Spread Happiness Around You With ‘HappyBit NFT’, Read To Know More

There are many ways to spread smiles in the world. A lot of brands work hard to bring positivity to society. One of them is HappyBit NFT. With the help of blockchain technology, the brand provides members with a collection of randomly generated pixelated smiley faces, with limited Non-Fungible Token.

Once a person becomes a member of HappyBit, they play a key role in spreading joy around. The brand is dedicated to helping those who battle mental health issues. Anyone can join the cause by visiting their official websites and filling in the required details step-by-step.

The brand says in a statement, “Help us spread a little happiness into the world. 10% of profits will be donated toward mental health research and resources. The remainder of the profit will be used to fund future charity NFT projects.”

Furthermore, HappyBit NFT also offers various incentives with every sell-out. Their motive is to give back thousands of dollars to the members of their community who engage in spreading smiles with pixelated emojis. “We will also be giving away a Tesla Model 3 (Standard Range Plus). To enjoy these benefits, a person must be one of the first 500 buyers. Buyers get one entry per HappyBit they own and are NOT limited to one HappyBit,” mentions the official statement.

The most popular and preferred method to buy their products or services is via their website. One can join their discord or follow their social media pages. Often, HappyBit keeps posting new updates on OpenSea and Instagram or Twitter. The brand also conducts Giveaways for its followers and members.

Check out their official site and social media handles –
Twitter: @happybitnft
Instagram: @happybitnft.


Pawan Gupta sets his throne as a Wushu Champion as he leads his way in the field of Martial Arts

India is home to an array of sports, and many personalities have made a significant contribution to the sports industry. Wushu is one such sport that has created a niche in India’s sports scenario. Among many top players in the sport, Pawan Gupta has made a mark as the youngest Wushu Champion in the Chinese martial arts. His determination and the attitude of never giving up has seen him fall and rise as one of the most sought players in the game.

In this hand-to-hand combat, Pawan has been a champion who has mastered the art in the sport after years of practice. This special form of martial arts was developed in China in the 3rd Century BC, and it is a full-contact sport that includes two disciplines – Taolu and Sanda. Pawan has experience and expertise in Sanda, also known as Sanshou which is a self-defence system and combat sport that includes kickboxing.

From an early age, Pawan Gupta was attached to the field of sports. To be precise, martial arts is something that always excited him. Gupta before making his foray into martial arts observed the athletes performing the sport. Speaking about the same, he said, “Those who have been practising this sport have a different kind of energy. Ever since I learnt martial arts, it has helped me in improving self-defence techniques and also boosted my energy levels.”

After rigorous practise, Pawan Gupta participated in several competitions and championships. It has been more than a decade he has been playing the Wushu and during this time, the sportsman has proved his spirit not just in India but all over the world. Having won various medals on an international level, Pawan Gupta is a 4-time national champion in kickboxing and has remained a Wushu Champion for a long time.

Among various other certificates and accolades, Pawan Gupta has bagged a bronze in the 8th Asian Wushu Championship for men’s 65 kg in 2012. He also won a certificate in the 4th Pars Cup Wushu Championship in 2012. Apart from this, Pawan Gupta has emerged 2nd in Asian Sanda Championship 2017, 3rd in Wushu International Championship in 2017 and has got a certificate in the 6th Asian Junior Wushu Championship. Moreover, he is also the recipient of the Sanda Cup and Shanghai Cup and has been a junior and senior national champion across Asia.


The Journey Of Development In Craik, Saskatchewan

Development is essential for the existence of any city. But there is a saying, “In an undeveloped city, don’t drink water. In a developed city, don’t breathe the air.” It just goes to show that development in a city can lead to air pollution and affect nature and the environment. It’s a known fact that many developed countries in the world are facing breathing difficulties, health problems, and loss of natural habitat due to air pollution these days. But is it possible for a city or a country to develop while protecting nature? Of course, it’s possible! And we have the best example for you – Craik city. Craik is a calm and loving city located in the heart of the prairie grain belt in south-central Saskatchewan. It is not just a city, but a friendly community that is known for its hospitality, courage, love, and also happiness.

