5 Characteristics of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in Fatemeh Sanaei’s Opinion

1. Positive Outlook

A positive outlook is key to turning ideas into practical plans and implementing them. A positive view of the situation creates the ground for innovation, solving the problems, and releasing the inner energy. Entrepreneurship is difficult. If a negative outlook dominates the mind, the person might stop when encountering the first obstacle. An entrepreneur should always be mindful of her mentality and not let her spirits and morale weaken with negative thoughts. It is necessary to be realistic, but realism is different from seeing the obstacles with a negative outlook. In order to stay positive, women entrepreneurs should choose the people around them from among the optimistic people.

2. Overcoming the Obstacles

Surveys show that 70% of newly established companies in the United States are dissolved in the first three years due to the inability of their managers to solve the problems. However, the dissolution rate of companies established by women is lower than other companies. Women entrepreneurs can often use the obstacles to the benefit of their companies. Women entrepreneurs need to learn from any obstacle that comes their way as they will gradually see that the problems are not as big and negative as they first seemed.

3. Great Self-Confidence

Being strong and self-confident does not mean being destructive or arrogant. On the contrary, self-confidence and strength mean being constructive and moving in the right direction. When a person has a positive and proper mental self-image and is responsible, she has a stronger entrepreneurial spirit, and others cooperate with them with more trust and confidence. Statistics indicate that this trait is present in 45% and 51% of men and women entrepreneurs respectively.

4. A sense of Helping Others

Research indicates that women are more likely to influence others by helping them. The desire to make a positive difference in other people’s lives is one of the most important characteristics of successful women entrepreneurs, and it acts as a great motivation for their economic activities. Surveys on women entrepreneurs show that the sense of helping others and making a difference in their lives is the most significant factor in women’s economic activity among various motivations such as earning a high income, proving their abilities, benefiting from education, etc.

5. Honesty

You certainly do not have to hurt others and victimize them on the path to success. You do not have to step on others to move up. Men feel more negative competition than women. Following the rules and avoiding dishonest practices are more common among women entrepreneurs, especially in Asia. This factor inspires a sense of trust in other companies as everyone wants to work with honest and trustworthy people. In the United States, there has been a 10-percent per year increase in the companies cooperating with women entrepreneurs in the past decade.


A Candid Conversation With the Enigmatic Zhi Ko

Entrepreneurship has recently grown from a niche profession to a career that allows the dedicated and business savvy to achieve countless successes. Advantageous entrepreneurs can now have involvement in a diverse range of businesses. Zhi Ko has achieved serial status in the entrepreneurial world by doing just this. Ko is the co-owner of the e-sports gaming organization Radiance Gaming, and the CEO and cofounder of the micro-investment app Coindust. Ko also holds several positions in a variety of other businesses. We had the chance to talk to him in our exclusive interview below.

Q1.  You were previously a pro tennis player; how did you find the transition from athlete to entrepreneur?

I found the transition to be a very natural one. I’ve always felt that the two disciplines are very similar, as perseverance and resourcefulness are required to succeed in both.

Q2. Micro-investing apps like Coindust are being commended for making investing more accessible for anyone wishing to build a portfolio. Why do you think making investment opportunities accessible is important?

Investment accessibility is so important as it opens up doors to wealth that were previously closed to those without access to investment technology. Coindust aims to put that technology into the hands of those who have the aspiration to succeed within Crypto Investing.

Q3. Ethical gaming is a term that is currently trending in the gaming world. Do you feel that Radiance Gaming falls under this heading?

I do, as Radiance Gaming was created to prioritize a culture of respect, kindness, and positivity within the world of esports. We champion and promote the ideals of gaming ethically.

Q4. Why do you think the gaming market is currently proving to be so successful in the entrepreneurial world?

Gaming as an industry has seen huge influxes in both market value and popularity. This growth has expanded the many entrepreneurial opportunities within it, from mobile gaming to gaming equipment.

Q5.  You are involved in a diverse range of organizations. Would you advise aspiring entrepreneurs to commit to more than one business opportunity?

When it comes to investing in companies, I feel that it does pay to keep your choices diverse. Just like a good investment portfolio, entrepreneurial investments should reach into several different markets to protect against all of your assets being lost if one market should topple.


Meet Lena, making her name synonymous with success as a passionate fashion influencer on Instagram.

She has recently launched her website and welcomes people to her world of colours, focusing on fashion, travel and beauty.

