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With so many people staying at home these days, a lot of them have turned to a relaxing hobby called gardening. Moreover, since everyone knows the value of eating healthy, the trend of creating a homegrown veggie garden has made a comeback. After all, people today are deathly afraid of pesticides, growth hormones, additives, and other chemicals. Thankfully, you can now buy vegetable seeds online and start planting your favourites. Not convinced? Here are the top benefits of growing your own veggie garden at home:

1. Helps You Consume More Veggies

Having your own backyard veggie garden assures that you’ve got fresh produce for every meal. The variety of vegetables you have personally grown motivates you to incorporate them into your menu. After all, you don’t want your hard work of tilling your garden to become wasted. Hence, you can experiment with more veggie dishes, allowing you and your family to enjoy its various nutrients. 

2. Offers Better Health Benefits

When you buy vegetable seeds online and grow them yourself, you can rest easy knowing you are harvesting truly organic vegetables. Being the one at the helm, you know what materials you used to nurture your plants. You don’t get this peace of mind when you buy from the supermarket. Your veggies could be non- GMO and laden with insecticides. By planting your own, you are assured of total quality. 

3. Saves You Loads of Resources

When you plant your garden, you save tons of money on expensive grocery bills. Though you may need to invest initially in seeds, pots, and soil, you save your wallet in the long-run. After all, organic produce is expensive. Planting your own assures quality for less price. On top of that, you don’t have to waste your energy going to the market. You just need to harvest from your backyard. This also reduces waste as you get what you need. Sadly, when you buy from the store, you are forced to buy pre-packed produce that you sometimes forget about. As a result, they end up rotting. 

4. A Family Bonding Activity

Planting your veggie garden is a great family bonding activity. Take a look at what it can do for your home: 

  1. You get to encourage your kids to get off their gadgets.
  2. They begin to understand the value of working with their hands. After all, it feels very satisfying to see seeds sprout and grow.
  3. It fosters important traits in everyone like perseverance and determination.

Above all else, when you plant it, you feel more invested in it. So just imagine your picky-eaters willingly eating veggies because they grew it with their own hands. It’s a win-win situation!

5.  A Great Avenue for Relaxation

In this frenetic world that’s all about gadgets, growing your own veggie garden allows you to commune with nature. Many scientists say that there is value in grounding or “earthing!” It is therapeutic and relaxing to till the soil and be one with mother nature. After all, it is human nature to always feel at ease with their home planet. Thus, the act of gardening helps relieve stress, assuring that you unburden yourself as you focus your mind and body on something more productive. Most of all, having a veggie garden nearby assures you to filter your air from toxins and other harmful particulate matter. Clearer air equates to a clearer mind. 

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