We all know that kids always love to play in nature. Being with nature can make children creative and intelligent. As humans and as citizens, one of our main responsibilities should be creating a safe and beautiful place for our children. We need to make sure that they have a clean and beautiful environment growing up just like we had in our childhood. But just having green and beautiful nature around is not enough. Cities and towns should have all the facilities required to make their life easy and smart. And that’s exactly what Craik has. It has the perfect combination of nature and development, which makes it a great place for your kids to grow up. The city has clean air, beautiful landscapes, nature all around, and a safe environment, which makes it a great place that you can call home.

Development or going up the ladder in life can make people busy. You are stuck with loads of work all day, deadlines to meet, and work to deliver. So, to maintain that work-life balance, people need places where they can unwind and relax. Playing sports or games or simply watching your favorite team play can help people relax from their everyday schedule. Sports are also very important for maintaining good health and fitness. An ideally developed city should include places where people and children can play games, learn new sports, and even help upcoming athletes to improve their talents. That’s exactly what Craik has done. It has got something wonderful for everyone. There is a Craik Memorial Rink – a large skating rink that is 185 ft. long and 85 ft. wide. The Memorial rink construction was completed in 1949 and cost $29,800. If you are a beginner at skating, you could learn and improve your skills at the rink and if you are a professional, then you can enjoy skating whenever you want. You will surely love it! Craik is in fact the mother village of several professional ice hockey players in Canada. Jim Archibald, Kenton Dulle, Garnet Exelby, Chris Neiszner, Chad Reich, and Jeremy Reich are some of them.

Saskatchewan is a fast-developing province in Canada. The province has a special growth plan for the next decade (2020 – 2030). Saskatchewan’s development plan has three main categories.

Strong economy
Strong communities
Strong families

The first target of the growth plan is to create a roadmap for a growing province of 1.4 million people and make 100,000 more job opportunities that will help establish a strong economy. Saskatchewan is blessed with high-quality manufactures and they plan to increase the exports and core exporting sectors in the upcoming years. Saskatchewan plans to grow its oil, gas, and natural resource economy as well.

The province is a self-sufficient economy thanks to a well-developed agriculture system. It is partly also because of the government that encourages farmers to make decisions that will improve the Saskatchewan-based agricultural process. With many beautiful landscapes and attractive places to visit, the Saskatchewan province is blessed with tourism. The capital of Saskatchewan is Regina, which is another beautifully fast-developing city like Craik. It is around 117 km from Craik city. Regina is the 2nd largest city in Saskatchewan after Saskatoon city.

Saskatchewan is a province that has developed well while maintaining its natural beauty and that’s the secret of its successful development. The credit goes to the government, which had a well-thought development plan.

Water is one of the most important resources for any city. Safe and readily available water is important for public health, whether it is for drinking, domestic use, or recreational purposes. The Craik city in Saskatchewan was affected by a boil water advisory for 09 years since 2010. That made the people think Craik is not a suitable place for residence or business. Fortunately, the federal and provincial governments decided to invest in Craik and find a way to distribute clean water all over the city. That’s when the upgraded water treatment plant project started. The Craik dam was the water resource of the project. Using an eco-friendly and specialized biological filtration process, the water from the Craik Dam is treated and filtered. This has resulted in clean and fresh water for the residents. Craik residents were relieved from the boiled water advisory on 2nd May in 2019 with the completion of the water up-gradation project. They even celebrated a “clean water day” on the 11th of May 2019. The value of Craik city increased with the success of the clean water project, and many people choose to make Craik their home. Improved water supply and sanitation can boost a community’s economic growth, and that was shown by Craik.

Saskatchewan is a pet-friendly city. If you are an animal lover, there is a must-visit place in Saskatchewan – the Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre (SBOIC). It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Burrowing Owls.

