Entrepreneur Walid Hatem Abushammala charts immense growth using his network marketing skills


Dream big’ is a term that is used very often but ironically, when people do dream big, they are called out for having ‘insane ambitions’ and so on. But in reality, these people whose dreams are often considered to be insane are the ones that are actually successful and manage to turn their dreams into reality. Walid Hatem Abushammala, a Norway-based entrepreneur is one such example.

Walid is a self-taught Network Marketing expert and an entrepreneur with various business interests. He is an expert in network marketing and has been working in the industry for many years. In this time, he has built a reputation for himself as one of the leading Network marketers in his field, currently working for an EdTech firm in Norway. He also helps people study network marketing and has assisted many people and companies in successfully charting their growth.

He shares, “I know it might sound absurd to some people out there but I have seen firsthand, how much a person can grow as a Network Marketer. I used to do a basic direct sales job when I started off, but I developed my skills and honed my strong points. Now, I have companies coming to me, asking to help their businesses grow.”

He further adds, “There have been hard times but not once did I give up because for me, achieving my goal is extremely important. I also want to help people grow along with me and that is why I hold educational seminars every now and again to educate people about my profession.”
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