Could Batteries Really Power a Whole Town? The New Solution to the Energy Crisis


Is battery power the answer the world has been waiting for to ease the global energy crisis?

Oil, gas, and electricity prices have been going up across the globe because of energy shortages. Economic factors, labor shortages, disputes, and climate change have caused the crisis. The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine then compounded these.

As a result of gas shortages, food prices have increased, and coal has been used more. Governments have had a step-by-step and mostly ineffective response to the energy crisis.

However, Fintech expert Marcelo Cardenas believes he may have a solution to a cheaper and more effective power source.

His work with a startup that creates battery banks could provide the answer. They store electricity from renewable sources such as solar or wind while providing a constant energy supply. The beauty is that the battery banks are cheaper and more beneficial to the environment.

Marcelo says: “The batteries can deliver energy 24 hours a day because, during the night, they use the bank.”

The global demand for power sources of this nature currently exceeds what is available.

Marcelo’s work with startup Andesvolt has already been commended for its attempts to be environmentally friendly. 

As a finalist in eMerge Americas in 2019, the company was recognized for pioneering technology because the solar-powered battery banks reduce carbon footprints.

That reduction in carbon footprint could apply to a business, a home, or even a town. There is only one caveat they need to overcome to offer battery banks as a viable power source. 

Marcelo says: “We need to make a lot of batteries to make it effective enough to power a town. And we need to create a big factory similar to Tesla’s.”

He adds: “I am completely fascinated with how things work. Andesvolt creates a huge opportunity not just for me to analyze how to come up with energy solutions but also for how to get them out to the masses. Making a difference in people’s lives is what drives me.”

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