Burrowing Owls are an endangered species in the world. At SBOIC you can learn many things about burrowing owls. This organization has special programs to educate people about burrowing owls and makes lots of effort to ensure their safety. What’s amazing is that if you wish, you can even get a great chance to adopt an owl for yourself. You will be taught how to take care of them when you adopt one. It is a completely different experience for sure. Flowers, chocolates, clothes, and hampers are our usual gift options. But how about sending a burrowing owl to your loved one as a gift? Sounds interesting, right? You can do this at the Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre.
You can hear stories of some unforgettable animal friends who lived in SBOIC. They cherish and remember all the memories of their animal friends. That shows how much the SBOIC loves these animals. You will surely love the experience at Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Center. Craik city, Regina city, and overall Saskatchewan are on their development journey, with the promise of protecting animals and nature at every step. Craik and all cities in Saskatchewan will surely win the prosperity of development in this decade.


Chelsea Mimms who built a massive following being a social media influencer

Chelsea Justine Mimms who hails from Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada is a 25-year-old entrepreneur. She completed her education in Bachelor of Arts – French Studies. She is an influencer who has a large fan following. She has 17,000 YouTube subscribers and 47,000 Instagram followers. Besides, content creating she is fond of travelling and fashion which are also sometimes featured on her accounts. She is married to her high school sweetheart and is a new mother to a beautiful little girl.

How Chelsea came to be a social media influencer

When she was in high school she would always recommend products, teach her friends new hairstyles and would usually be ahead of the trends. “I would constantly be repeating myself to people on the same topics that one day I decided to start a YouTube channel thinking maybe other people would want to know these things as well.” For years Chelsea kept it a secret from her friends but soon she realized that if she shares her content it could help more people.  

“YouTube was my first big step into social media but it takes a lot of work & although I enjoy editing sometimes it’s hard to keep up on, especially when I was in school, that’s when I got more into Instagram. Instagram is a quick and easy way to share my ideas and connect with my followers. I still love making YouTube videos and creating content which is why I do both.” Her content was based around beauty and fashion but gradually her content began to incorporate self-love & self-growth as she got older however her passions for beauty and fashion are still strong.

Changes Chelsea had in career after becoming a mother

Now that she has become a mother, she has entered the “mommy blogger” niche. “I can feel the overwhelming amount of love and know that things are only going up from here. Being somewhat trendy and also being a mom is so fun and allows me to make content I enjoy while also sharing some amazing tips for my fellow mamas, soon to be or individuals who love family content”, Chelsea stated. Chelsea’s content although sometimes mommy blogger related is still focused around daily life, beauty and fashion. Chelsea is still very active on both Instagram and YouTube till this day and has some exciting plans for the year ahead. 

Plans Chelsea has for her career

Chelsea career is really just getting started. Her pregnancy has amped up her YouTube channel even more so and has given her a sense of purpose. She has a lot of exciting content planned for this year and is looking forward to continuing her growth. “I just love to help and share any knowledge I have in hopes to inspire, help or entertain someone else. We are all on our journey and it is so important to uplift others, share what we know and live each day without fear of what others will say”, Chelsea remarked. She has so much love to give and share with the world and we look forward to watching her inspire others to do the same.

Media Contact Information:

Chelsea Mimms

Email: [email protected]



Bold, Fearless and Relatable: Welcome to Tamara ‘Tigerlily’ Hill’s World

The fashion world can be a brutal place. But when you’re as bold, fearless and relatable as Tigerlily Hill, there is really nothing to fear. Her life and achievements as a fashion designer and stylist are powerful reminders that it pays to take a leap of faith and to follow your passion.

Is it possible to design an ensemble that fits the red carpet and the casual or ordinary setting at the same time? Many in the industry will readily respond with a resounding no. Not one to shy away from a challenge ( as her foray into fashion competition shows) Hill set out to create sophisticated and playful designs that work well with glamorous settings but also serve the purposes of non celebrities.  

