Celebrities Reveal Their True Emotions and Seek Counsel in The Tea With Dr. V Podcast

by Katie Murphy — Reality TV veteran Dr. Venus Nicolino is not a typical podcast host. She sets herself apart from the pack with her clinical psychology degrees and counseling experience. No wonder her guests are pouring their hearts out—especially celebrities who traditionally feel the need to shield themselves with cliches and diversions.

“You don’t need a Ph.D. to be a good listener. People will share their deepest issues and screw-ups with you, but only if you truly give a damn about their problems,” Dr. V says.

So far, The Tea With Dr. V has been full of episodes where celebrities dropped their defenses because they found somewhere they could be heard. They find hope in a host who offers solid solutions based on decades of experience, not feel-good fluff that crumbles in the face of real hurt and tragedy.

Dr. V has had a variety of guests on the show. Many spilled the tea about the hardships of fame. And yes, they are hardships, because neither fame nor wealth is an insulator from hurt. One guest was mentally tormented and received death threats due to an outlandish documentary she appeared in.

“Celebrities face toxic BS like the rest of us,” Dr. V says.

One recurring show theme has come to be disastrous relationships with women turning a blind eye to red flags. One guest told how her husband had been a perfect gentleman and their romance was fairy tale-like. Turns out Stephen King wrote that storyline because the guy was exposed as a cheater, liar, and low-end dirtbag. This smart, successful performer just ignored all the warning signs. Thankfully she had done tons of mental work on herself, empowering her to withstand the brutal breakup.

“I’ve had guests tell me they’ve never had anything but toxic relationships! Recently, an influencer I interviewed was afraid to have her new boyfriend hear her interview,” Dr. V says.

It’s clear that Dr. V’s guests value her counsel. They are quick to lean in when she offers, not forces, her advice. It’s as though they have had no one willing to listen to them over the years, or that people have become too busy to care about one another’s well-being if it requires more than tapping a like button on their endlessly happy Instagram posts.

The Tea With Dr. V is making waves in the podcast world. This Doctor of Psychology uses a hot mic and her hotter ability to listen so that her celebrity guests can navigate love, fame, and their careers more successfully. Each episode is also packed full of mental health tips and tactics that help listeners keep from drowning in the murky waters of the human experience.

Check out The Tea With Dr. V on Apple, Spotify, and all other podcasting platforms.


Founder of Clonefluence, Justin Grome, A True Jack-of-all-trades That Furthers Your Career

Justin Grome is a young American entrepreneur, e-commerce expert and a social media strategist. However, he is most popular for being the founder of Clonefluence Inc., Cloned gg, and its subsidiary Earidescence. Initially Justin started his undertakings by generally being known as a proficient photographer, artist manager, and iOS developer. Born in Staten Island, New York, he went under the spotlight for his viral image posts, which made him keen on beginning a web-based media organization. 

Having received a great deal of success and fame on Instagram, Justin directed his concentration toward Twitter where he would post funny tweets and memes according to the trends of that time. His tweets were used by almost a 100 million users in a month and more than 25 million impressions. What’s more is that acclaimed Instagrammers such as @thefatjewish, fundamentally added to his growing pool of followers by reposting his tweets on their pages that led to more than 500,000 retweets and 700,000 favorites. 

Justin additionally also got featured on Worldstar’s Instagram page accumulating more than 50,000 comments, and on Buzzfeed for having the most clever tweets of the year in 2017. His ever increasing popularity led to become the face of the iFunny app and numerous other meme pages that were beginning at that point. Justin had amassed a mounting number of 2.4 million supporters through Twitter over the course of the years. 

Notwithstanding, Justin considered the transfer from Twitter be a minor setback and moved his focus and thoughts towards accomplishing something significantly greater this time. He worked persistently all alone for quite a while before formally launching Clonefluence in 2017. In addition to this, his marketing techniques and advertising strategies are so good that they send individuals into a frenzy while working with some notable individuals via social media, generally promoting music through Spotify campaigns, curation and networking strategies that reach millions. Justin has also received sponsorships for some huge brands like NFL, Sperry, Sunny D, White Castle, Walmart, ASUS, AD Council, FILA, and a lot more.

