Definition of an entrepreneur; What does entrepreneurship mean? From the words of Ali Hasani:

In fact, an entrepreneur is someone who has a special innovation.

 This innovation can be in providing a new product, providing a new service, designing a new process, or innovation in customer satisfaction, etc.

Entrepreneurs actually look at change as a defining category, they change values ​​and transform their nature.

 They use their risk-taking power to realize this idea.

They make decisions correctly and therefore anyone who makes a decision correctly is considered as an entrepreneur.

In simple words, “entrepreneurship” is the process of establishing a business (company) based on a new thought and idea.

 Now, in the global arena, creative and innovative people as entrepreneurs have become the source of great changes in the field of production and services.

Even large global companies turn to entrepreneurs to solve their problems. The wheels of economic development move with the development of entrepreneurship.