Bold and Fearless In Competition

Miss Hill is not afraid of challenges. She boldly took on seven other talented stylists as part of the VH1 reality fashion show Glam Goddess. For this show Miss Hill had to compete with other stylists as they all crafted and created fashionable attire for their clients. And of course her boldness and fearlessness paid off. She performed impressively winning several of the show’s challenges and scoring high in many others. As a result she was named as one of the top two stylists by the end of the competition.

Bold and Fearless Creativity

Bouyed up by the success of this challenge and the global fame and recognition it had brought her, Hill moved on to another challenge- the creation of her own fashion line. This resulted in the creation of the now world famous Crown Atelier line.  And in true Tigerlily Hill style, the line has gone on to dominate the fashion world. Crown Atelier is found in the closets of every discerning fashion buff and numerous A-listers.  The line finds its way into the hands of the most fashion conscious people around the world through multiple means, including Hill’s own ecommerce platform, stores like Georgetown’s Aruba Boutique and Hill’s fashion stores.

Hill’s penchant for exceeding expectations and dispelling myths shine through in her creations and are evident in the multi-genre applications of her pieces.  Crown Atelier pieces stand out for being applicable to celebrities and regular people alike.  Only a professional challenge taker like Miss Hill could pull off such a feat, with such magnificence too!

A Bold and Fearless Entrepreneur

The next challenge for Miss Hill was to boost her performance in the fashion industry by infusing her corporate expertise. And she had an impressive amount of this expertise! Not only had she completed a first degree in Business Administration with a focus on finance, but she had also completed a course in apparel manufacturing. Additionally, she had hands on experience in the corporate world having served as section manager with responsibility for supervision and administration at Marks and Spencer from 2000-2002.

Hill’s mastery of the fashion world has earned her accolades from all quarters. In 2012 she took home the inaugural Emerging Designer Award at Caribbean Fashion week and in 2016 she the recipient of The Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s Star for Creativity in the Arts. Powerful fashion magazines such as Essence have identified her as one to watch when it comes to fashion greatness and numerous celebrities and regular folk sing her praises after donning her ensembles and enjoying the stares of adoration they attract.

Undoubtedly being bold and thinking outside the box has earned Tigerlily Hill the love and adoration of millions of people around the world. She is without a doubt a powerful trendsetter in the world of fashion.



Discovering that a close one, such as a friend or family member, has been arrested is a devastating revelation. The first instinct is to meet him in person and offer support, and with the help of a bail bond, you can even ensure speedy pretrial release. Here are some tips to help locate your acquaintance in jail:

How to Locate: An online inmate locator can help you find their jail location. However, if the system hasn’t been updated yet, it is better to contact the solicitor handling the case. You may call the detention facility to be sure about the exact location of an inmate.

  • Usually, courts will assign under-trials to local prisons. Each court has a specific set of prisons it is supported by. Sometimes, due to overcrowding or gender, they can be detained at an institution further away.
  • By contacting them as soon as possible, you can arrange for appropriate legal representation for them, including hiring a private attorney on their behalf or liaising with their public defender. Depending on the county and the specific court where the hearing took place, an offender is assigned a selected prison facility after the bail hearing.

How to Help: The first thing you need to do is offer support to your friend. He needs to see a familiar face to tell him that things will be alright. A defendant may have to spend days and weeks before the trial could take place. It is not a suitable condition to be in jail for that long, especially for those who did not commit any crime. Work and social life get disrupted if one is locked up in jail for long. Therefore, the best possible option under such circumstances will be to opt for bail. 

  • A bail lets one get out of police custody and get back to the regular life without hindering his social life. A defendant is given a chance to hire an experienced lawyer to represent him in the courtroom. Statistics suggest that employing a skilled lawyer exponentially increases the chances to win the case, as opposed to being represented by a state-appointed attorney.   
  • While opting for a bail service, it is better to look for a local bondsman to handle the whole procedure for a quick bail. A bail bondsman requires just 10% of the bail amount as a fee to post the entire bail on your behalf. They will also answer any pressing questions, offer legal guidance, and ensure confidentiality throughout. Defendants in California rely upon the fast service of bail bonds San Diego CA for a hassle-free bail.

