is evolving with the newest technologies. MAC is one of the most reliable computers we use nowadays. These computers operate differently from other computers like Windows. We may encounter unique and difficult issues on MAC computers. In this article, we have some key tips on how to repair MAC computers.

Here are the steps on how to fix Common Mac Repair problems:

1. Reboot Mac

Reboot is one of the simplest fixes. When the application starts to misbehave, rebooting the computer can fix it. The good thing about Mac computers is it reboots quickly. They are not time-consuming computers.

2. Boot into Safe Mode

This troubleshooting normally happens when your Mac fails to boot properly.

To boot into Safe Mode, restart your Mac computer and immediately press and hold the shift key until you see a progress bar located at the bottom of the screen. Once the computer is on Safe mode, reboot the computer manually without holding the Shift key.

3. Force Quit

This troubleshooting step is used when an app occasionally hangs. It freezes you out and will not let you do anything or quit. Press the three keys together: Option, Command and Esc or select the Force Quit from the Apple menu located in the upper-left corner of your screen. The force Quit Application box will show, then you may select the app and click Force Quit.

4. Check Network connections

If you are having trouble with your WIFI connection, it is dropping and disconnecting randomly or not getting connected at all, you may need to start by turning the WIFI off and on again. If it does not work, go to the Network page in System Preferences. Click the Advanced button in the lower-left, and you will see a list of Preferred Networks. Highlight your Wi-Fi network name and click the “-” button and then choose Forget it (please make sure you remember your WIFI password before doing this). Once you have successfully removed the network and eliminated the password, reconnect to your network by entering your password and connect.

5. Reset your Mac login password

If you have forgotten the login password, resetting the password should be done. There are two ways to reset your password; changing your login password using your Apple ID and updating your login password using a recovery key.

If you have associated your user account logins with your Apple ID, you may use your Apple ID to change your login password. How to do it? Select the Apple Menu or press the Power on/off button on your computer and then click Restart. Click your user account and select the question mark icon in the password field and then click the arrow. Go to “reset it using your Apple ID”. Enter your Apple ID and password, then click next.

To reset, change your login credentials password using a recovery key. You may click the Apple menu or press click the Power on/off button on your computer and then select Restart. Select your user account and click the question mark. Then click the arrow and choose “reset it using your recovery key”. Enter the recovery key, then click Next.

Knowing this basic troubleshooting can help you fix your basic computer problems by yourself. These basic tips on how to fix Mac Repair problems is helpful in everyday tasks at work. Although there are problems that require us to take the help of a professional, rest assured that you at least tried fixing it on your own first.


5 Perks of Growing Your Home Veggie Garden

With so many people staying at home these days, a lot of them have turned to a relaxing hobby called gardening. Moreover, since everyone knows the value of eating healthy, the trend of creating a homegrown veggie garden has made a comeback. After all, people today are deathly afraid of pesticides, growth hormones, additives, and other chemicals. Thankfully, you can now buy vegetable seeds online and start planting your favourites. Not convinced? Here are the top benefits of growing your own veggie garden at home:

1. Helps You Consume More Veggies

Having your own backyard veggie garden assures that you’ve got fresh produce for every meal. The variety of vegetables you have personally grown motivates you to incorporate them into your menu. After all, you don’t want your hard work of tilling your garden to become wasted. Hence, you can experiment with more veggie dishes, allowing you and your family to enjoy its various nutrients. 

2. Offers Better Health Benefits

When you buy vegetable seeds online and grow them yourself, you can rest easy knowing you are harvesting truly organic vegetables. Being the one at the helm, you know what materials you used to nurture your plants. You don’t get this peace of mind when you buy from the supermarket. Your veggies could be non- GMO and laden with insecticides. By planting your own, you are assured of total quality. 

3. Saves You Loads of Resources

When you plant your garden, you save tons of money on expensive grocery bills. Though you may need to invest initially in seeds, pots, and soil, you save your wallet in the long-run. After all, organic produce is expensive. Planting your own assures quality for less price. On top of that, you don’t have to waste your energy going to the market. You just need to harvest from your backyard. This also reduces waste as you get what you need. Sadly, when you buy from the store, you are forced to buy pre-packed produce that you sometimes forget about. As a result, they end up rotting. 

4. A Family Bonding Activity

Planting your veggie garden is a great family bonding activity. Take a look at what it can do for your home: 

  1. You get to encourage your kids to get off their gadgets.
  2. They begin to understand the value of working with their hands. After all, it feels very satisfying to see seeds sprout and grow.
  3. It fosters important traits in everyone like perseverance and determination.

Above all else, when you plant it, you feel more invested in it. So just imagine your picky-eaters willingly eating veggies because they grew it with their own hands. It’s a win-win situation!

5.  A Great Avenue for Relaxation

In this frenetic world that’s all about gadgets, growing your own veggie garden allows you to commune with nature. Many scientists say that there is value in grounding or “earthing!” It is therapeutic and relaxing to till the soil and be one with mother nature. After all, it is human nature to always feel at ease with their home planet. Thus, the act of gardening helps relieve stress, assuring that you unburden yourself as you focus your mind and body on something more productive. Most of all, having a veggie garden nearby assures you to filter your air from toxins and other harmful particulate matter. Clearer air equates to a clearer mind. 


Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Penetration Tested

When running a business, you need to ensure that you protect all of your critical assets. One of those assets that you need to protect is your client’s valuable information. Even losing one of their information can cause a huge fuss within your business. Even something as minor as that could cause the business a considerable loss. 

Even if you have highly-trained employees, your client’s data can still get compromised through cyber attacks. The best way to steer clear of cyberattacks is by creating a secure network that IT solutions can provide. If you want to determine how effective your company’s cybersecurity is, you should contact cybersecurity services to conduct penetration testing. You can find many benefits with it as well!

Benefit #1: Exposing vulnerabilities

The main reason you need penetration testing is to determine which areas of your cybersecurity are vulnerable and resolve it before cybercriminals get to it first. You may not know it, but cybercriminals usually try to lurk around and study your company’s mainframe before infiltrating it to ensure they get to steal sensitive data with ease. 

Even the tiniest hole within your business’s cybersecurity system is already enough for cybercriminals to use as leverage and steal whatever information they can. Professional cybersecurity services try to mimic how a cybercriminal would try to penetrate your system/network and find how they can prevent them from doing the same thing. 

You should never be afraid when cybersecurity services are trying to penetrate your system because they always try to do it in a safe environment. Your clients’ information will still be safe while they are conducting the penetration tests. They would usually do the tests after implementing the security infrastructure or considerable changes in security controls. 

Benefit #2: Decrease network downtime

When a cyber-attack occurs, your business’s entire network usually experiences network downtime. Not only does that happen during cyber-attacks, but it could also happen at random times if your system/network is left unchecked. Even having a minute of downtime can cause a massive loss within your business, which you would not want your business to experience.

You need to know that downtimes are expensive, so the best way to prevent that is through penetration testing. When you have them alongside your business, there should be no problems keeping the business’ network up and running at all times. That means there is a constant flow of profit every minute. 

Benefit #3: Achieve better security measures

When you hire the best cybersecurity services, you should expect that your business also has the best security measures that not many of your competitors have. Because of penetration tests, your security measures are tested to their total capacity until the testers find something that cybercriminals can use to steal sensitive data. 

Penetration testers team up with other people like network security engineers to create a highly efficient security system. Since you now have reliable security measures, they can also help you budget on how you can invest in cybersecurity solutions in the future. The more secure your business is, the more your clients will trust you with taking care of their data. 

With the many cyber-attacks happening every day to different businesses, never be complacent with your cybersecurity measures. Hire professional penetration testers right away to prevent cybercriminals from putting your business underwater.