It would be a little unfair to tape music with commercialization, says singer Giulia Tosi”


Do you think that the word “commercialization” can be applied to everything? Well, this can come out as a very debatable topic. There are millions of minds with several thoughts and among these is the renowned singer Giulia Tosi, who believes that music cannot be commercialized. With her extraordinary and versatile voice, she has earned an unmatched fan following and fame. She has become distinguished for her soothing vocals. Giulia Tosi is also admired for her unquestionable point of view and once again she has flawlessly represented her thoughts.

“Though many people may believe that music is a “commercial product,” the verity is that it wasn’t and will never be. If you ask me, then I understand music as the language of expression and people understand music differently according to their interpretation of and connection with the lyrics or song. So it would be a little unfair to tape music with commercialization,” says Giulia Tosi. The way the meaning of music and songs is being redefined looks like it has become more than just an expression of emotions. Giulia Tosi also believes that if music could have been commercialized, then people wouldn’t be following their favorite artists like crazy and artists wouldn’t have such huge fan bases.

Giulia Tosi has never missed a chance to astound us with her songs. People love going to her shows and like listening to her music. The singer has fetched more than a thousand views on her music videos. Giulia’s talent is unparalleled and many budding artists also hold her in high regard.

The singer had encountered many adversities to build a career from her passion. For those who don’t know, this outstanding singer is also a law graduate student. Even after working for her family business, Giulia Tosi finds ways to dedicate time to her singing. Her journey and thoughts are truly positive.

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