What Melanie Avalon, The Host Of The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, Believes When It Comes To Biohacking

Bringing a refreshing perspective to the field of biohacking, Melanie Avalon hosts the top podcast on iTunes, The Intermittent Fasting Podcast The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast, which has received millions of downloads with more than 200,000 each week. Her success and accomplishments are due in part to her unique perspective. In a world of often vicious ideology wars and dietary dogma, Melanie is refreshingly open to entertaining different viewpoints. On her shows, she seeks the answers to what most sustains the health of ourselves, future generations, and the planet at large. Here are 2 important beliefs of Melanie, when it comes to health and “biohacking.”

  1. Exploring new ideas is extremely important 

Melanie is driven by a consistent need to search, question, and discover. She yearns to question every idea she encounters, and find truth in speaking with many experts in each respective sphere. “I used to get nervous about sounding naive, or asking stupid questions. But the more I interview all the brilliant minds I’ve crossed paths with, the more I’ve realized that sometimes the simplest or seemingly silly questions are in fact the most enlightening. Now I just ask literally whatever I’m wondering at that moment,” she says.  

Melanie believes that a single dietary answer is never a solution to everyone’s health problems, and that different diets work for different people. She therefore purposely invites renowned guests who hold different perspectives, onto her podcasts. Over the years, she has interviewed respected figures in the “Carnivore” and low carb movements, such as Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Paul Saladino, Ted Naiman, and Gary Taubes, while also having famous vegans on the show, including Cyrus Khambatta, Robby Barbaro, Alan Goldhamer, and Dr. Douglas Graham.

“I run some pretty big Facebook groups which started from the shows, and we only have a few rules. Namely, you must be understanding of other people’s viewpoints, and you must be kind,” she says. 

  1. A healthy diet must be a sustainable diet 

For Melanie, sustaining future body cells is just as important as following a healthy lifestyle. She believes that before consuming anything, individuals should extensively evaluate its food producers. In terms of what constitutes a  “healthy diet,” Melanie supports a holistic approach to plants and animals. She believes the most sustainable choices often come from farms practicing regenerative practices. This helps restore the soil, maximize nutrition per dollar, and minimize toxic substances harming our planet. Melanie suggests choosing services that directly connect consumers to sustainable farmers, such as Butcher Box. Such brands not only help protect the environment but also allow users to save money.



One of the safest and fastest ways to earn money in this ever-growing economy is through owning, holding, and selling stocks. It takes quite a long while to learn how to go about it if one is not well-versed in the market beforehand. A share trading course can be the most helpful to educate oneself about how a share market works and learning the trends so one can invest better.

Here are some of the reasons to invest in the stock market:

Stability: Having money in cash or the bank growing at a very small rate can easily lose its value over the years. Inflation is one of the biggest reasons this problem arises. As time passes, everything gets expensive. Owning stocks is the easiest way out since it is virtual money that grows with inflation, and invested money is dependent on this factor of growth. One can easily earn 10% more than what banks offer or more as the investment is based on the growth of organisations and can rapidly increase to a high level earning one more than they earn through a bank’s interest rates. This way, even a loss could balance out with the profits and provide stability to an individual. 

Better returns: It is not necessary to invest millions to earn a huge amount. One can invest as little as possible for minimum gains. It only requires one to stay up to date with news about the organisations they invest in to understand how much they will benefit from it. The money can shoot up overnight if invested the right way in the right places. This process can take a little trial and error, but it teaches valuable lessons that can be better for investing in the long run. 

Alternate source of income: Since many people use the stock market as just an added benefit, it becomes an easier route to earn a little extra through another source. One can even become a professional at it by attending a share trading course, perhaps, that can take just a little time out of their daily life and help them invest better. One can earn from their primary source to invest bigger and grow along with the economy while also having job stability and security. Many people have made stock markets their only source of income, too.

There are many reasons apart from these to invest in the stock market. Virtual money is always safer than having cash. NFT’s have become a people’s favourite and are also one of the most interesting ways to invest money in something like a picture. 

Cryptocurrency is gaining pace with advocates like Elon Musk and Kanye West openly investing and earning through it. Cryptocurrency is just a digital asset that is exchanged between people instead of actual money. This system is a type of new currency that can be regulated worldwide without depending heavily on conversion or taxes. 