Initially when he launched Clonefluence, Justin was just trying to get as many artists to work with him as he could. According to Justin, you should always go get something that you want especially in this business and you cannot take no for an answer. Although, it is really difficult to work with people who have this mentality. However, Clonefluence’s success is proof that Justin’s way of thinking has led to his success. 

Clonefluence began by just doing small promotions for underground artists. Afterward, Clonefluence was able to do promotions and market huge campaigns for mainstream artists. Today, Clonefluence has amassed a serious resume and positive audits from the music industry. In our Clonefluence review, it shows that they are mostly known for their Social Media Campaigns and Spotify Campaigns, which have tremendous results upon deeper investigation. Furthermore, the company has worked with plenty of legends including Kendrick Lamar, Riff Raff, and Uncle Murda. This is when Clonefluence turned into Justin’s fundamental priority since it was becoming quicker than any time in recent memory. 

With a mission of helping their customers make clear, lasting, and significant advancements in their careers, Clonefluence utilizes proficient marketing strategies, builds lasting personal connections, and plans social media campaigns, prominently on Spotify, to expand their customers’ reach. Clonefluence, then again, gives a platform to forthcoming and notable artists where they can grow. However, their focus relies more on taking the artists to the next level regardless of the conditions and that is the reason their team sticks out. Big on consistency, Clonefluence ensures results by focusing on new patterns and strategies that would guarantee accomplishment for their customers. 


Get Rid of Your Unhealthy Snore with Anti-snoring Devices

A good night’s sleep is important to our physical and emotional health and wellness. You don’t want to disturb someone’s sleep as it can disrupt the rest of their week.

Of course, people snore for a variety of reasons. Before using an anti-snoring device, it’s crucial to figure out what’s causing yours.

The Problem

Usual causes of snoring include:

  • Being Out of Shape: As you know, snoring is caused by fatty tissue and inadequate muscular tone. So, if you’re overweight or out of shape, you’ll have excess weight around your neck or throat, causing you to snore.
  • Age: Maybe you’re just old enough to know, but your neck narrows as you become older. Therefore, the muscle tone in your throat declines.
  • Sinus and Nasal Problems: A stuffy nose makes inhaling hard. It creates a vacuum in the throat that can lead to snoring.
  • Physical Built: Compared to women’s, men’s air tubes are more restricted. So, they are more prone to snoring. Also, there are physical characteristics that are commonly hereditary.
  • Sleep Posture: When you sleep flat on your back, the flesh in your throat relaxes, blocking your airway.
  • Vices and Medications: Alcohol, smoking, and some drugs can cause muscle relaxation, which leads to greater snoring.

The Solution

Well, some of the usual causes of snoring are uncontrollable. However, using an anti-snoring device may be the perfect solution to all of those and here’s why!

Easy to Use

When you sleep flat, the flesh in your throat relaxes, blocking your airway. Changing your sleeping posture has the potential to improve your health.

Every night before going to bed, the patient merely has to put them in their mouth. You can also have a custom-made anti-snoring device for maximum performance and comfort. They are also easy to clean!

Usually Covered by Insurance Companies

Doctors have prescribed anti-snoring devices as a treatment for sleep apnea and snoring. So, they are usually covered by insurance companies because it’s medically recommended.

Treat Any Levels of Sleep Apnea

Snoring can indicate a serious illness known as sleep apnea, in which the patient temporarily stops breathing while sleeping.

For mild to moderate sleep apnea, an oral sleep appliance is a conventional treatment. However, for more complex cases, a CPAP machine is commonly used.

But not all patients can or will use one. So, patients with severe sleep apnea may benefit from oral sleep appliances.

