The scope of e-commerce fulfillment in 2021, according to Cory Muroff!

The e-commerce market has exploded in popularity, as online shopping became a necessity during lockdowns and restrictions. The rise in demand for e-commerce services has created a saturated market, where every e-commerce business needs to stand out. Cory Muroff works within fulfillment services and e-commerce warehouse consulting, and today he explores why fulfillment is a critical element in helping any e-commerce business succeed.

Fulfillment refers to the action of successfully delivering a product to a customer who has made an online order. The process has many moving cogs, and if it is not a well-oiled machine, it can have detrimental effects on the success of the business. Muroff explains that the number of different elements involved in the successful fulfillment of an online order is often taken for granted. The fulfillment supply chain involves order processing, item picking, packaging, and the smooth transport of the product to the customer’s shipping address. Muroff feels that an e-commerce business that takes the time to create a fully structured supply chain is more likely to have a successful and long-running business than that which underestimates the process. In Muroff’s experience, understanding which kind of order fulfillment suits your business before you even begin trading is essential. For example, are you a smaller supplier who would save costs with made-to-order products, or is your business more suited to an assemble-to-order structure that utilizes stored components? Muroff believes that these are essential questions that e-commerce business owners should ask themselves. Muroff says, “Every e-commerce business should have a structure in place that ensures smooth order fulfillment. If you prioritize efficient product delivery, then the customer’s satisfaction remains paramount.”

Cory Muroff came to the field of fulfillment services and e-commerce warehouse consulting through hands-on experience. He created his first e-commerce brand in 2011, and it was here that he gained an understanding of the inner workings of an e-commerce brand. Muroff shares, “Having real-world experience of supply chains from within the warehouse showed me how essential the smooth and fast delivery of a product is in a business’s success.”

It is clear that every e-commerce business needs to be doing all it can to maintain customer satisfaction, and the successful fulfillment of orders has proven to be essential in ensuring this.