One should always take care of certain things before investing money in the stock market. It is best to invest if one is completely sure about the investment, leading to no regrets. Observe market trends and do not take major risks.Warren Buffett, a leading stock market investor, says that it is best to invest with caution and not go in completely as there is always a chance of losing a lot. It can be tempting to go for it and invest great amounts but do so with proper backing and thought since it is not a simple game.



When it comes to easy home improvement projects in Australia, redoing the flooring is probably the one aspect that makes the most significant impact. No other material quite delivers a better ROI- Return on investment than deciding to install those porcelain tiles

Be it adding colour tiles to the bathroom walls or a subway tile in the kitchen, the beauty of these tiles will amplify the glamour of the whole house. It also prevents moisture or other substances that might cause damage to walls.

The types of tiles include:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Glass tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Granite tile
  • Marble tile 
  • Natural stone tile

Some of the benefits of installing tiles are:

1. Design choice:

Tiles are now available in an endless array of colours, textures, sizes, and designs. This material is a diverse, attractive addition to a home, from classy porcelain tiles to marble-looking, mosaic, and natural stone tiles. 

Geometric, old-world, modern, and rustic, are a few themes that one can choose from for ideas. These are ideal for high-traffic places like the living room or kitchen and humidity-troubled areas like bathrooms. Tiles for floors and decorative walls are always going to be in trend. 

It is vital to install backsplash tiles near the sink and cooking areas. Because it can save a lot of trouble in cleaning and avoiding displeasing interiors. It can help offer protection against spills and splashes while keeping the overall design aesthetics in check. 

2. Easy Cleaning:

Tiles are, for the most part, the easy-to-maintain flooring options. For instance, it is not possible to wet-mop a hardwood floor or clean the carpets with bleach. But with tiles, one can give it a thorough cleanse. 

Even if there are toddlers at home and the dining room looks like it has been bombed with food, cleaning it is a breeze if there is a tile floor. One has to sweep away the muck and wipe it with a cloth, soap, and water. And yes, pet parents, it is alright if the puppy ruins the floor as well. One can clean and sanitize the floor in no time.

3. Simple repairs and Maintenance:

If one uses high-quality sealant and grout whenever necessary, maintaining the tiles requires little effort. Superior quality materials avoid water leaking beneath tiles and wreaking havoc. 

Additionally, it is easy to do repairs. Whether there is a cracked bathroom tile or a damaged backsplash tile, it takes only a few minutes to replace it. It is wise to have a carton of extra tiles handy just in case of these emergencies. 

4. Durability:

It seems pointless to splurge on high-maintenance hardwood when instead one can opt for wood-look tiles that deliver higher durability at a lesser cost. 

Tiles are designed to resist extensive damage caused by moisture exposure. It can survive daily wear without being worn down. Just imagine the amount of durability it takes to withstand stomping snow boots, dragging in furniture, kids in football boots, and endless trips to the grocery store. 

5. Cool to touch and sight:

Most people are not aware of the cooling properties of tile. It is akin to a natural air conditioner on the floor that can repel heat and stays cool to touch. The coldness of a tile floor on a steamy, hot day makes the shower more refreshing. 

Imagine walking into a home, and the first thing that the feet touch and one notices are the floorings. These reasons are why it is vital to invest in quality, attractive tile that can last for a long time. 


5 Of The Best Highly Collectable Oris Watches to Add to Your Collection

Oris is a favorite of both new and seasoned watch collectors because it consistently produces innovative models across a wide variety of collections. The independent Swiss brand is distinguished by its emphasis on a down-to-earth approach and value. On the other hand, Oris is not a newcomer, having been established in the Swiss town of Hölstein in 1904.

Given the brand’s 100-year history, you should expect vintage re-releases from Oris, and you won’t be disappointed. The brand also has completely new collections. In its motorsport, aviation, diving, and “culture” ranges, Oris frequently provides a solid build and a good personality in watches perfect for rounding out a collection or serving as everyday wear.

Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch

Let’s begin with a model from a watch classification for which Oris is well-known, namely diver’s watches. The Oris Aquis series of diving watches is one of the most well-recommended and prevalent on the market today. It is combined with tons of style, is reasonably practical, and is meticulously assembled with the utmost care, as Oris watches are known for.

The Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial has a sleeker look than its predecessors, which is one of its most notable features. This is emphasized even further by the use of a slimmer strap. This diving watch is also made to be as light as possible without compromising overall durability. The straps are also simple to use and secure, which is fundamental for this type of wristwatch.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five

On the pre-owned market, vintage timepieces are becoming prominent. While the Diver’s Sixty-Five is not a complete classic watch, it will appeal to you if you admire vintage-inspired styling. The watch’s design is heavily influenced by Oris’ Classic Diver from the 1960s, with warmer-hued luminous plots, older-style fonts and hour markers, and similar case lines.

Furthermore, the sapphire crystal also has a domed shape, similar to what you’d see on an acrylic crystal on a vintage watch. The Diver’s Sixty-Five is a classic timepiece with many contemporary designs. This Oris watch range is diverse, with two-tone and all-steel editions, chronograph editions, and even a bronze limited edition model.

Oris Artelier Watches

Having had enough diving watches, the Oris Artelier watch is the company’s flagship product in its occasion watch series. From being functional and stylish, Oris Artelier watches are designed to go from a day at the office to a night on the town with ease. Their 18-carat gold cases and stainless steel are paired with diamond-decorated dials and alligator leather belts.

The Oris Artelier watch range is more than just a pretty face. It also houses some of the brand’s most creative movements. The Artelier Calibre 113 watch features Oris’ fourth in-house movement. It has an excellent business calendar feature that displays the day, date, week, and month of the year, a rare combination of complexities on a single dial.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date

Another vintage piece on this list is the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date. This timepiece has a retro feel to it, but it’s still casual enough to wear on any occasion. It has a delicate sophistication and beauty that distinguishes it from the crowd. It is also the best watch for you in terms of versatility. Besides that, this timepiece is a great conversation starter at any casual gathering.

Moreover, the Big Crown Pointer Date is an absolute must-have for those who value comfort while looking for a classic luxury watch with a modern twist. However, it includes a leather strap that can be textured to fit the wearer’s wrist. Because of its domed crystal, some people may find it a little chunky. Nonetheless, it is considered to be one of the best Oris watches.

Oris Audi Sport

The Oris Audi Sport with black dials is the most sporty watch that you can find on the market today. This watch is highly functional, thanks to its rotating bezel and titanium-fused case. This watch exudes luxury in every way, including the leather case that comes with it. It’s also available in a blacked-out finish for a more spectacular appearance.


Oris is one of the most adaptable mid-priced watch brands on the market right now. They’re also praised for their top-of-the-line mechanical movements. If you want a timepiece that exudes sophistication and can compete with some of the best premium-grade brands on the market today, Oris watches should always be at the top of your list.


Things You Should Know Before Getting Started with Modern Calligraphy

When asked about the meaning of calligraphy, you’ll probably come up with the universal definition that says it is the art of beautiful handwriting. 

It is, except that it isn’t JUST that. 

Forming and arranging beautiful symbols by hand is called the art of calligraphy. It has come a long way from the traditional style to the modern innovations that have kept the lettering art alive. People often buy calligraphy pens as part of their collection or not exactly knowing what it is for. So, please read on to know more about modern calligraphy. 

What Is Modern Calligraphy?

Modern calligraphy strays from the fundamental rules that have long since governed traditional calligraphy. Different types of scripts like Copperplate are known for being elegant, historical, more slanted, and typically written with pointed pens. Consistency and perfect imitation of traditional hands are essential.

With modern calligraphy, however, rules are bound to be broken as long as you intentionally know what art you want to produce. Your art will still have to show traces of traditional calligraphy, although now, it offers a sense of fun, freedom, and whimsicality, which makes it appealing for the modern generation.

Modern Calligraphy involves playing with various styles, tools, and concepts that show a distinctive taste of who you are as an artist. You no longer have to just imitate other’s works. You can get inspired by them, modify them, and make them your own. 

Starting your calligraphy journey means more than just having a set of calligraphy pens and sheets of good-quality paper within your reach. You should consider some things before you get started with the art, such as: 

Step 1: Find Your Style

Go ahead and search your social media feed for plenty of calligraphy or lettering inspirations. Don’t follow several accounts at once. Instead, go for accounts whose art inspires you to create a similar style (but it should still be unique and yours). 

Finding your style involves choosing what “hand” you want to employ in your art. Do you want to try brush-pen lettering with fancy embellishments? Or do you want to keep it straightforward and minimalist?

Whatever aesthetic you want to go for, you can expect to find a community that embraces the same eye for the art as you.

