According to reports, iPhone 15 Pro Max’s Titanium body is weaker than previous iPhones

The iPhone 15 Pro series, Apple’s most recent model, now features a new titanium material with a Grade 5 strength rating. The technological giant has demonstrated its outstanding durability and less weight, a definite advancement in the market. The achievement is credited to a special thermomechanical bonding technique that unites titanium and aluminum.

But the 15 Pro Max’s flaw was discovered by the well-known “JerryRigEverything” tech YouTube channel. In a video, it emphasized its titanium body’s many features.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s titanium body might not be as tough as Apple stated

Since it has so many uses on this planet, titanium is one of the most well-known elements. It is crucial for creating artificial joints and repairing skeletal components in humans because of its biocompatibility. This metal is also used in the construction of robots ready to go over extraterrestrial terrain and spacecraft intended for cosmological exploration.

For those who are familiar with alloys, grade 5 titanium in the 15 Pro series is fairly expensive. It is one of the more expensive titanium options given its use. “JerryRigEverything” performed an odd test on the brand-new iPhone 15 Pro Max out of curiosity to see how it would stand up.

During the durability test, the new iPhone 15 Pro Max and its titanium body were put through various conditions, including heat testing and scratch testing. The titanium scratched when it was cut with a knife. The matte rear glass, on the other hand, proved to be incredibly scratch resistant. The three camera covers on the back of the 15 Pro Max held up admirably throughout the scratch testing, too.

Then JerryRigEverything started applying pressure to the iPhone 15 Pro Max to gauge its new integrated aluminum-titanium hybrid’s durability. However, a crackling sound soon followed by the back glass shattering into numerous pieces could be heard.

After the 15 Pro Max broke, he claimed that despite his 11 years of experience testing the durability of smartphones and the well-known unbreakability of iPhones, he wasn’t expecting that outcome. He acknowledged that most phones, much alone an iPhone, never break despite his many years of expertise. However, this one broke very quickly.

When put to the interior test, the iPhone 15 Pro Max holds up nicely, with the screen and frame emerging unscathed. Only the back glass, though, is vulnerable to the strain.

JerryRigEverything has some theories regarding why the glass is breaking. A possible theory is that the phone was made of titanium, which has a much higher tensile strength than aluminum. This might indicate that even light pressure and flex cannot be applied to the glass back. The enlightening video so shows the titanium body’s capacity in full, showing the 15 Pro Max’s actual strength.