It is very surreal to know and learn about all those individuals who have shown that hunger and thirst to get nearer their goals in life, come what may. Even after struggling in life, facing difficulties and the storms all alone, they believe in carving a path of their own and creating a unique life and career for themselves. Serving as the best example of the same is Lena, mesmerizing beauty and talent, originally from Ukraine and now from the US, who has spellbound people with the kind of content, she creates through her posts and blogs on Instagram and her website.

Nothing in this world has ever been achieved by people easily; everyone has had their share of ups and downs, which has eventually helped people learn something in life. Lena has had a complicated relationship with her health ever since 1999 when she first knew she suffered from a chronic illness. However, rather than losing hope, Lena decided to create a path for her, where she could find her happiness and peace, throwing aside the negatives of her life. This led her to the world of Instagram and made her realize her love for fashion.

Today, as a 40-year-old fashion influencer on Instagram, Lena has created a full-fledged career for herself and now has even launched her website that takes people in her world full with different colours, taking people on a journey with her through her posts, blogs and content on fashion, travel, beauty and wellness. With having seen so much in life suffering from a chronic illness, things were definitely not easy for Lena, but she somehow found light as she kept moving on her path relentlessly, finding her passion for fashion.

She confesses that her life with Instagram as an influencer has allowed her to meet many wonderful and talented people along the way. She has been able to connect with other fashion-minded peeps. Dressing herself colourfully always cheered her up and she also saw how others enjoyed the same. Speaking about the success she has earned so far, Lena says she achieved a massive following on her Instagram, all while still struggling with so many health issues.

To see her passion for fashion, do visit her website, and follow her on Instagram @panthere_instyle.


The scope of e-commerce fulfillment in 2021, according to Cory Muroff!

The e-commerce market has exploded in popularity, as online shopping became a necessity during lockdowns and restrictions. The rise in demand for e-commerce services has created a saturated market, where every e-commerce business needs to stand out. Cory Muroff works within fulfillment services and e-commerce warehouse consulting, and today he explores why fulfillment is a critical element in helping any e-commerce business succeed.

Fulfillment refers to the action of successfully delivering a product to a customer who has made an online order. The process has many moving cogs, and if it is not a well-oiled machine, it can have detrimental effects on the success of the business. Muroff explains that the number of different elements involved in the successful fulfillment of an online order is often taken for granted. The fulfillment supply chain involves order processing, item picking, packaging, and the smooth transport of the product to the customer’s shipping address. Muroff feels that an e-commerce business that takes the time to create a fully structured supply chain is more likely to have a successful and long-running business than that which underestimates the process. In Muroff’s experience, understanding which kind of order fulfillment suits your business before you even begin trading is essential. For example, are you a smaller supplier who would save costs with made-to-order products, or is your business more suited to an assemble-to-order structure that utilizes stored components? Muroff believes that these are essential questions that e-commerce business owners should ask themselves. Muroff says, “Every e-commerce business should have a structure in place that ensures smooth order fulfillment. If you prioritize efficient product delivery, then the customer’s satisfaction remains paramount.”

Cory Muroff came to the field of fulfillment services and e-commerce warehouse consulting through hands-on experience. He created his first e-commerce brand in 2011, and it was here that he gained an understanding of the inner workings of an e-commerce brand. Muroff shares, “Having real-world experience of supply chains from within the warehouse showed me how essential the smooth and fast delivery of a product is in a business’s success.”

It is clear that every e-commerce business needs to be doing all it can to maintain customer satisfaction, and the successful fulfillment of orders has proven to be essential in ensuring this.


The Success Story of Milad Hatam Abadi Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Must Know

Milad Abadi is a 22 years Old Instagram Star from Mumbai, India. He was in love with football and played in various teams at the youth and juvenile levels for independence in Tehran, but because of financial misery he was barred from continuing football. He he lived in an ordinary family, he worked besides his studying and sports, something that made him millionaire as he said. He had a great deal in the field of currency exchange and stock exchange, and at the age of 18, he opened his own exchange center at the Ferdowsi mall and made a lot of progress in the short term. After that he went to Kish Island and began to work in tourism field. He graduated in computer science. The first video clip from Hatam Abadi was shown in Kish, belong a girl on the Internet, and then quickly released throughout the Instagram, from Milad Hatam Abadi, with this title M.R Coach.
Since his performance on IG, he became a popular comedian by playing live shows on Instagram and entertainment, and he has found a lot of fans on Instagram by doing funny things. Along his reputation on Instagram, Hatam Abadi, with his start ups and Internet business, become able to be a young millionaire and prominent, and he said all of his good life and progress owes now is related to the hard works since his childhood.
He has managed to attract many fans over the years on Instagram, if you look at the Instagram Explore page, you’ll definitely see the awesome videos of him. You can see the short clips of Milad Hatam Abadi on his Instagram page. The characters and challenges of the Milad are very interesting for many people and are heavily followed by their videos.
Type of work