A defendant may want financial support from the near ones to pass the tough time. If your friend decides to go for surety bail, he might require you to co-sign the bail contract. It is a huge responsibility and a commitment to support someone financially for bail. You might have to put your properties as collateral for his bail. You should only co-sign the contract if he’s family or someone you care about deeply and want to offer genuine help. 


Junior ‘journalist’ Goldy Goyat becomes sensation during Farmer’s Protest

Goldy Goyat All Over India’s Junior Journalist again become sensation in public because recently in India Farmer’s Protest is going on in that protest Goldy Goyat has shown his honour to public and he became a trusted media person who cover’s all truth and reality regarding all the issues of the public in Farmer Protest he has taken interview of Famous Farmer Leader Named Rakesh Tikait After taking interview of rakesh tikait GOLDY GOYAT became more trusted social media journalist.He told us that public is giving him too much love when they saw his interview’s on social media Goldy Goyat also told us that he will do journalism on all the issues of public he will not do parsality with anyone. He has created his own channel on social media by his own name so you can see his videos on social media by searching his name…


Nick Pulos quotes that will make you successful

Of the millions of entrepreneurs chasing their dreams and creating start-ups, many of them fail, and others stagnate. Of those that are ‘high-flyers’, some fizzle down after a big growth spurt and others crumble at the first sign of trouble.

All in all, entrepreneurship is a tough nut to crack, and you need a lot of advice and information to keep moving. Nick Pulos, having walked the same journey and emerged at the top, shares his tips to succeed in an uncertain path:

  • “Always deliver more than you promise.” – Nick Pulos.

The secret to getting and keeping clients is exceeding their expectations. Now, don’t get cocky, Nick cautions, but you need always to put your best foot forward. To achieve this, start small by achieving your targets earlier and thinking of out of the box ways to serve your client. When you can solve a client’s need before realising it’s a need, you’ll never lose a client.

  • “The focus of marketing is fully shifting to digital.” – Nick Pulos.

It’s not a will it, won’t it happen thing anymore; it is stark clear that the future of marketing is digital, and if you want to succeed, that’s where you need to be. Nick has said that it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; the digital space is accommodating to every industry. You can find your space early enough and begin building your business.

  • “Your online reputation can make or break you.” – Nick Pulos.

Now more than ever, you need to manage your online reputation. This is not just for your business but for personal presence. Businesses have crumbled due to employees and managements having bad reps online. Nick has stated that referrals are now done online; word of mouth now means look them up.

  • “Everyone is on social media and that’s where you need to be.” – Nick Pulos.

Social media saved the day in 2020 when the pandemic threw the world into a whirlpool. The pandemic aside, how people consume social media has changed as it’s their first stop when looking for products. It is not enough to be on social media. However, it is crucial that you engage your audience. A social media following is a sure way to help you scale your business.

Your presence, content and engagement work together to help you build visibility for your brand. Nick Pulosencourages business people to build their businesses online as that’s where the shift is heading.


The secret to breaking away from a narcissist revealed by top divorce lawyer Rebecca Zung

As a renowned attorney, author and YouTube voice, Rebecca Zung helps people break free from the toxic grip of narcissists. This month, she empowered her YouTube listeners with an interview with New York Times Best-selling Author Bob Proctor, who helps people harness the law of attraction to get what they want out of life.

Zung is a six-time recipient of the Top 1% Attorneys Award from the National Association of Distinguished Counsel who is widely respected for work to provide support to people who are divorcing narcissists. In just 10 months, she has amassed over 100,000 subscribers on her “Negotiate Your Best Life” YouTube channel, through which she shares advice and interviews thought leaders to empower her listeners.

She recently interviewed one of her mentors, Bob Proctor, author of best-selling book “You Were Born Rich.” Proctor is a sought-after motivational speaker and life and business coach who contributed to the acclaimed self-help film “The Secret” in 2006.

“My target audience is comprised of people who feel stuck, paralyzed and traumatized. There is no one better to give people the tools to be able to shift the dynamic in their life,” said Zung. “Just listening to Bob can change your life.”

