Is fear of Pain Making you Resist Transformation?

Ever wonder what happens if a seed refuses to transform into a plant and then into a tree?

The world will run out of fruits, isn’t it? Imagine the joy a seed radiates to the surroundings when it accepts the changes around it and transforms. Well, this is life. Life is all about transformation. In fact, the transformation makes you feel alive and beautiful.

Sometimes transformation comes with pain. In your life, you might have crossed paths with people who feel that transformation is painful. Or people who find that changes are hard to co-op and adapt. Not denying the fact transformation can come with pain, but it’s not just about the pain.

Moreover, transformation helps you to identify your true self and your potential. This powerful journey comes with a lot of expectations, struggle, and trauma, but when you find a better and stronger version of yourself, in the end, you learn that it is worth bearing the pain. It’s more like witnessing a colorful rainbow after drizzling rain.

Four Pillars of Transformation

Now, when we agree that transformation is the true wheel of life that keeps it moving, we might think about how to stop resisting it. Well, transformation is a long yet beautiful journey. Self-acceptance, self-love, authenticity, and emotional literacy are the four pillars of transformation that stimulate the process.

#BecomingFlawesome: Self-Acceptance Is The Key

The first step towards transformation starts with breaking the chains of perfectionism. You can never transform into a healthy state if you keep running away from your imperfection. Acknowledge your flaws, accept them, and embrace them as well. That’s the beauty of life. Let go of the masks you wear and flaunt the REAL YOU. Self-acceptance opens the doors to personal growth and healing.

Self-Love: The Ultimate Healing Power

Once you start loving yourself, you realize that these changes are essential for your growth and accept them to bring a better version of you. Self-love prioritizes our well-being and transforms us physically and emotionally. Simply put, by nurturing ourselves with self-love, we create a foundation for healing and growth.

Authenticity: Identify Your Truth

How many times have you changed or distracted your path because you put someone’s else opinion over you? We all do this quite often. We lose our authenticity just because of accepting someone’s truth or opinion. But transformation is all about discovering your truth. The fear of judgment and perfection doesn’t allow us to leave our comfort zone and transform into a masterpiece.

Emotional Literacy: Know Your Emotions And Balance Them

If you give a second to ponder, what is making the transformation journey painful, you will realize that it’s your emotions that aren’t willing to adapt to the changes. You can never succeed in your transformation without confronting and processing your emotions in a healthy way. Understanding what your emotions and feelings are seeking will empower you to navigate’s life challenges with resilience.

A real-life transformation journey

The co-founder of Mindvalley, Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, tells us more about transformation and its power in her book, “Becoming Flawesome.” She writes about self-love, emotional literacy, and the truth behind self-acceptance. And what makes her journey more beautiful is her real-life encounter. She shares how she learned and implemented the power of self-acceptance in her life.

See, what does transformation mean for Kristina,

Transformation is not a natural consequence of pain; it is a sign of healing. And that, my friends, is how transformation happens – it is when your knowledge is lived through your experience or when your experience is supported by your knowledge. But ultimately – you will always need both.