Technology Community Techineer Reaches 1.4 Million Instagram Followers

Techineer, a company showcasing technological innovations via Instagram, recently hit 1.4 million followers in just a little over a year. Techineer continues to grow rapidly and remains one of the most popular communities on social media.

The CEO and Founder of Techineer, Marko Danial, is an entrepreneur and engineering student. He founded Techineer in early 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 20-year-old took advantage of the transition to remote classes to showcase his passion for scientific innovation, engineering, and technology.

“As a current engineering student, I want to continue inspiring the younger generation to go after their dreams. I started Techineer to help educate people on some of the latest viral technology and engineering innovations around the world,” Danial notes.

Part of the reason for Techineer’s success is Danial’s early adoption of Instagram Reels, which were released in August 2020. He spent all of his free time between remote classes creating posts, researching new technology and innovations, and finding sponsorships. Techineer showcases the latest and most innovative products almost hourly on their Instagram page.

Ultimately, the new Techineer shop brings affordable, high-quality, durable products to customers all in one location, including products showcased on their own socials. The shop includes valuable products that solve everyday problems. From clever ways to incorporate technology into various tools, electronics & gadgets, and accessories, Techineer has it all.

“Techineer has been by far my most significant project. My goal is to continue taking it to the next level. We are firm believers in technology and are on a mission to ensure that everyone has access to some awesome products,” Danial said.

With Marko Danial’s passion for technology and engineering innovations, along with his commitment to finding the best products for consumers, Techineer will continue to see rapid growth.

Techineer is a one-stop shop for tech geeks and newcomers who are looking for a go-to place to satisfy their cravings for innovation!

For more information, visit or @Techineer on Instagram.