Singer Jay Singh is soon to make his debut in Bollywood with his first playback song


Bollywood is a dream workstation for every artist. But don’t you know that making a place here for yourself is an uphill battle? Only a few dedicated and unique souls can reach there, just like Jay Singh. He has spent years building his career and now the singer is going to make his debut in the Bollywood film industry by being a playback singer for a big film.

In a new announcement from Jay Singh, he has just said that he will soon be stepping into India’s most watched and followed film industry, i.e., Bollywood, with his first playback song coming soon. He will be working with the legendary Indian composer, and it is said that this collaboration is going to bring about a big change for both of them in the future.

Conversing his overwhelming emotions into words, Jay Singh says, “At first, when I was named for the project, I couldn’t believe my ears. It all felt like a dream. I was so excited to perform as a playback singer for an actor whom I have admired my whole life. The film will come out next year and I hope that the audience likes this song.”

Working on the most esteemed and demanded platform in entertainment will have a huge impact on Jay Singh’s singing career. After struggling as an independent artist and delivering hit albums, singing in a movie will certify his unprecedented talent for singing.

We know that you are very excited to know more about the film. But this is the bare information that we can share with you. However, Jay Singh will reveal more about this at some point soon. The singer has already thrilled us with his amazing music singles and now we cannot wait to see what magic he does with these songs.

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