Under the eyes without darkness and full from the words of Dr. Shokoofeh Barazandeh:


With the passage of time and the gravity of the earth, your eyes lose their youth and problems such as dark spots under the eyes, dimples, drooping eyelids, etc. appear. But some factors can prevent this problem from occurring

Many people, after using various drugs and creams and not getting results, are disappointed with all these ways and believe that surgery is the only way to improve the appearance under the eyes. This is a misconception and you do not need a surgical knife and an invasive procedure to improve the appearance of this part of your face.

Instead of surgery or multiple treatments, there is a quick solution, which is the use of special fillers under the eyes.

Filler or the same gel is known as the most effective treatment method for the treatment and quick removal of under-eye hollows, and it will bring the results you expect.

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