Step 2: Get the Right Tools

Many beginner calligraphers have set their mind on only buying the expensive writing tools once they become a master at their craft. Such a mindset isn’t exactly wrong, but it still pays to have the right tools from the very start. 

You can never go wrong with investing in top-quality calligraphy pens and practice papers. Getting the right tools doesn’t always mean getting the most expensive. However, If you search wisely, you’ll find yourself a writing instrument that will stay with you in your humble calligraphy beginnings until you become a master at the art. 

Step 3: Practice!

As a beginner, whatever you do, don’t jump into imitating that master-level calligraphy art immediately. If you do replicate it correctly, you must be a natural at it. However, you may also find yourself wondering why you seem not to get some strokes right or why the entirety of your artwork feels like something is off.

You have to start with calligraphy basics, which means understanding how a stroke goes for every hand you pick. The internet is a vast place, and you can probably find step-by-step instructions explaining how to do a specific hand. And then, practice, practice and practise until you achieve satisfaction.

After you grasp individual letters, you can move on to short words, then complete sentences. There is no shame in starting small and progressing slowly as long as you are consistent. One day, you’ll find yourself producing a pageful of beautifully handwritten letters and symbols like a pro.

Do you feel like starting your calligraphy journey now? If so, best of luck to you and your newest craft!


Things You Need To Take Note of After Your LASIK Surgery

So you just did your LASIK surgery (or you’re just researching the do’s and don’ts after LASIK surgery) and you are now researching of the things you should take note of after your surgery, well you’re in the right place! But first and foremost, it is important to follow your surgeon’s instruction of the things you should do (or should not do) after the LASIK surgery, as he/she would be the best person to advise you on this. The information below will only serve as general information, and you should still follow the instruction from your surgeon. So without further ado, let’s get right on it!

How long after eye surgery can you wear makeup?

You don’t want to get chemicals or other substances from your skincare and cosmetic products into your eyes that are still healing to prevent the risk of infection. This is why LASIK patients are usually advised to not wear makeup on the surgery day and also for a few weeks after their surgery. [1] Do ask your surgeon for approval just to be extra careful.

How many days rest is required after LASIK surgery?

You will be able to go back to work after at least 2-3 days after surgery. However, if you can afford it, consider taking about 5 days off from work. If you do your surgery nearing the weekend, use the weekend to just chill at home. Don’t rush on activities that require a lot of physical strain. Don’t put too much pressure on your eyes because you’re just beginning to recover your vision. Try to sleep more during the initial recovery period!

What if I accidentally rub my eye after LASIK?

First of all, don’t panic. Take a good look at your eye and make sure that there isn’t anything alarming happening to it. It would be better to call your eye doctor or surgeon right away to make sure that your eye is all okay. It’s important to understand that even though physical contact with the eye must be strictly avoided, it doesn’t mean it always leads to complications. However, knowing the high possibility, it is crucial that we are extra careful with our eye after LASIK surgery. Find a way so that you won’t be able to rub your eyes to be safe.

How long after LASIK can I consume alcohol?

Plan to stay away from alcoholic beverages for at least 7 days after your LASIK surgery. The main concern is in how alcohol has a tendency to make your eyes dry. Your LASIK surgery will already make your eyes drier than normal, so to consume alcohol will worsen the dryness. Alcohol is also not recommended during the initial recovery stages because you will be drinking some medications during that time.

Can eyesight get weak after LASIK?

This is a great question. The answer is yes, your eyesight can get weak after LASIK surgery, but this decrease in vision quality has nothing to do with the results of your LASIK surgery itself. This has more to do with your natural ageing process. As you grow older, especially once you reach the end of your 40s and moving towards the 50s, your eyes will naturally experience a change. This change will affect your vision quality.

Regardless of the vision correction surgery you did while you were younger, this ageing process cannot be stopped or changed. The benefit of doing a LASIK surgery prior to this time is that you have a better vision quality when you enter your 40s and 50s, compared to if you never opt for a LASIK surgery.

Hope the information above helps you to prepare for your pre-LASIK surgery. And for those of you who are planning to get LASIK done in Singapore, you could also read more about the LASIK prices in Singapore! LASIK prices in Singapore varies from clinic to clinic, and it will be great to research for the price prior booking your LASIK appointment to be able to make an informed decision!