Easy to Transport

CPAP machines are often bulky and usually require a customized bag to transport. Meanwhile, an anti-snoring device the size of a retainer fits in a handbag or even a jacket pocket.

Patients who travel can take it with them without difficulty.


You want to achieve a precise fit. Well, oral sleep appliances are custom-made. Dental experts can and will alter them as needed to provide the patient’s greatest comfort.

Also, anti-snoring devices don’t require the wearer to wear masks over their face or prongs in their nose.


A snoring device can endure for years if properly looked for. They’re usually made of tough plastic and may include metal components.


CPAP machines, while effective, are noisy. As a result, they annoy the patient and everyone else who shares their bed. However, anti-snoring devices generate no noise.

Now you and your partner can sleep deeply into the night without compromising each other’s private spaces. It would help if you did your homework early on these devices to further savour its benefits.


Watches Made By Oris That You Should Not Take For Granted

In this generation, people often take for granted some of the things they have not spent a considerable amount of money on. Like cheap and affordable watches, they think it would not amount to anything just because they have a price range accessible by many people. If you are one of those people, then this list would surely change your mind.

It would help if you stuck around because you will find some of the best watches made by the up-and-coming brand called Oris. If you have not heard of them yet, this is the perfect time to read along because, after this list, there are no doubts that you would want to start your collection of Oris watches due to their elegance and amicable price.

Oris Limited Edition Star Wars StormtrooperAutomatic Black Dial Men’s Dive Watch

First is the most expensive one on this list and probably on all the models made by Oris. This watch is none other than the Oris Limited Edition Star Wars StormtrooperAutomatic Black Dial Men’s Dive Watch. One of the main reasons this piece is expensive is that it is a limited edition watch, and there are not many made.

There is no need to worry, though, because even if it is the most expensive one on this list, it still has a surprisingly low price range of just about $2,000 up to $3,000 only. Now that’s a fair price considering that there is a low chance that you would see anyone else wear the same watch as you. If you like Star Wars and the fact that it is rare, you should not miss it.

Oris Limited Edition Aquis Hangang Automatic Green Dial Men’s Dive Watch

Another limited edition timepiece is the Oris LImited Edition Aquis Hangang Automatic Green Dial Men’s Dive Watch. However, compared to the Star Wars Edition, it has a slightly lower price range. That means, if you would like to purchase a rare timepiece that is made with a color combination that you could not deny, then this is the perfect watch for you!

With about 28 different jewels embedded inside, this piece is something that you should not compare with the others. But that is not the only thing that makes this an irresistible one. It also has a water resistance feature of about 300 meters. That means it would be safe to dive in the water with this, and you can buy this for about $1,500 up to $2,500 only.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot Automatic Big Day Date Grey Dial Men’s Classic Watch

Now, this piece is like something that is taken out straight from an old-school movie. It has a classic and vintage design that you would love if you are into that kind of stuff. What gives it its vintage look is the pure Alligator leather strap that is embedded in this piece. But that is not the only thing you can see on this watch; there are many more.

It is made with a stainless steel material that keeps this piece safe from any external harm, just like rusts. And its Sapphire crystal also ensures that you would be able to maintain its beauty for years due to its overwhelming scratch resistance feature. There are tons of other features, and you can get all of them with a price range of about $1,000 up to $1,500.

Oris Automatic Classic Date Silver Dial Men’s Dress Watch

Finally, the cheapest and most affordable one on this list is the Oris Automatic Classic Date Silver Dial Men’s Watch. This is yet another classic and vintage-looking timepiece. But this time, it does not have any of those modern features, unlike the one that has been presented to you on top. But no need to worry. It still packs a punch even at a low price.

This has a price range of about $500 up to $1,000 only. But with that kind of price, you will be able to purchase a minimalist-designed timepiece with a silver-colored dial and a luminous rose gold-toned hand that provides nothing but class and elegance to whoever wishes to wear this. So, take a good look at this, and you will love this one.


