Shantell Valcin – An Emerging Queen In the Industry

These days, everyone is talking about Shantell Valcin because of her success as a fashion model and an entrepreneur. She started her professional career as a model, and her passions then turned into a successful business in the state. Her social network grew with her followers, and she received a lot of appreciation for her daring looks. Let us peep inside the life of a talented model and what we talked about during an interview with her recently.

Shantell, People Want to Hear from you.
I’m 21, a self-made woman and my crazy passion led me to start a business online from FineFem. Besides modeling and running an online business, I also work as a freelance journalist.

Shantell fans have been watching you for some time and you gain more in less time. How has that been conceivable? Additionally, shed some light on your work. Well, success doesn’t come overnight and it takes lots of struggles, pain and hard work. I followed my passion aggressively, did hard work, and can now stand at this point. we like to know about your professional life and work you do. I love modeling and started my career in the same field; initially, I used to work only for photographers and artists locally. I served for them by shooting for magazines, newspapers and local businesses. Additionally, I help different clients to serve commercials of a variety of items.

What Products Do You Promote?
“I market dynamic products and services, such as garments, jewelry, food, electronics, and makeup.”
We see some unique and perfect looks of yours. Do you have a few impacts from around the business?
I follow Cardi B and Lady Gaga.
Well, you are absolutely doing amazing here, Shantell. Where do you predict yourself in the future?

When it is about my future vision, I would be seeing myself driving a group of individuals simply motivated and devoted to work. Growing as an individual and in professional life would be a great concern for me. Additionally, I see myself carrying on with a prosperous and effective existence with my family that I generally have longed for.


I consider many achievements in my career, including self-training and modeling. I started my business without any support and did everything on my own. I have managed to establish a successful business, which was like a dream to me and I never thought of doing this.

What Do You Advise to Others?

Indeed, on the off chance that I need to, It will be my intelligence that I might want to give up for the new generation in the near future. It would be a definitive method to joy and mental shrewdness that I couldn’t imagine anything better than to abandon. Additionally, it would be a superior tomorrow that may profit the following ages and motivate them to be propelled when we were youthful.

Instagram : @finefem