[1] UCLA Health, N/A. Laser Vision Correction FAQs, from


Driving His Delorean Through The MPC – Joey Luxx Comes Through

The next-up rapper is one to look out for! On his Debut album, the South Jersey artist takes us on a wild ride through old school samples and laid back trap drums.

Hot stuff coming from the artist straight out of South Jersey! Following up on his single track release ‘Solar’, the talented rapper drops his first solo full length body of work.

Joey Luxx had shown some glimpses of his potential and on his ‘Warm Up’ EP last year, but presents himself as a complete package today. He starts his debut long player with a fitting intro that sets us for a flight through his universe.

You an definitely tell that the artist picked his beats very careful as they sound out of one piece, despite multiple beat makers being involved. A sign that the artist himself has a decent knowledge and engineering skills too.
Two songs in, the 808s and stuttering hi-hats dominate the nerdy sounds and samples that build the first layers for Joey Luxx catchy songs.

Where plenty of artist meet us with predictable, staccato like vocals recently, the South Jersey artist shows his strength. Verses as well as hooks are built around strong melodies and merge into the smooth production.
Overall, there is simply a lot that sounds very right here. Right but different. And we’re digging it.

The solo single ‘Solar’ off the album was released with the music video previously to the album release this year, and shows Luxx in his hometown.
Malcolm Parrish, was playing basketball on a professional level before he decided to dedicate his full time to music last year.

The right decision as it seems and a strong promise to music, which keeps helping him discover himself in different ways.

We’re excited for more!


Violence against healthcare workers

As each day passes,  healthcare workers globally face an increased risk of violence. The most common types of violence are physical and verbal. Other types of violence are psychological harm, bullying, and different forms of sexual and racial harassment.  Mostly, patients and their visitors propagate violence against healthcare workers. At some point in their careers, 8% to 38% of health workers become victims of violence at their workplace (Georgia & Georgia, 2014). As a local physician working in the Houston area, I have also been a victim of violence. I have on many different occasions been assaulted by my patients, I developed post-traumatic stress disorders as a result. One of my worst experiences happened in a certain large hospital here in  Houston. I was restrained by a patient and shoved into a wall. Although many of the healthcare workers do not report violent cases against them, I chose to file an official reports complain. To my shock, I was told that no policy exists for such a case. I was assaulted within the hospital premises, despite my being an independent contractor of the hospital, the hospital PR wouldn’t listen to any charge of criminal assault against their patient. No action was taken, I felt I have an obligation to create more awareness of violence against healthcare workers. 

Healthcare works work under tough environments with numerous challenges ranging from unmanageable workloads, insufficient technology and lack of support systems. Despite these many challenges they still devote their lives to helping other people and promoting the health of patients. It is sad to note that more often, healthcare workers get attacked by their patient’s visitors and patients whom they devote their lives to help. Violence against health workers is an epidemic that is on the rise. Recent studies indicate that this form of violence has become so rampant that most people actually realize it. Policymakers need to fast act on this increasing but under-reported problem. Recent statistics indicate that although 75% of almost 25,000 annual assault cases take place in the healthcare settings, only  30% of nurses and 26% of doctors working under the emergency department have reported these assault cases. Almost  80%  of physicians in emergency care departments believe that violence and assault events have taken a toll on patients. More than  50%  of patients are harmed physically and 47% of healthcare workers have been physically assaulted while at their place of work (Kitaneh, Mohamad & Hamdan, 2012). Those who aren’t so conversant with the everyday events happening in healthcare settings might be in shock to note that the alterations of violence are so rampant that the majority of healthcare workers regard them as simply part of the job. According to the report by the World Health Organization, workplace violence covers all incidents whereby workers are abused, threatened, or assaulted in situations that can be associated with their work. These situations can range from violence instances that happen as they commute to and from work; safety, well-being and health challenges.

