Dating With Social Distancing with Brick House Dating


Who would have thought about the situation we are currently in two or three months back. Not being able to come out of your houses is the last thing people dreamt of. These days, people need to stay home and the biggest problem one faces by staying at home is loneliness. These are some of the most difficult times for many people. Especially who is not used to staying home or locked down. But what about people who want to date?

Dating sites have responded to the crisis by suggesting people not to meet in real life and asking them to respect lockdowns. Staying inside and doing your part to stop the spread of this virus is more important.

While some apps are asking its users not to date, others are providing alternatives. Brick House Dating is one such platform which is scheduled to be launched on June 8th, 2020. So how exactly is Brick House Dating challenging the status quo? By allowing its users to chat over Skype and seeing them rather than sticking to text dating.

Also, one of the key features of this online dating platform is a simple and easy registration process. It takes less than a minute to register on the platform .They also have several cool features like the ‘Meet Me‘ feature along with the above mentioned Skype Chat functionality.

Brick House Dating is also offering access to all of their paid features FREE for 12 months for their early subscribers.

Though physical connection has been restricted by this pandemic, the silver lining is that people are spending more time together online understanding each other. People are spending time understanding likes and dislikes of their prospective partners. What TV shows they love, what is their favorite cuisine etc. This in a way is a blessing in disguise. As quick dating often results in quick separation.

According to the founders of Brick House Dating, people are talking more through the dating sites and apps and apart from other things, they are also talking about coronavirus.  Also, random hookups are fast being replaced with weeks-long virtual courting, complete with cootie paranoia and forced chivalry.

It is not sure if this blessing in disguise will last long but the fact is that while other businesses have seen a decline in their client base, online dating platforms have seen a surge in their use, partly because they are making people feel less lonely.

To be launched soon, Brick House Dating with its power packed feature will help you find your perfect match.

You can access the Paid features of Brick House Dating for Free for 12 months by clicking here.

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