When it comes to easy home improvement projects in Australia, redoing the flooring is probably the one aspect that makes the most significant impact. No other material quite delivers a better ROI- Return on investment than deciding to install those porcelain tiles

Be it adding colour tiles to the bathroom walls or a subway tile in the kitchen, the beauty of these tiles will amplify the glamour of the whole house. It also prevents moisture or other substances that might cause damage to walls.

The types of tiles include:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Glass tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Granite tile
  • Marble tile 
  • Natural stone tile

Some of the benefits of installing tiles are:

1. Design choice:

Tiles are now available in an endless array of colours, textures, sizes, and designs. This material is a diverse, attractive addition to a home, from classy porcelain tiles to marble-looking, mosaic, and natural stone tiles. 

Geometric, old-world, modern, and rustic, are a few themes that one can choose from for ideas. These are ideal for high-traffic places like the living room or kitchen and humidity-troubled areas like bathrooms. Tiles for floors and decorative walls are always going to be in trend. 

It is vital to install backsplash tiles near the sink and cooking areas. Because it can save a lot of trouble in cleaning and avoiding displeasing interiors. It can help offer protection against spills and splashes while keeping the overall design aesthetics in check. 

2. Easy Cleaning:

Tiles are, for the most part, the easy-to-maintain flooring options. For instance, it is not possible to wet-mop a hardwood floor or clean the carpets with bleach. But with tiles, one can give it a thorough cleanse. 

Even if there are toddlers at home and the dining room looks like it has been bombed with food, cleaning it is a breeze if there is a tile floor. One has to sweep away the muck and wipe it with a cloth, soap, and water. And yes, pet parents, it is alright if the puppy ruins the floor as well. One can clean and sanitize the floor in no time.

3. Simple repairs and Maintenance:

If one uses high-quality sealant and grout whenever necessary, maintaining the tiles requires little effort. Superior quality materials avoid water leaking beneath tiles and wreaking havoc. 

Additionally, it is easy to do repairs. Whether there is a cracked bathroom tile or a damaged backsplash tile, it takes only a few minutes to replace it. It is wise to have a carton of extra tiles handy just in case of these emergencies. 

4. Durability:

It seems pointless to splurge on high-maintenance hardwood when instead one can opt for wood-look tiles that deliver higher durability at a lesser cost. 

Tiles are designed to resist extensive damage caused by moisture exposure. It can survive daily wear without being worn down. Just imagine the amount of durability it takes to withstand stomping snow boots, dragging in furniture, kids in football boots, and endless trips to the grocery store. 

5. Cool to touch and sight:

Most people are not aware of the cooling properties of tile. It is akin to a natural air conditioner on the floor that can repel heat and stays cool to touch. The coldness of a tile floor on a steamy, hot day makes the shower more refreshing. 

Imagine walking into a home, and the first thing that the feet touch and one notices are the floorings. These reasons are why it is vital to invest in quality, attractive tile that can last for a long time.