Amazing right? You would not even think that you would be able to buy and obtain some of the best watches you have ever seen for that kind of price. So if you are on a tight budget and would want to buy something elegant for you or your loved ones, then you should check the four watches stated on top, and you will indeed have a great time!


4 Tips to Remember When You Apply for a Truck Loan

Since several people take on transportation jobs nowadays, the truck loan has gotten even more popular. However, most business owners cannot improve their company’s transportation facilities since they won’t be owning enough vehicles. That is where cost-efficient truck finance comes into play. If you’re planning to obtain finance for your trailer or truck, then keep on reading the list below and know more about the factors you need to consider when you apply for this particular loan.

  1. Consider Various Quotes From Different Lenders

You can find a lot of truck financing firms now that claim to be leading in the industry. However, you can successfully secure the best truck finance deal for your business if you consider different truck financing quotes and options you can have from several companies. Make sure to utilise comparison websites, do a little research, and ask a few experts when it comes to truck financing. Overall, you need to do your best to make sure that you get the greatest deal. 

  1. Set Aside Some Savings

Even though you may find it more convenient to have the truck loan for the vehicle’s total cost, it would be a wise idea for a truck purchase if you have spare money on hand. You can utilise this money to have the kind of truck that you want to get or pay for add-on features and insurance that you’ll be needing for your truck. Moreover, it could reduce the money you have to pay for the loan. Hence, it’s always best if you have some savings on hand. 

  1. Budget for Payments

When you choose a truck loan, assess whether you can keep up with the payment. You must comprehensively consider this factor before you ultimately select any financing option. Keep in mind that purchasing a truck can be a major investment for your business and that the truck financing’s monthly repayments could be greater than you anticipate.

Hence, it would be wise to take the repayment’s affordability into account before deciding to apply for a particular loan. Select a financing option that suits your financial goals and circumstances. 

  1. Compare Features of Truck Loan

Know that some features can also impact your options for a truck loan. One of these features includes the interest rate. Think about this by carefully reading and understanding the loan application. Know whether the financing option is sufficiently flexible to support you in case the business is performing poorly, the period of the loan, the condition and terms for more repayments, etc. Make sure to consider such points as you look at various truck financing options. With this, you can effectively filter your loan options and get the best finance option available.

Since truck financing encompasses wide vehicle options, you can always get various financing choices. Consider the tips listed above to make the whole process of getting truck financing affordable and efficient. The key is to find the best truck finance service provider to ensure that everything works well and that everything goes just how you planned. If you have more questions on this, never hesitate to contact your trusted financing company.


HHRD Continues to Provide Medical Assistance to Many

Healthcare is a basic life necessity; unfortunately, due to calamities, civil unrest, and various other reasons, many people are deprived of this basic human right. In distributing health services among different demographic groups, health inequities, or disparities in the state of health care reside. This is primarily due to social circumstances that hinder lifesaving programs from reaching those that most need them. To provide much needed medical care, HHRD has collaborated with WHO and other reliable organizations. Until now, HHRD has been able to impact more than 200 million lives through its healthcare services, and more than 85 countries have been saved in emergencies. HHRD has provided consistent and top-notch medical services in crisis times for the past 15 years through commitment and devotion. 

Helping Hand for Relief & Development (HHRD) provides its medical facilities and services in countries where the health sector’s condition is poor and below the line. Countries at red alert due to any emergency are also provided with immediate medical assistance. HHRD’s healthcare program is divided into Mother Child Healthcare Center, Prevention of Blindness, Mobile Medical Units, and Ambulance Services.

Mother Child Healthcare Center

Most deaths occur during the childbirth process. To minimize the maternal mortality rate, top quality lifesaving services are given, such as postpartum checkups, health literacy sessions, and vaccination services. HHRD assures that the workers are adequately trained and schedule specialist clinics to support these women and children.

