Troubleshooting: How to fix a Mac computer

The world is evolving with the newest technologies. MAC is one of the most reliable computers we use nowadays. These computers operate differently from other computers like Windows. We may encounter unique and difficult issues on MAC computers. In this article, we have some key tips on how to repair MAC computers.

Here are the steps on how to fix Common Mac Repair problems:

1. Reboot Mac

Reboot is one of the simplest fixes. When the application starts to misbehave, rebooting the computer can fix it. The good thing about Mac computers is it reboots quickly. They are not time-consuming computers.

2. Boot into Safe Mode

This troubleshooting normally happens when your Mac fails to boot properly.

To boot into Safe Mode, restart your Mac computer and immediately press and hold the shift key until you see a progress bar located at the bottom of the screen. Once the computer is on Safe mode, reboot the computer manually without holding the Shift key.

3. Force Quit

This troubleshooting step is used when an app occasionally hangs. It freezes you out and will not let you do anything or quit. Press the three keys together: Option, Command and Esc or select the Force Quit from the Apple menu located in the upper-left corner of your screen. The force Quit Application box will show, then you may select the app and click Force Quit.

4. Check Network connections

If you are having trouble with your WIFI connection, it is dropping and disconnecting randomly or not getting connected at all, you may need to start by turning the WIFI off and on again. If it does not work, go to the Network page in System Preferences. Click the Advanced button in the lower-left, and you will see a list of Preferred Networks. Highlight your Wi-Fi network name and click the “-” button and then choose Forget it (please make sure you remember your WIFI password before doing this). Once you have successfully removed the network and eliminated the password, reconnect to your network by entering your password and connect.

5. Reset your Mac login password

If you have forgotten the login password, resetting the password should be done. There are two ways to reset your password; changing your login password using your Apple ID and updating your login password using a recovery key.

If you have associated your user account logins with your Apple ID, you may use your Apple ID to change your login password. How to do it? Select the Apple Menu or press the Power on/off button on your computer and then click Restart. Click your user account and select the question mark icon in the password field and then click the arrow. Go to “reset it using your Apple ID”. Enter your Apple ID and password, then click next.

To reset, change your login credentials password using a recovery key. You may click the Apple menu or press click the Power on/off button on your computer and then select Restart. Select your user account and click the question mark. Then click the arrow and choose “reset it using your recovery key”. Enter the recovery key, then click Next.

Knowing this basic troubleshooting can help you fix your basic computer problems by yourself. These basic tips on how to fix Mac Repair problems is helpful in everyday tasks at work. Although there are problems that require us to take the help of a professional, rest assured that you at least tried fixing it on your own first.