Viral 50/50innertainment Video shows man spitting in an Arizona Ice Tea and putting it back on the shelf


In a recent video posted on the 50/50innertainment network, it shows a man grabbing a Gallon of Arizona Ice Tea, opening it up, and then spitting into it. He then continues to put the Tea back on the shelf and looks as if he runs from the store. It’s unsure who the man is but the video has put everyone into alert as the video has gained thousands of views within it being posted and hundreds of replies.

In recent videos a teenage girl can be seen removing the tub of ice cream from a store freezer, lifting the lid, licking the top of the ice cream, then closing the lid and putting the container back before walking away as with other videos that show people doing the same thing after the trend went viral. Well, know it seems people are spitting into drinks as well. We suggest that you always check the seal on any drinks and food you buy to prevent this from happening to you.

To see the Viral Video go here:

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