In the interview, Proctor discussed the importance of reprogramming the subconscious for success. “Your subconscious is your universal mind, and it can’t change anything. If you’re thinking sad things and you’re turning them over in your mind, that’s exactly where you’re going to be. You’ve got to see yourself with the life you want, living the way you want, being who you want,” advised Proctor.

Proctor urged listeners to tap into the power of written goals. “Writing causes thinking. Thinking creates an image. The image stirs emotion. Emotion sets off a vibration. Writing is very important. If you have a new habit you want to form, write it out 100 times in the present form every day for a month,” said Proctor. “Writing programs the mind. It’s a way of reprogramming, changing the paradigm. The paradigm is what controls your life.”

In addition to her YouTube channel, Zung offers on-demand programming, including, “S.L.A.Y. Your Negotiation With a Narcissist” for personal lives and business and “Breaking Free” divorce masterclasses. She helps viewers see through gaslighting and other narcissist tricks. Zung is also a frequent contributor to media outlets, including Forbes, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Extra, Time, NPR Talk Radio and Dr. Drew.

Zung is the author of “Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.” (foreword by Robert Shapiro) and “Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide.” She is also one of the country’s most powerful lawyers and a partner at Long, Murphy & Zung in Florida. To learn more about Rebecca Zung, visit

About Rebecca Zung

Rebecca Zung is one of the Top 1% of attorneys in the nation, having been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a Best Lawyer in America, as Legal Elite by Trend Magazine, and recognized by her peers and the judiciary as AV(c), preeminent rated in family law, the highest possible rating for an attorney by Martindale Hubbell.

But her journey was not always easy. Married at 19 the first time, she had 3 children by the age of 23 and then was a divorced single mom when she decided to go back to law school. She went from being a single mom, college dropout, to becoming one the most powerful lawyers in the country at the helm of a multi-million dollar practice. She is now committed to sharing her secrets and empowering others to live their lives at their optimum level of success, professionally and personally.


Unbending confidence and ambition led Ahmad Mansour To Create His Mark in the entertainment industry

To have a certain goal in life is one thing, but to pursue success by exploring many different aspects of a particular area of interest is something entirely different. People are generally found to be running behind only one particular goal in life, while many others believe in trying to do everything to eventually reach their destination and become a success story. Similar is the story of a 31-year-old Australian Actor and entrepreneur from Sydney.
Born on 23rd October 1989, Ahmad Mansour is an established Australian actor, TV & radio presenter. The talented actor appeared for the first time on Channel Nines UNDERBELLY the Golden Mile, which gave a boost to his acting career. Based on his magnificent success in this TV show, Ahmad Mansour was given another role in the Nine Rescue Special Ops Channel. After that, he never looked back and it helped him gain a chance to work with famous directors such as Colin Fletcher and Tony Tisle on big-budget films in the UAE, Germany, and Australia.
Mansour had been passionate about acting since a young age and was a major fan of Denzel Washington. In an interview, he said, “The style of Denzel Washington is impeccable and I’m also a huge fan of Leonard DiCaprio, but after COVID-19, the film industry was hit hard. I was fortunate to have other companies to keep me occupied.” Mansour is not just known for his acting, but also his entrepreneurial skills. He has a secondary passion for luxury supercars; he owns a Dubai based luxury supercar rental company, which he has built into a global brand that provides services to British public figures, entrepreneurs, royalties, and more. The entrepreneur has established a globally recognized company in the luxury and travel industry through his exclusive offering of luxury cars, including models from Maserati, Ferrari, and the iconic Aston Martin seen in the recent James Bond films. Although his acting interests remain his focus, his decision to start a company has helped him to make international contacts.
Mansour loves to choose a strong script and tries to focus on getting diverse roles to learn new things related to the acting world. He also always tries to refine his acting skills and looks to play roles that inspire him to give a motivated performance.
To learn more about Ahmed Mansour follow his latest updates on Instagram