New leak reveals larger display and sharper design for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 as per report

A recent leak from US-based case manufacturer Thinborne suggests that the next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have a major redesign. This latest design, which appears to be based on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, is very different from earlier iterations in that it has sharper edges and flatter surfaces. Even though the phone’s official release is still several months away, fans’ reactions to these leaked photos have been mixed.

Thinborne, a company well-known for making incredibly thin phone cases, momentarily posted a CAD image of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 on social media before quickly removing it, as first reported by SamMobile. This glimpse demonstrated a possible development from the earlier Z Fold models’ thin and elongated outer display. The Z Fold 5’s outside display’s 23:9 aspect ratio makes standard smartphone activities like surfing, watching movies, and typing seem confined and inconvenient.

Reputable industry insider IceUniverse claims that the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s leaked screen protectors show an outside display that is slightly bigger than the Z Fold 5’s, measuring roughly 60mm as opposed to 57mm. These protectors also have corners that are sharper, matching the Galaxy S24 series’ design.

This modification might not be as revolutionary as some had hoped, though. The Z Fold 6’s outside screen may still fall short of rivals like the OnePlus Open, which has a wider ~20:9 aspect ratio, even with this adjustment to a ~22:9 aspect ratio.

Concerns exist with the camera system in addition to the display. Although sufficient, the Z Fold 5’s camera fell short of what was expected from a high-end foldable. There are rumors that the Z Fold 6 may use a similar strategy, although with slightly better cameras.

Reports of a possible “Ultra” model of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 offer a little hope to loyal fans of the Galaxy Fold series. Some of the limitations of the normal version may be solved by this higher-end edition, which may have an improved camera configuration, an easier-to-use outside display, and even S Pen integration akin to that of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung used to lead the market with its foldable portfolio, but competition from products like the OnePlus Open and Google Pixel Fold has increased. Samsung’s Z Fold series updates may not keep up with expected improvements for both competitors later in the year, and they may come too late for Samsung to maintain its market leadership.