Spread Happiness Around You With ‘HappyBit NFT’, Read To Know More

There are many ways to spread smiles in the world. A lot of brands work hard to bring positivity to society. One of them is HappyBit NFT. With the help of blockchain technology, the brand provides members with a collection of randomly generated pixelated smiley faces, with limited Non-Fungible Token.

Once a person becomes a member of HappyBit, they play a key role in spreading joy around. The brand is dedicated to helping those who battle mental health issues. Anyone can join the cause by visiting their official websites and filling in the required details step-by-step.

The brand says in a statement, “Help us spread a little happiness into the world. 10% of profits will be donated toward mental health research and resources. The remainder of the profit will be used to fund future charity NFT projects.”

Furthermore, HappyBit NFT also offers various incentives with every sell-out. Their motive is to give back thousands of dollars to the members of their community who engage in spreading smiles with pixelated emojis. “We will also be giving away a Tesla Model 3 (Standard Range Plus). To enjoy these benefits, a person must be one of the first 500 buyers. Buyers get one entry per HappyBit they own and are NOT limited to one HappyBit,” mentions the official statement.

The most popular and preferred method to buy their products or services is via their website. One can join their discord or follow their social media pages. Often, HappyBit keeps posting new updates on OpenSea and Instagram or Twitter. The brand also conducts Giveaways for its followers and members.

Check out their official site and social media handles – www.happybitnft.com
Twitter: @happybitnft
Instagram: @happybitnft.