Growing up, every child has heard their parents lecture them about how beneficial it is to eat fresh greens and vegetables every day, to be able to grow up strong and healthy. These children become adults who order fresh produce delivery every week to keep their family healthy and active. It all comes in full circle; they grow up resisting vegetables and greens, and when they have a family of their own, they have subscriptions to fresh produce delivery to keep their family healthy!

Why healthy eating is essential:

  • Today, people are so busy with their jobs, taking care of the house, travelling, and many factors that contribute to the fact that a large majority of the population end up ordering take-out food that is mostly greasy and fatty and could make the person unhealthy and tired. 
  • The essential aspect of eating healthy to lead a healthy lifestyle is to cook fresh meals at home using fresh ingredients either bought in the market, or for the sake of convenience, having the fresh produce delivery service sending it to the doorstep. 
  • Healthy eating reduces the risk of cholesterol, heart conditions, diabetes, keeping the Body Mass Index (BMI) in check. Along with healthy eating, it is also essential to stay active every day.
  • Eating healthy has also helped many people change how their energy fluctuates and gives them a boost of energy every day to go about their daily tasks.

How to go about the healthy route:

The following tips are to help individuals start eating their healthy meals and start their new journey towards life:

  • The first and foremost tip is to align the number of meals and at what intervals these meals will be consumed. It is vital to have a set time during the day that is dedicated to having a meal.
  • The recommended number of meals to have in a day are 3, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
  • Snacks can also be incorporated into the plan; for instance, a healthy snack such as some fresh carrots with homemade hummus will taste good and provide the nutrients needed.
  • It is certainly possible to have an eating plan that can be done without actually measuring the portion sizes of the meals being consumed. Contrary to the diet culture obsessed with counting every calorie they consume, many people have found a way to eat more intuitively without measuring the calories. 
  • Most people have found recipes online that show ways to make bland ingredients into unique and delicious meals using fresh produce and many spices to add flavour. There are so many creative ways people can use vegetables that they have never imagined they could be used! For instance, making spaghetti out of zucchini is in vogue now, but people were amazed by this concept earlier!
  • Every morning starting the day with a healthy green juice or a fresh fruit smoothie bowl and a tall glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon is another great habit to start. 
  • An excellent way a person can guarantee to eat healthy daily and cook their meals is to meal prep and come up with a grocery list. Many fresh produce delivery chains have a monthly subscription system that allows people to plan their meals accordingly and get their fresh produce promptly. It helps them save time, money and energy!