Celebrities Reveal Their True Emotions and Seek Counsel in The Tea With Dr. V Podcast

by Katie Murphy — Reality TV veteran Dr. Venus Nicolino is not a typical podcast host. She sets herself apart from the pack with her clinical psychology degrees and counseling experience. No wonder her guests are pouring their hearts out—especially celebrities who traditionally feel the need to shield themselves with cliches and diversions.

“You don’t need a Ph.D. to be a good listener. People will share their deepest issues and screw-ups with you, but only if you truly give a damn about their problems,” Dr. V says.

So far, The Tea With Dr. V has been full of episodes where celebrities dropped their defenses because they found somewhere they could be heard. They find hope in a host who offers solid solutions based on decades of experience, not feel-good fluff that crumbles in the face of real hurt and tragedy.

Dr. V has had a variety of guests on the show. Many spilled the tea about the hardships of fame. And yes, they are hardships, because neither fame nor wealth is an insulator from hurt. One guest was mentally tormented and received death threats due to an outlandish documentary she appeared in.

“Celebrities face toxic BS like the rest of us,” Dr. V says.

One recurring show theme has come to be disastrous relationships with women turning a blind eye to red flags. One guest told how her husband had been a perfect gentleman and their romance was fairy tale-like. Turns out Stephen King wrote that storyline because the guy was exposed as a cheater, liar, and low-end dirtbag. This smart, successful performer just ignored all the warning signs. Thankfully she had done tons of mental work on herself, empowering her to withstand the brutal breakup.

“I’ve had guests tell me they’ve never had anything but toxic relationships! Recently, an influencer I interviewed was afraid to have her new boyfriend hear her interview,” Dr. V says.

It’s clear that Dr. V’s guests value her counsel. They are quick to lean in when she offers, not forces, her advice. It’s as though they have had no one willing to listen to them over the years, or that people have become too busy to care about one another’s well-being if it requires more than tapping a like button on their endlessly happy Instagram posts.

The Tea With Dr. V is making waves in the podcast world. This Doctor of Psychology uses a hot mic and her hotter ability to listen so that her celebrity guests can navigate love, fame, and their careers more successfully. Each episode is also packed full of mental health tips and tactics that help listeners keep from drowning in the murky waters of the human experience.

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