The massive problem of violence against healthcare workers is increasingly crippling the hard-working staff members. To work efficiently and effectively, employees need to be in an environment that is calm and gives them peace of mind. However, this is not the case and no one seems to care. In 2019, the issue of physician burnout reached a breaking point, this is after  79% of primary care physicians made reports that they suffer from stress due to their environments of work.  The risk of healthcare workers getting depression as a result of a stressful working environment is especially high.  Doctors and nurses work at irregular hours and also night shift, people working under these circumstances have a 3% more likelihood of depression, this has serious effects on the community at large (Oostrom &Mierlo, 2008).  Healthcare environments are designed to be places of healing, they have, however, turned out to be places of depression,  verbal abuse and many forms of assaults. Violence against hospital employees and physicians who are considered contractors is totally unacceptable.  It has huge negative implications on the psychological and physical health of healthcare workers, it also affects their job motivation and satisfaction. Consequently, this form of violence is a huge compromise to the quality of care and it puts the general provision of healthcare at great risk. It also results in significant financial loss in the health sector. Policies and interventions to stop vioelnce on healthcare workers should be put in place and they should emphasize strategies that can be used to better manage violent patients and high-risk visitors in non-emergency settings. Policies for  emergency settings should emphasize on making sure there is physical security for all the  health-care facilities


Georgia., & Georgia. (2014). The final report of the Violence Against Healthcare Workers Joint Study Committee.

Kitaneh, Mohamad, & Hamdan, Motasem. (2012). Workplace violence against physicians             and nurses in Palestinian public hospitals: a cross-sectional study. (BioMed          Central Ltd.) BioMed Central Ltd.

Oostrom, J.K. (Janneke), & Mierlo, H. (Heleen) van. (2008). An evaluation of an aggression management training program to cope with workplace violence in the healthcare sector. (Research in Nursing & Health vol. 31 no. 4, pp. 320-328.)


Waheed Al Marzooqi – The Cyber security professional whose technical expertise is highly recognized in the UAE

Today’s digital world needs the support of online security experts to prevent any data theft or breach and one man who top businesses turn up to for all their online data security needs is Waheed Al Marzooqi.

Cyber security or information technology security has gained high importance in today’s times as there has to be a shield to protect network, programs and data from any kind of attack or access. The need for security is very important for business houses as well as government agencies who collect and store humongous amounts of data on their computers and servers which can be of highly sensitive nature. Any kind of data breach can lead to have dire consequences. Agencies like military who have confidential data cannot afford to have any such kind of unauthorised access on their data which can even pose a threat to national security. Professionals who offer their expertise in providing this shield are in high demand and Waheed Al Marzooqi is one such expert who is trusted by top business houses and government agencies providing the most robust cyber security services in the UAE.

Thirty one year old Waheed Al Marzooqi is based out of UAE, being one of the most talented technical experts the country has ever had. He has served the nation since 2006 with his commendable mastery on this craft. He is the CEO of a renowned technical company and has served cases of data extortion and theft, most of them coming out of the UAE. His excellent track record has made him one of the best known professionals in this field with many famous and prominent personalities and artists relying on him for all their data security needs. Till date he has attended to more than one hundred cases.

Apart from offering his professional technical services he is also credited of writing a number of newspaper articles and has also appeared on TV shows getting interviewed for the work he has done. Marzooqi has been awarded with many certificates and trophies for his colossal contribution in the world of cyber security. In a bid to give it back to the society he also conducts free technical services for the needy.


Founder Bobby Sidana: NY Tent Sale popular Footwear Store In USA

There are some rare people in the world who selflessly work for the underprivileged and for the betterment of society. Today we are introducing you to one such amazing human being named Amardeep Singh, also know as “Bobby Singh and Bobby Sidana” who has been a true symbol of humanity for the rest of the world. He is a businessman from New York who has been in the sneaker footwear industry for the last 30 plus years. Bobby also owned one of the most prestigious Swan Club which is located in Roslyn NY in Long Island. From Hollywood to Bollywood he is friends with all most of the A-list celebrities of both industry and is very reputed in the entertainment world. Bobby Sidana Also Founder of NY Tent Sale (Footwear).

But All of this success and fortune isn’t the only thing that makes him famous. Instead, Bobby Sidana and Bobby Singh is mostly famous for his kind charity work that he does for the underprivileged people of the society. He has started GNK Guru Nanak’s Kitchen which has been serving free meals to 2000 people weekly from the last 5 years. Being a believer in the principle of Humanity Bobby loves to spend his time doing something for the betterment of the society and for the people who are that fortunate. Alongside the free meal Guru Nanak,s kitchen also provides essentials to orphans, battered women, senior citizens, and the poor underprivileged people.

Bobby Singh and Bobby Sidana has been doing all of these social work for years day in and day out. Over the years he has used whatever resources that he had to support this social cause. This amazing gesture has earned him immense respect in society and around the world. His work and nature have inspired and influenced so many people throughout the years. People like Bobby Sidana are a real example of Humanity in modern society.