YouTube introduces AI tools to help creators with its new features for shorts

In order to support artists and encourage their creativity, YouTube has announced new features for Shorts.

The 2020 launch of YouTube Shorts has been a huge success for the online video platform. With more than 2 billion monthly signed-in users and over 70 billion daily views in just three years since the start, YouTube Shorts has amassed a sizable audience. It is a simple and effective approach to exhibit one’s creativity.

YouTube has just unveiled new tools that make it simpler than ever for artists to express their ideas and give them life in the Shorts format as part of its ongoing effort to promote innovation.

Dream Screen: Let Your Creativity Run Free

The experimental feature “Dream Screen,” which will debut later this year, is one of YouTube Shorts’ more intriguing additions. Dream Screen uses artificial intelligence to create video or image backgrounds from a straightforward concept or instruction. Have you ever daydreamed of shooting a movie in space, going on an enchanting forest adventure, or having your pug pick you up for school? It is possible thanks to Dream Screen. The only limit to the exotic environments that creators can dream up is their own imagination. Dream Screen will initially be made available to a small group of creators before being made more broadly accessible in the upcoming year.

Video Editing Made Simple with YouTube Create

Many first-time artists are deterred from entering the field of video creation by the intimidating nature of the process. The YouTube platform is releasing the YouTube Create mobile app, which is presently in beta on Android in a few areas, to streamline the procedure and encourage everyone to contribute their stories on YouTube. Using the help of this user-friendly app, you can edit videos using a number of tools, such as beat-matched royalty-free music, automatic captioning, automatic trimming, voiceover capabilities, and precise editing and trimming. Without the use of complicated editing tools, YouTube Create enables producers to generate high-quality content right from their smartphones.

Inspiring Creativity with YouTube AI Insights

YouTube understands the value of AI-powered insights in helping video creators come up with new ideas and engage with a larger audience. YouTube Studio will launch generative AI the next year to generate initial video ideas and draft scripts that are tailored to each channel’s audience. Over 70% of creators in early tests found these AI-powered tools to be extremely helpful for developing and testing ideas.

Finding the ideal music for your video will be made easier with the help of Creator Music’s Assistive Search feature. AI will make relevant music suggestions at a reasonable price when you enter a content description.

By effectively dubbing their work into several languages, Automatic Dubbing with Aloud would enable producers to reach a larger audience worldwide. For creators who previously may not have had the tools for professional dubbing, this AI-powered technology opens up new possibilities.

The most recent changes made to YouTube’s Shorts feature are shows of the site’s dedication to fostering innovation and streamlining content development. Creators have a robust set of tools at their disposal including Dream Screen, YouTube Create, and AI-powered insights to easily bring their ideas to life. These developments promise to completely change the YouTube creative expression scene, making it more approachable and motivating than ever. The future of video creation on YouTube is bright and full of potential as we see the combination of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence.