HHRD Continues to Provide Medical Assistance to Many

Healthcare is a basic life necessity; unfortunately, due to calamities, civil unrest, and various other reasons, many people are deprived of this basic human right. In distributing health services among different demographic groups, health inequities, or disparities in the state of health care reside. This is primarily due to social circumstances that hinder lifesaving programs from reaching those that most need them. To provide much needed medical care, HHRD has collaborated with WHO and other reliable organizations. Until now, HHRD has been able to impact more than 200 million lives through its healthcare services, and more than 85 countries have been saved in emergencies. HHRD has provided consistent and top-notch medical services in crisis times for the past 15 years through commitment and devotion. 

Helping Hand for Relief & Development (HHRD) provides its medical facilities and services in countries where the health sector’s condition is poor and below the line. Countries at red alert due to any emergency are also provided with immediate medical assistance. HHRD’s healthcare program is divided into Mother Child Healthcare Center, Prevention of Blindness, Mobile Medical Units, and Ambulance Services.

Mother Child Healthcare Center

Most deaths occur during the childbirth process. To minimize the maternal mortality rate, top quality lifesaving services are given, such as postpartum checkups, health literacy sessions, and vaccination services. HHRD assures that the workers are adequately trained and schedule specialist clinics to support these women and children.

Prevention of Blindness

Eye related disabilities and diseases affect the entire body and deplete the quality of life of an individual. It can be terrifying and daunting to fully lose or deteriorate one’s eyesight, causing those affected to worry about their ability to preserve their independence, provide medical care, keep jobs, and earn for their families. To ensure successful eye care, HHRD performs free eye tests and operations and offers adequate prescription and rehabilitation seminars.

Mobile Medical Units

Regular medical checkups have become a necessity with the increase in the occurrence of viral and diseases. Thousands and thousands of villagers who are either unable to access medical treatment or live in remote areas that are frequently inaccessible during natural disasters are relieved by mobile medical camps and units. The Mobile Medical Units of HHRD offer complete medical aid, including medical tests and all medications.

Ambulance Services

Through these programs, emergency medical practitioners, allowed by outpatient training, improve their ability to deal with any given emergency. It also provides a way for patients without the burden of finding transportation to attend recovery and therapy sessions effectively.

HHRD’s healthcare services’ outreach is global. Since the very beginning, the HHRD has been providing medical assistance in many countries. HHRD has provided successful healthcare services to more than 15 000 people in Pakistan. HHRD’s medical practitioners proficiently conducted more than 600 eye surgeries across 6 African countries. Moreover, HHRD provided reliable lice treatment solutions to more than 5000 people in Jordan. Hence, HHRD’s efforts in the health sector are truly recognizable.