Robotics in ENT: Increasing Patient Survival Rates


Thanks to robotics, medical patients are now living longer and surviving better.

In recent years, robotic surgery for cancers has come into its own in the ear, nose, and throat area.

Using lasers and robotics, Samih Nassif, MD, helps his patients live longer.

Currently an American Head and Neck Society fellow at AdventHealth Celebration, Dr. Nassif has carried out hundreds of surgeries during his career to date.

He believes in his specialist field of operating on cancers of the head and neck, having access to the most futuristic techniques is vital for the patient.

“Cutting-edge tools are essential in this field of surgery. It is essential to advise and educate on how we can harness the power of technology in any operation.

However, when it comes to a head and neck surgery, you are dealing with areas that patients have to face the world. Being able to carry out major operations leaving little or no trace is something we should be striving for.”

The benefits mean you can perform minimally invasive surgery in very confined areas of the body. You only need to make tiny incisions, or in some cases access these areas via the mouth or nose. It is not appropriate in all situations, but it can greatly benefit the patient and the surgeon.

We still have so much to learn, and it is important to harness the technological power we have at our fingertips for the patient’s well-being.

I see myself as a patient advocate. I am very passionate about ensuring that patients get what they feel is important when it comes to the outcome of their surgery. It is gratifying if I can share knowledge with others to improve their results.

What I want to contribute to my community is providing my patients with the most cutting-edge surgical treatment they can access for their cancer. In a way that we can help them avoid as many complications as possible.”

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