Senior helps students discover reasonable travel costs with new website


At the point when then-junior Davis Handler sat in the back of his economic growth class and viewed a classmate scour the internet for a cheap flight to Paris, he got worried.

Handler said there were such a large number of tabs open with websites indicating costly costs for what ought to have been an increasingly reasonable trip. He talked with his peers about ways they pay for travel and saw that the vast majority were overpaying for their getaways.

The senior took his peers’ feedback and propelled WeYalla, a website that sifts through airline and hotel organizations’ costs to find the least expensive flights and hotels for college students. Handler said the website fills “a void in the market” for reasonable travel by streamlining moderate travel options into one search engine.

“Traveling can open you in a way that cannot be done in any other fashion,” Handler said.

He said online travel offices like Kayak or Skyscanner will look for deals with airlines that each organization as of now has an relationship with, which can preclude less expensive deals from different airlines. Handler’s search engine scans all deals, including in excess of 2,000 online travel offices, he said.

The website likewise incorporates a “Talk to a Travel Agent” service in which a client can contact Handler, who is a licensed travel agent, to help with booking flight via phone or through email. Handler is at present working with a fraternity on campus to book flights and a hotel and create itineraries for the 40 fraternity individuals, he said.

“The method that I’m using is solely based on the user finding the best price,” he said. That’s the inspiration and that’s the entire mission behind every single line of code that was written.”

In the wake of teaching himself HTML in middle school and honing his coding skills from Youtube tutorials, Handler composed the code for the website. He additionally contracted with cyber-teams situated in India and Bangladesh to secure the website and construct graphics.

The name WeYalla – “yalla” signifying “let’s go” in Arabic – was mostly roused by Handler’s investigation abroad trip to Jordan throughout the fall 2018. He said he grew a passion for travel after his study abroad trip and excursions to six unique continents in his lifetime.

“There is something about travel that is almost metaphysical for me,” Handler said. “Jordan is one of those places for me that’s always gonna have a special place in my heart, it inspired me to do this because I think people should experience the world.”

Handler says the website is the first part of a project to create technology that enables littler groups to find the best travel alternatives.

“The sweet spot is finding that perfect mix of great customer service and impeccable technology, and I don’t think that really exists right now when it comes to group travel,” Handler said.

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