How You Like That: Experience The Convenience of PDFBear Features

If you wish that your life is more convenient for managing your PDF files, you should start using handy PDF tools. The process of converting, numbering, or even adding watermark to your PDFs is not easy without the right tool. But if you use the tools listed in this article, you will how convenient your life will be.

PDF Editor

A PDF file is a handy format that allows us to ensure that our files can be viewed or opened in different operating systems or devices. Although it’s famous for its uneditable feature, you can use some tools to edit it. With that said, adding, removing, and editing your PDF’s content is effortless with this PDF editing online.

Users can easily edit PDF files in four simple steps, making it convenient if you’re on the go. Use this PDFBear tool now and enjoy the process below:

  1. Upload the PDF that you wish to alter.
  2. After uploading, you can now draw lines, add text or shapes, and even highlight important things.
  3. When you are done, apply the changes.
  4. You will be taken to the “Download” page and quickly download the file.

Number Pages

If you need to add numbers to your PDFs’ pages, there’s no other tool to use than this one. It’s pretty easy to use, and you only need to perform four simple steps. Before knowing the process step by step, we need to know the advantages of adding numbers to PDF document pages.

People use numbers in highlighting any crucial words or phrases in a project or report. You can also easily find numbers if there are thousands of words on a page, which users should do this method before it’s too late. If a PDF file is organized and in order, people can quickly follow the content, and reading the file will be enjoyable and worth the effort.

In addition to the details, even if your work is outstanding and brilliant, people will still have a hard time understanding, and they will be confused if your file is chaotic and disorganized. To avoid something like this, take the first step and start adding numbers to every PDF document you have. Start using the “Number Pages” feature now and learn the basic steps below:

  1. Upload the file that you wish to add numbers to its pages.
  2. Pick the spot where the numbers will be placed and apply the changes.
  3. Decide on how you will share the file. You can either send or email the file link or the file itself.
  4. You can now save the document to your PC or share it on your social media sites!

Add Watermark

When you don’t own something, don’t claim it as yours. In this era, some people might take credit for a work they didn’t start or created. Now that we can publish almost anything on the web, like videos, pictures, or important documents, they can be viral, and other individuals might claim them as their work. It’s also a similar case with your PDF files, and unwanted individuals might want to steal them, which is the top reason why you need to start protecting them now.

When we mention protection, it translates to placing a watermark on your documents, telling other people that something belongs to you. To cut the story short, you need to put watermarks on every PDFs that are important to you. If you need to use a reliable tool to achieve the process, you are in the perfect place because PDFBear will lend a helping hand. This online tool is fast enough to process your files and adding watermarks to them.

You can also pick the spot where you can place a text or photo as your watermark. The watermarking process is easy to do, and you can do it using your mobile devices. With that, here are the four steps in achieving the process:

  1. Decide and upload the PDF document you want to place some watermark. Get the file from your gadgets.
  2. Add your watermark now and start the process.
  3. If PDFBear is not yet done with the process, please wait.
  4. After the first three steps, download the file to your computer or save them to your online storage accounts.


PDFBear is the best online software capable of converting, compressing, merging, or splitting PDF files without any hassle. You can access this platform through your mobile devices, or desktop and users will not be required to register or download anything. They only need to visit the website use the tools that they need.