What motivated Sahil Suri to lay the foundation of a luxury cafe, Marshmallow

The entrepreneurial words see multiple brain boxes from different walks of life. And Sahil Suri is one of them. Needless to say, he is amongst the most successful and focused businesspeople. He has used his skills to understand and rightly predict the changing market trends, thereby surviving them. While this pioneering entrepreneur was successfully administering an IT company, he side-by-side started a cafe called Marshmallow. But don’t you want to know why? What was his motive?

Well, he wanted to launch this eatery to bestow people with quality food and services. Adding to this, Sahil Suri said, “The fundamental reason for starting Marshmallow was to bestow people with quality food and then, of course, an Instagramable ambience that pacifies hearts. Moreover, the motive of this luxury cafe was to be a destination where people cherished the opulence and grandeur of life and created some unforgettable memories.”

Earlier, we had only a few restaurants to scour and delight our taste buds. But today, we have a cafe or coffee shop on every corner of the street. So, what sets Sahil Suri’s cafe apart from all the others?

This case, situated in the heart of Indirapuram, is held in high regard for its quirky, alleviating ambience and top-notch service. Once you enter this cafe, you will not want to leave this place. But, beyond everything else, is their cuisine. While Sahil Suri could have focused on one cuisine, he would rather choose to add varied cookery to the menu that includes everything from continental to North Indian, thus giving a diversified choice to visitors.

As much as a susceptible business may seem, possessing a cafe or restaurant has its own challenges. Speaking of which, Sahil Suri says, “Not one day is similar to the other. The footfall varies, and many customers leave with unpleasant remarks, which we, of course, work on. Furthermore, we need to stay updated on new trends and new dishes so our cafe doesn’t look outmoded. It’s not easy, but it is something that I admire doing.”

Apart from this super-amazing cafe, Sahil Suri has bought a few stakes in Dejavu Entertainment and Events, owned by the business tycoon Rahul Kaul. The entrepreneur also has plans for Bollywood and might soon launch a production house.