Background And History Of Tag Heuer Watch

TAG Heuer is one of the top and most famous luxury watches with a strong history and automobile racing, deep connections, developments, and innovations to the mechanical watches chronographs. This watch is priced at around 15,000 to 20,000 Dollars because of its elegant look and durable timepiece that every watch lover looks for.

Roots Of The Watch

The TAG Heuer Watch company was manufactured way back in the year 1861 by the late Edouard Heuer. His first workshop of watchmaking was produced and made in the Jura region of swiss near St Imier. The company started building because of top quality watches’ reputation with high precision and quality of timekeeping.

It has a different series of technical innovations during the 1880s. The company was voted to lead and to become one of the sporting inventions specialists. During the ’30s, this watch was used at the Paris, Amsterdam, and Antwerp Olympics. During the year 1934, this brand was introduced to the Autavia watch, and it is the first stopwatch made for race car drivers.

During the year 1985, this watch was being bought and acquired by the group of TAG companies that are being called the S.A. TAG, and it is the abbreviation in the method and techniques of the Garde d’Avant. The TAG group collaborated and joined with the Heuer and Tag brands to have a new quality brand that has joined together, and it is now called the TAG Heuer watch that is being well-known all over the world.

Simplifying the Chronograph

When the watch’s engineering was being trumped with many concerns during the past, the designers’ movements needed to create and develop the new calibers with major moving parts to make the people more reliable and accessible to service. During the year 1888, Heuer Edouard set and patented the opinion that can simplify the chronograph.

The main movement of the construction is still being used in the manufacturers nowadays. The opinion of the couples and decouples, clock, stopwatch, mechanism, and the gear’s timekeeping will empower all of it so that the progress and development will only be allowed to be more timepieces that have a mechanical style and design so that it will be sold at the mid to lowest cost.

Faster And Faster

This watch’s achievement was technical during 1916 when Heuer Charles first introduced the first and original Mikrograph. This is the first brand that they designed to be a mechanical stopwatch that can measure up to 1/100 of its second. If they want to achieve and accomplish this, they will need to check their movement rate at 360,000 mph to be faster than the recent ones.

The First Swiss Watch In Space

Back in May 1960, John Kennedy was the United States president. He then announced that his goal is to land a man on the moon and return to earth safely. The first style and method in reaching that goal are to put a person into the moon. After they had announced, a man wanted to volunteer, and his name was John Glenn.

John Glenn went to the moon with the primary mission to accomplish, and he oriented the earth almost three times while he was wearing the Tag Heuer watch 2916A. He wore and placed it on the top of his space suit that is custom-made with its electric strap. The astronauts love to use this watch in their mission to orbit. This was kept by the National Air and Space Museum in D.C.

The Carrera

Tag Heuer is the most famous watch mixed and associated with mobile racing, and the popular and renowned look in the Heuer collection was the Carrera. The head of the Tag Heuer company Jack Heuer wants and suggested that name after taking the company. The Carrera Panamericana is a wild race run on the public and private roads in Mexico’s streets during 1950-1954.


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