5 Characteristics of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in Fatemeh Sanaei’s Opinion

1. Positive Outlook

A positive outlook is key to turning ideas into practical plans and implementing them. A positive view of the situation creates the ground for innovation, solving the problems, and releasing the inner energy. Entrepreneurship is difficult. If a negative outlook dominates the mind, the person might stop when encountering the first obstacle. An entrepreneur should always be mindful of her mentality and not let her spirits and morale weaken with negative thoughts. It is necessary to be realistic, but realism is different from seeing the obstacles with a negative outlook. In order to stay positive, women entrepreneurs should choose the people around them from among the optimistic people.

2. Overcoming the Obstacles

Surveys show that 70% of newly established companies in the United States are dissolved in the first three years due to the inability of their managers to solve the problems. However, the dissolution rate of companies established by women is lower than other companies. Women entrepreneurs can often use the obstacles to the benefit of their companies. Women entrepreneurs need to learn from any obstacle that comes their way as they will gradually see that the problems are not as big and negative as they first seemed.

3. Great Self-Confidence

Being strong and self-confident does not mean being destructive or arrogant. On the contrary, self-confidence and strength mean being constructive and moving in the right direction. When a person has a positive and proper mental self-image and is responsible, she has a stronger entrepreneurial spirit, and others cooperate with them with more trust and confidence. Statistics indicate that this trait is present in 45% and 51% of men and women entrepreneurs respectively.

4. A sense of Helping Others

Research indicates that women are more likely to influence others by helping them. The desire to make a positive difference in other people’s lives is one of the most important characteristics of successful women entrepreneurs, and it acts as a great motivation for their economic activities. Surveys on women entrepreneurs show that the sense of helping others and making a difference in their lives is the most significant factor in women’s economic activity among various motivations such as earning a high income, proving their abilities, benefiting from education, etc.

5. Honesty

You certainly do not have to hurt others and victimize them on the path to success. You do not have to step on others to move up. Men feel more negative competition than women. Following the rules and avoiding dishonest practices are more common among women entrepreneurs, especially in Asia. This factor inspires a sense of trust in other companies as everyone wants to work with honest and trustworthy people. In the United States, there has been a 10-percent per year increase in the companies cooperating with women entrepreneurs in the past decade.