Who is the Sixers fan with white hair sitting courtside? That is Alan Horwitz


Sixers fans who have been watching the group on the regular for the last couple of seasons are very much aware of “Old Man Knees,” likewise referred to his friends and family as Alan Horwitz.

“The players call me ‘Papi’ and Kendall Jenner calls me ‘Papi,’” Horwitz said today.

In any case, basketball fans from around the nation experienced Horwitz’s extreme being a fan when he was appeared on the broadcast sitting courtside for Games 1 and 2 in Toronto. He was difficult to miss, holding up a Sixers sign after pretty much every positive Philly play.

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Marc Farzetta sat down with Horwitz on Thursday preceding the die-hard Sixers fan sitting courtside later tonight in his customary seats alongside the Sixers seat.

Horwitz, who has been a Sixers fan since the 1960s, shared stories of his meats throughout the years with contradicting stars like Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo yet additionally individual restricting fans, for example, Drake.

Drake had a few words for Horwitz up in The Six.

“[Drake] was giving it to me the first game [in Toronto]. He was sitting in my seat on the other side. As I’m holding up the flag in Game 1, he’s giving me this ‘blah, blah, blah.’ He’s giving me all that stuff, then I start giving it back in the second game.”

Another renowned Sixers fan, Kevin Hart, connected with Drake on Twitter to check whether the musician will be at the Wells Fargo Center tonight for Game 3.

Some call him “Old Man Knees,” some call him “The Sixth Man,” some call him “Papi.” Whatever he’s called, Horwitz wants to see this Sixers group win as much as anyone. He got an uncommon guarantee from the Sixers’ possession.

“When we win the championship, I was promised I’m going into the locker room to celebrate with the players and I get the same ring the players get, from Mr. Josh Harris,” Horwitz said.

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