Prevention of Blindness

Eye related disabilities and diseases affect the entire body and deplete the quality of life of an individual. It can be terrifying and daunting to fully lose or deteriorate one’s eyesight, causing those affected to worry about their ability to preserve their independence, provide medical care, keep jobs, and earn for their families. To ensure successful eye care, HHRD performs free eye tests and operations and offers adequate prescription and rehabilitation seminars.

Mobile Medical Units

Regular medical checkups have become a necessity with the increase in the occurrence of viral and diseases. Thousands and thousands of villagers who are either unable to access medical treatment or live in remote areas that are frequently inaccessible during natural disasters are relieved by mobile medical camps and units. The Mobile Medical Units of HHRD offer complete medical aid, including medical tests and all medications.

Ambulance Services

Through these programs, emergency medical practitioners, allowed by outpatient training, improve their ability to deal with any given emergency. It also provides a way for patients without the burden of finding transportation to attend recovery and therapy sessions effectively.

HHRD’s healthcare services’ outreach is global. Since the very beginning, the HHRD has been providing medical assistance in many countries. HHRD has provided successful healthcare services to more than 15 000 people in Pakistan. HHRD’s medical practitioners proficiently conducted more than 600 eye surgeries across 6 African countries. Moreover, HHRD provided reliable lice treatment solutions to more than 5000 people in Jordan. Hence, HHRD’s efforts in the health sector are truly recognizable.


Real Estate Advice in Turkey

The main role of a good real estate adviser is to analyze the long term, long-term plans, short-term plans, and present unique options for utilizing any given piece of property. A real estate professional has a number of responsibilities. He or she is an expert in the field and possesses a vast knowledge of the industry.

Elmaslar Real estate advisors are a valuable resource for anyone interested in purchasing a home or renting out a home in Turkey. When selecting a realtor, it is important to choose one who has a lot of experience and is willing to answer questions. Before you make your final purchase. Your new realtor will offer you access to numerous resources such as websites and publications.

Elmaslar Real estate advisers do not represent your interests. Rather, they are trained professionals who assist with the planning process, in addition to providing information regarding financial and business matters. In most cases, real estate advisors are associated with a law firm. This is their professional affiliation and if you choose an advisor, you should consider their credentials and the laws that apply to his or her practice.

Elmaslar Real estate advisors can be found online. Some websites allow individuals to search through a database of realtors. You may choose to search by location or by name. Most realtors have websites where clients can get information about their services, as well as contact information. This can be very helpful in finding a good realtor and meet with one. Find more information about Elmaslar Real Estate Advisors at

Another option is to find a local realtor. Your local realtor will likely have a list of local agents. If you cannot find a realtor locally, you should try an online realtor directory.

When working with realtors, you will want to discuss the fees involved in a transaction. Your realtor will likely provide you with a written fee schedule. Make sure that the fees are reasonable and that they are within your budget.

Elmaslar Real estate advisers are invaluable to individuals who wish to purchase real properties. They may also be very helpful to those who wish to rent out the real property. It is important to know what is included in a contract when working with an advisor.

In general, elmaslar real estate advisors play an important role in helping to determine the future of a person’s home. A homeowner may not have the funds or time to undertake extensive research into purchasing a home. An experienced adviser will have the ability to conduct thorough research, to assist the client in making the right decisions based on the current market conditions.

Many people choose to work with an agent instead of professional guidance. If you are considering selling a house, it may be beneficial to use a Realtor rather than attempting to conduct research. These experts will typically offer unbiased advice without bias.


10 beauty tips to consider when shopping on Black Friday 2020

Besides color and style, there are many other factors that influence choosing the right size trainer, if you need one. This minimizes   the health consequences of wearing a waist trainer.

1. Should not restrict breathing

You must be able to breathe in your waist trainer. It’s not 16th century Britain where you have to limit yourself. Now, there are many beautiful and effective styles that help women look perfect by using waist trainer for women and feel their best too. Make sure you can breathe and breathe comfortably while standing, sitting, or moving. Also check your range of motion. Nothing should feel limited or restricted.

