In Dubai, Badshah hangs out with Pakistani actor Hania Aamir, who has been called the cutest couple by fan

Rumored to be dating, Pakistani actor Hania Aamir and rapper-singer Badshah recently spent time together in Dubai. On social media, Hania posted pictures and videos from their trip.

Recently, in Dubai, rapper-singer Badshah spent time with Pakistani actor Hania Aamir. Hania posted pictures and videos from their meeting to social media, sparking speculation that they were dating. Rumors that Badshah and Hania were dating started in December of last year after the former posted images of the Indian rapper on her Instagram account.

Hania posted on Instagram on April 19 that she wasn’t feeling well “emotionally.” The caption for a series of photos and videos she posted of herself with Badshah on April 21 said, “Rescue arrived from Chandigarh (sic).” In the pictures, Hania is seen posing with Badshah, who looked dashing in all-black. Hania is wearing a beige shirt and blue jeans.

Hania also posted a video with Badshah narrating. Badshah says, “Scene aise shuru hoga, khula aasman Dubai ka (the scene will start like this, Dubai’s wide-open sky),” in the video as the camera pans towards Hania. Then, he bursts into laughter.

Hania jokes, “This is Badshah’s concert,” in a different Instagram post while enjoying herself with the rapper-singer. “I love you, Badshah,” Hania yells in the video as she watches Badshah sing. The video’s description says, “Concert time.” “Its sangeet utsav aur abhinay ka kya hi varnan kiya jaye (How to describe this concert and acting)” is Badshah’s remark on the post.

In the video, Badshah also expresses dissatisfaction at Hania’s reels receiving more attention on Instagram than his own. The actor from Pakistan responds to this by saying, “Thank you India and Pakistan for liking my content.”

Fans of Badshah showered the rumored pair with affection as soon as they saw the pictures and videos. “Bhaiya aur bhabhi,” a comment written by a fan. Another person said, “@badboyshah “When are you bringing her to India?” Yha kb laa rhe ho. A another commenter said, “BADSHAH X HANIA = CUTEST COUPLE (sic).”

Hania Aamir: Who is She?

Hania Aamir mostly appears in movies and TV series in Urdu. She debuted as an actress in the 2016 comedy “Janaan.”