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Manu Dhaumya is a social media influencer based in Reading, Berkshire. He is the founder of UNITED AGAINST BULLIES and is working hard to end bullying in his hometown. Manu Dhaumya has a strong media presence in this town.

Manu has been using his influence to bring about change and eradicate the culture of bullying within young children and teenagers. According to Manu, bullying can be ended with the right amount of awareness and inclusivity. He is the founder of non-profit organization called UNITED AGAINST BULLIES, where he works with his team of volunteers to organize local events where children are taught to be more tolerant of each other in a fun and interactive manner.

Most recently, Manu organized the Reading Art festival, an online contest in Reading. He urged young kids to send in their creative art works to create an anti-bullying poster, with the best artwork also receiving a special prize. Having organized many events in the past, Manu is still working on several plans regarding charity events and more post-lockdown.

In order to talk more in-depth about his anti-bullying ventures, Manu Dhaumya also made an official press statement “Compassion has always been one of the core values that I have carried with me anywhere I go. These days, we get to see a lot of bullying in young children and teenagers. I believe we can stop that if we involve children in fun activities that bring them together.”

He further added “We can also teach young children the value of love and raise awareness about lifting each other up. I believe if we share this message in a kind way, children will resonate with it and we will make an impact.”

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