2. Don’t get one if your body is still developing

Aesthetics specialist said: One of the risks is that young girls are easily swayed by this trend, especially because it is endorsed by celebrities. If waist training is started at an early age before the body and muscles have developed, it could present permanent health risks to young people.

3. Comfort

In addition to breathing, check the overall comfort of the trainer before purchasing it. When checking the quality of the fit between the different waist trainers, keep in mind the following points: location of pins and hooks, type of fabric and boning materials. Pick the one that works best for you, invest in a quality fabric that’s breathable and durable, and go for the steel-supported (boning) lower leg stockings instead of plastic if you want to wear it for the long haul. Also, do not over tighten. Visit FeelinGirl best black Friday deals 2020 to ensure you get quality with style.

4. Bulge and bearing

If you are experiencing swelling or rolling, it means you have a bad fit and need to swap your size. The swelling is a sign that the trainer is too tight or is barely holding your body. In other words, you have extreme pressure or not enough at all. Both are counterproductive to meeting your waist training goals. If you roll your hip a bit, that’s another sign that you are too small in size. Make sure everything is snug, but not tight, for the best results.

5. Wear them for very short periods of time.

Prolonged wear can cause skin irritation, back problems, and organ displacement. Limit the amount of time you intend to wear your trainer.

6. Fit and shape

To ensure you get the most out of all materials, take your measurements seriously. The most important measurement to take is your natural waist length. The natural waistline is the smallest part of your waist and determines the size of your waist trainer.

7. Shrinkage and stretch

Your height will gradually decrease over time and at that point you will need a waist trainer who will be able to stretch and adjust to your new height. Get a trainer with plenty of hooks so you can adjust this garment over time. If the trainer you are about to buy has only two hooks, it means it is too big. You want to be able to move forward through the hook lines over time. This is what allows you to use a single waist trainer for the long haul, rather than having to buy one every time you go down a few inches.

8. Avoid training with the trainer

Although most people do, doctors do not recommend using the trainer because it interferes with breathing.

9. Always stay hydrated

Make sure you stay hydrated regularly if you engage in physical activity that causes you to sweat.

10. Do not use it as a substitute for healthy eating and exercise.

This is very important because waist training is not magic. It needs to be paired with a healthy lifestyle; otherwise it can become frustrating and addictive.


Raising the bar for others in the information security field and safeguarding his country from all kinds of cybersecurity crimes is Saud Bin Ahmed

His incessant work and mission to counter all electronic breaches, posing a threat to the safety of people has turned him into an exceptional cyberpreneur.

The country in which we live as citizens of that particular nation, we always feel proud of the armed forces that serve our country and protect our people. They put in their blood and sweat to act as saviours of our nation and shield us from all the negative forces that come from outside the country. Similarly, all these negative forces and threats work not just at the borders, but also at the borderless services of the internet, where they try to enforce their power with the help of the online world and infuse the many viruses, malware, etc. in the security systems of an established country. To counter all these grave issues that pose a threat to the safety of a country caused by the online world, protectors and saviours in the form of international experts in the information security field are needed, who are one of the most critical assets for the protection of a nation. Saud Bin Ahmed is one amongst these leading international cybersecurity experts who has been rendering his services for safeguarding his nation for the past 19 years.

He has been the saviour of several families, whom he has saved from electronic extortions, and all the hackers in the world by posing as a hindrance for them to penetrate in their devices. Having the affinity to do something in the technical field, Ahmed did Bachelor’s in Business Information System and became an ethical hacker, earning a certificate for the same from the United States of America.

Beginning his career in 2001, he worked around the subject and detected many flaws in more than 4000 computers in the United Arab Emirates from where he belongs. This early expertise which he gained in his career, made him a young saviour for protecting the families from extortion cases from outside the country and gradually started to make his name in the field as a quick-thinker and astute leader as a cyberpreneur.

