Xander Neff, Hardest Worker in the Room


Xander Neff aims to be the best, so there’s no surprise that he wants his company to reflect that. It’s been a long journey for this hard-working 26-year-old, and once you hear his story, you will be in awe. He was born and raised in Summerville, West Virginia by his parents. He started working at 14, little did he know that would be just the start of his working journey.

There were a few main instances in his life that would change the fate of his future, maybe for the better, though at the time it didn’t seem like it. It started with an accident as a teenager. This accident left him paralyzed, unable to move from the waist down. After recovering and gaining back his mobility, he had another serious accident while in the army a few years later. After surgery, he was forced to move back to the USA where he found himself to be homeless. An inspirational post on social media he had written had gone viral overnight and he was offered a job in Las Vegas.

Xander’s friend was heading out on a road trip to a photo shoot and invited him along for the ride. Eager to see his friend, he decided to tag along. He was discovered at that very photoshoot and ended up participating. His photos were sold as book covers and he ended up landing spots in magazines. His passion for the modeling industry allowed him to create his very own, high-end, one of a kind agency, XK Luxury LLC.

XK Luxury LLC. was made to further not only his but others careers. They focus on helping people in the industry connect, network, with photography and videography content creations and with commercial advertising. Xander has previously worked with numerous modeling agencies, learning all the in’s and outs of this top-notch industry. One of his most notable learnings was that the best businesses are run with love, connections, communications and showing appreciation to those around you.

Coming from a military background, consisting of one way communication of “do as I say,” has proven to lead to more failures than it did successes. Thinking smarter rather than working harder is a motto that Xander still follows to this day. He believes that the opinions and thoughts of many will do much more for you and your team compared to just the thoughts and ideas of one individual. Having a family feel work environment can only produce further success.

Xander has turned down opportunities that he felt didn’t fit what his brand was looking for. He has a clear vision for what he wants and for what content he wants to promote under his name. Knowing exactly what he wants has led to him never failing in business. He has never made a mistake and would never put himself in a situation in which he hadn’t already planned for. He is very precise and has plans set in place for anything that comes his way. He moves forward with his continued success by following his three fundamental steps. These steps include having a constructed vision, a plan that involves problem-solving, and the ability to execute. These steps have gotten this entrepreneur to where he is today.

Xander’s motivation stems from the hardships that he’s had to face at such a young age. He’s stayed motivated and vowed to never be anything less than the best he can be. Xander feels that if he were to become lazy, make excuses to take a day off, or invest his time into anything that is not productive, he would be selling himself short of how great he or his businesses could have become. Xander fuels off hard work and will always be sure to be the hardest worker In the room.

Though life wasn’t always easy for this businessman, he pulled through and never stopped believing. For for information about his thriving agency, click here

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