Which are the Top Laptops for Programming?


Programming something and bringing it to life is exciting, but it also requires quite a lot of hardware power too. A lot of people believe that buying a good laptop is important if you’re a coder and they are right. As a programmer, your focus is on getting the best processor that can handle all coding tasks. On top of that, you also need plenty of RAM too. So you have to wonder, which are the best laptops for programming? Let’s find out!

Dell Latitude E7470

Some find this unit to be a business ultrabook, but it’s designed to offer you a great perspective and high quality results. It has an SSD which is always a plus, and the processor can operate u to 3 GHZ. On top of that, you have 8 GB of memory too. The keyboard is very comfortable and you will find yourself using it often without any remorse or challenges. And to make things better, the product has a good battery life to, with at least 5-6 hours. It’s a good option if you want a tremendous value for money.

Apple MacBook Pro MF839LL/A

Let’s face it, a MacBook Pro is always a good pick for programming, especially if you want to code on the Mac side. It’s pretty much built from the ground up for performance and portability. The 13.3” screen is great and you also have up to 9 hours of battery life for the unit. The 2560×1600 resolution is very good, and you do have 8 GB of RAM. While you only get 128 GB of flash storage, it’s still a great unit. Keep in mind that the processor is a 2.7 Ghz I5 and not an I7, so the performance is a bit lower.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

If you’re willing to spend quite a bit on a good laptop for programming, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 shines quite a lot. The product is designed to offer you up to 13.5 hours of battery life. The 512 GB of storage are great and they will bring you a really good experience all the time. And it also has 16 GB of RAM, which paired with the powerful I7 processor will give you all the performance you need. Yes it can be a tad expensive, but it’s well worth it.

Lenovo 20KH002RUS ThinkPad

Lenovo did a good job with this one because it has an SSD with 512 GB of RAM, 16 GB of DDR SDRAM and a display of 14”. It’s pretty much giving you all the results and quality you want, and for the most part it certainly brings in front the quality and value that you may need. The I7 used here is great for programming, so overall this is a nice coding laptop for you to try out.

We recommend you to give these laptops a try right now if you want a good unit for programming. It will take a bit of trial and error to find the right one to suit your needs, but in the end it will certainly give you an amazing experience!

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