Most of Hatam Abadi’s performances are based on improvisation satire and spontaneously making subjects in a way that almost all of the humorous contents are created during the program. Improvisation plays an effect role in making the performance believable and since a public aspect is given to the show, it would be comprehended by the audience easier.
Improvisation satire is not based on performing the comedy based on written notes, but it is raised from an especial comedy technique, which is based on considering all subjects. Improviser’s mind must be equipped by a sufficient number of humorous subjects, jokes, satires and humors so that by making use of them, his creative mind and his personal taste, he would be able to simultaneously carry out the performance and do the storytelling. Improvisation is considered as one of the strengths of the Iranian stand-up comedian and presenter, which is also frequently seen in the performance of global comedians.


Andreas Vezonik: Young and successful Entrepreneur Buzzing high in Europe with his Transfera App and VolumeX

How to become a successful Entrepreneur in this competitive world? We are living in a world where competition is at its peak everyone hustling around to make it big some are expressing better earning prominence and setting examples of how to become a successful Entrepreneur.

Andreas Vezonik 23-year-old Budding young and dynamic entrepreneur from Austria is buzzing in Europe because of his two ventures VolumeX and Transfera.

Andreas is working on things which is the essential thing in the market. He has done proper research before starting his two ventures. 

Andreas Vezonik started Networking Marketing when he was only 17. First, he worked for Health Products companies then shifted to banking and finance.

He hustled around for two years in the market and connected with more than 25,000 customers in the European Market. At that time, he touched the magic figure of 25,000,000$ in sales. Because of his experience, he learned how to talk with people, how to communicate and explain business and all.

We all know if you want to succeed as a businessman, you have to be an excellent Communicator who can explain your own product better to the public. 

With his, VolumeX has connected with more than 15,000 customers in 35 different countries, and they are now expanding faster than other ones in the market.

Once he succeeded with his first venture and settled that business, he jumped into the second venture called Transfer app. He is the founder CEO and Supervisor of Transfera App. 

Andreas, this company is one of the first European Regulated Entity Providing Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services, issuing the master card, Debit Cards and IBAN accounts. They have given all in one facility to his clients. Means one login and you can use all the features. 

Andreas Vezonik is a hustler who knows how to grow in a competitive market. He has already started well as a young Entrepreneur now we can expect him to be the topmost Business tycoon in the coming years of Austria and Europe.

Follow Andreas Vezonik on Instagram –


The Art of Digital Entrepreneurship Redefined By Manish Singh (CEO) ZZED Media

Google Featured as “Youngest Digital Entrepreneur in World”

Manish Singh says With the advancements and changing trends in digital technology, digital marketing is expected to take giant strides in the future. The entire brand marketing game has changed drastically over the years, so that the media consumption, which works as a major factor to establish the presence of any brand, product or individual. A major shift in the audience’s preference and taste has been witnessed in the recent time as traditional media has taken the back seat and digital space is taking the lead.

World today prefer to seek entertainment through social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook rather than television and radio. This digital revolution has made ocean of opportunities for brand marketers to create a distinct positioning for their brand by building a right strategy using the right digital platform and face.

Manish Singh: “The youngest Digital Entrepreneur” – In this competitive world you need to be smart to sell your product and make a mark in this Digital world. Manish Singh is one of the youngest and successful Digital Entrepreneurs in India who started Digital Marketing from his own business. His Company ZZED Media And Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is Leading Brand in Digital Marketing and very much in demand mostly in countries like Canada, United Kingdom (London), Germany, USA

At the Age of 20, Manish Singh Have Achieved the title of Youngest Entrepreneur in India and an Honor of Digital Marketing Expert in very less time Span. Having a Net Profit Capital of 200,000$ in Just an Year. He is working with Leading Brands in India like T-Series, Sony India, Mitushibushi, Hyundai, Badshah, Sangram Singh, as well as in Worldwide collaboration with Drake (Champagnepapi), Hot Money Studios (London) and many more. 

Manish Singh feels India is yet to understand the power of online marketing and has jumped into this business early in India and he feels more people become aware of this online benefit his business will grow even bigger.