Meet Lena, making her name synonymous with success as a passionate fashion influencer on Instagram.

She has recently launched her website and welcomes people to her world of colours, focusing on fashion, travel and beauty.

It is very surreal to know and learn about all those individuals who have shown that hunger and thirst to get nearer their goals in life, come what may. Even after struggling in life, facing difficulties and the storms all alone, they believe in carving a path of their own and creating a unique life and career for themselves. Serving as the best example of the same is Lena, mesmerizing beauty and talent, originally from Ukraine and now from the US, who has spellbound people with the kind of content, she creates through her posts and blogs on Instagram and her website.

Nothing in this world has ever been achieved by people easily; everyone has had their share of ups and downs, which has eventually helped people learn something in life. Lena has had a complicated relationship with her health ever since 1999 when she first knew she suffered from a chronic illness. However, rather than losing hope, Lena decided to create a path for her, where she could find her happiness and peace, throwing aside the negatives of her life. This led her to the world of Instagram and made her realize her love for fashion.

Today, as a 40-year-old fashion influencer on Instagram, Lena has created a full-fledged career for herself and now has even launched her website that takes people in her world full with different colours, taking people on a journey with her through her posts, blogs and content on fashion, travel, beauty and wellness. With having seen so much in life suffering from a chronic illness, things were definitely not easy for Lena, but she somehow found light as she kept moving on her path relentlessly, finding her passion for fashion.

She confesses that her life with Instagram as an influencer has allowed her to meet many wonderful and talented people along the way. She has been able to connect with other fashion-minded peeps. Dressing herself colourfully always cheered her up and she also saw how others enjoyed the same. Speaking about the success she has earned so far, Lena says she achieved a massive following on her Instagram, all while still struggling with so many health issues.

To see her passion for fashion, do visit her website, and follow her on Instagram @panthere_instyle.