Driving His Delorean Through The MPC – Joey Luxx Comes Through

The next-up rapper is one to look out for! On his Debut album, the South Jersey artist takes us on a wild ride through old school samples and laid back trap drums.

Hot stuff coming from the artist straight out of South Jersey! Following up on his single track release ‘Solar’, the talented rapper drops his first solo full length body of work.

Joey Luxx had shown some glimpses of his potential and on his ‘Warm Up’ EP last year, but presents himself as a complete package today. He starts his debut long player with a fitting intro that sets us for a flight through his universe.

You an definitely tell that the artist picked his beats very careful as they sound out of one piece, despite multiple beat makers being involved. A sign that the artist himself has a decent knowledge and engineering skills too.
Two songs in, the 808s and stuttering hi-hats dominate the nerdy sounds and samples that build the first layers for Joey Luxx catchy songs.

Where plenty of artist meet us with predictable, staccato like vocals recently, the South Jersey artist shows his strength. Verses as well as hooks are built around strong melodies and merge into the smooth production.
Overall, there is simply a lot that sounds very right here. Right but different. And we’re digging it.

The solo single ‘Solar’ off the album was released with the music video previously to the album release this year, and shows Luxx in his hometown.
Malcolm Parrish, was playing basketball on a professional level before he decided to dedicate his full time to music last year.

The right decision as it seems and a strong promise to music, which keeps helping him discover himself in different ways.

We’re excited for more!