Ahmed is the founder and CEO of The Technical Support Company, with which he has been serving the entire community of Arabs and the world with his infinite knowledge and expertise gained over the years. When Ahmed was only 13 years of age, he had begun work by researching and experimenting on some electronic software. Slowly and steadily, his passion for his work became stronger and as he grew up, he became the first Emirati who dismantled the ransom virus in the year 2013, which was hiding behind the emblem of the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates.

In the year 2011, he had even got the chance to manage the technical matters of His Excellency Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan, the President of the Arab Parliament. Since many years, Ahmed has also served people by spreading awareness amongst them about electronic blackmail, fabricated pictures, corrupt or abusive media circulation, etc. across the world.

Ahmed’s established firm ensures the security of electronic systems and accounts. His sound technical knowledge, expertise and passion can also be proved by the innumerable awards, certificates and recognitions he has earned throughout his career. Ahmed also keeps writing articles for newspapers and keeps spreading his knowledge about various subjects of cybersecurity.

To counter all kinds of cybercrimes, electronic breaches and other potential online threats, Saud Bin Ahmed has always been at the forefront like a warrior to protect his homeland.


Landon Bonneville – a future gem in the world of MLB

A baseball game brings us a list of talented players from different parts of the country. Being one of the most famous games in the United States, Baseball is played at all levels and ages. If you are having a career as an athlete, you have got a long way to go. Meet Landon Bonneville, who is 16 and is an upcoming gem in the world of MLB. His praiseworthy performance has taken every baseball fan in awe.

Landon Bonneville is a Virginia citizen and is a student of King’s Fork High School at Suffolk. At a very young age, his efforts and talents have amazed the baseball world. He has also played for several teams, including Western Branch Thunder. Besides, he holds a good record and statistics in every team he plays. He is not only highly spirited but also has a real passion for playing baseball at a higher level.

Moreover, he is someone who doesn’t like to remain idle ever. During the summer, you will often find Bonneville playing baseball somewhere. He utilizes the time to get better in practices at his training facility, Coastal Sports Center. He likes to keep himself busy!

He primarily plays as a catcher. Apart from being a catcher, Bonneville also plays as a pitcher. He has had impressive right-handed pitching skills. His rigorous practice sessions have led him to generate a couple of healthy statistical figures. The rate at which Bonneville can throw the baseball is at 82 miles an hour. His curveball speed has reached 71 to 73 miles an hour. Landon plays the game hard, each and every time he steps between the lines!

According to the latest Baseball report, an average baseball player has 2 seconds of POP time (2.00) , whereas Bonneville has an impressive POP of 2-2.02. He also has 4.75 home to first compared to other players who have only 4.3 home to first. These statistical reports clearly state that Bonneville is not an ordinary player. He has the potential to beat other young contenders who are trying to make it to the MLB.

Besides being playing for his summer team, Western Branch Thunder, Landon Bonneville has also played for Team USA three times. He holds a 88.3 percentile in his class of 2022. Like baseball, he shows the same dedication in his studies too. It is undeniable that sooner or later, Bonneville would be sitting in the upper 90 percentile. 

He is also a teenage star in the social media world. Whenever he is on the field, he tends to attract a lot of eyes on him wherever he goes. He has a fan base of more than 1 million followers. Bonneville’s Instagram profile holds more than 27K followers. He uses his Instagram profile with ID @double_nickels55 to provide the latest updates to his followers.

Being passionate about baseball from a young age, Bonneville had met two of his favourite MLB players when he was five. Very few people know that Bonneville loves to paint shoes in his free time. When he met his favorite MLB players back in 2019 (David Wright & Michael Custer), he gifted them customize shoes he created. Bonneville also loves music. Hence, he has planned to join the music business as a secondary career option if baseball doesn’t work out.

Landon Bonneville is the new utility player in the world of baseball. His utmost dedication and hard work will take him to the top one day. The global audience is waiting to see him perform as a baseball player. Being one of the most admired teen baseball players, Landon Bonneville is on his way to make several achievements and amaze his fans through his game of baseball.