Success story of kickboxer and content creator Hassan Elamragy

In order to succeed, you will face many difficulties and challenges, and we will know who Hassan Elamragy
Hassan Ragab Elamragy 18 years old, born 27/03/2003, Egypt, kickboxer, content creator, professional model, winner of international championships and achievements.

Hassan started from a young age, as there was a small club in Alexandria that trained and from there Hassan’s passion for martial arts began training with concentration and achieving great goals. He has remarkable talent, strength and speed.

Hassan has harnessed knowledge to create sports and entertainment content, has many followers and aspires to spread content around the world and is creating a media broadcasting company to expand the dissemination of sports and useful content. In addition to this, he has a huge charisma in fashion shows.

He says I want everyone who cares about what he loves to strive for what he wants.

My advice is to never give up, I know success is not easy but at the end of the tunnel.

In the end, I would say that you succeed for yourself, your family and your community, and do not say that circumstances are not in my best interest. You have to push your determination to the limit.

And with that, we will be useful in this life Hassan Elamragy success is not limited to sports, content creation and fashion shows, but to conference projects for youth. From here, good entrepreneurship began in the work of a company that includes a wide scope to strengthen people’s skills and exchange ideas by hosting influential and creative people so that everyone benefits and not everyone gets frustrated by difficulties, such as where to start and we are with it Every effort and pressure will benefit everyone to make the world a bright place We, the youth, are the spirit of any society and country