Who is a professional DJ? DJ Soushi, an internationally renowned DJ, answers


Before we can master the skills of DJing, it is important to understand the reality of DJing and understand what and how DJing works. It is necessary to know these things if you want to step into the world of myths and concepts related to art and go behind the decks.

DJ Soushi is one of the most successful DJs in Iran in the field of club DJs and music festivals, who has attracted a large crowd with his music style, and according to the latest news, he has recently entered into cooperation with prominent international companies.

In this article I will try to provide a clear explanation of what is (and is not) a DJ, while debunking some of the popular myths that undervalue our profession. Let’s start by defining the word “DJ” as it appears in Djing Tips magazine, DJ: a person who plays produced music for others. As you can see, it doesn’t say that DJs necessarily create music, they can scratch, or that a real DJ has to play vinyl records. Most people in the past thought that a DJ played music like a pianist or a violinist, when in fact he “simply” played and mixed songs composed by (usually) other people. he does. which can also add effects to create a feeling and excitement, scratch and gently move between songs.

There are three main types of DJs: radio DJs, mobile DJs, and club DJs. As expected, there are specific characteristics for each type.

Radio DJs: They have to talk a lot. They have to answer listeners’ calls, introduce traffic reports and share celebrity news. Of course, all this is done in addition to their main job, which is playing music. And usually albums or radio versions of tracks that are usually no longer than 4 minutes are played.

Mobile DJs: These types of DJs are the ones you see at events or weddings or openings. They often have their own audio equipment, from microphones to headphones and speakers, which are all necessary for a performance. They should be complete in terms of music archives to meet the needs of any event. Mobile DJs also manipulate the sound, but only to an extent, due to the different styles of music they have to play during their set. And they use the microphone to make announcements and excitement.

Finally, there are club DJs who usually play music at night in clubs and have a fixed place for their audience and generate income. Clubs are usually made for all types of music styles in the field of electronic music and usually include dance music styles such as “house, trance, tech house, etc.”, so clubs are not limited and specific to a specific style, and they are all in They operate in the sub-set of dance music, so there is more room for manipulation and freedom of action for DJs.

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