Man Hospitalized After Injecting Own Semen To Treat Back Pain


Another investigation published in the Irish Medical Journal describes the instance of a 33-year-old person who was hospitalized after more than once injecting himself with semen to relieve chronic back pain.

“This is the first reported case of semen injection for use as a medical treatment,” specialists in Dublin wrote for the situation think about, titled “‘Semenly’ Harmless Back Pain: An Unusual Presentation of a Subcutaneous Abscess.”

The man’s handmade remedy was supposedly found when he appeared at a doctor’s office grumbling of extreme back pain. While examining the patient, a doctor saw the man’s right arm seemed swollen and aroused.

The clarification the man gave was one the doctor probably never anticipated.

“The patient disclosed that he had intravenously injected his own semen as an innovative method to treat back pain,” doctors wrote in the study. “He had devised this ‘cure’ independent of any medical advice.”

The man reportedly said he had purchased a hypodermic needle online and had been injecting himself once a month for the past 18 months. Before visiting the doctor, he said he hurt his lower back while lifting a heavy object and gave himself three doses, according to the study.

The semen apparently entered the man’s blood vessels and muscles.. A X-ray uncovered air caught underneath the man’s skin, and he was quickly hospitalized, as according to the study.

Doctors treated the man with intravenous antimicrobial therapy. His back pain reportedly subsided, and he released himself without having the infected area drained.

The report’s doctors conducted a “comprehensive review” of medical literature and were not able locate some other instances of intravenous semen injection.

The study finishes up with a notice that medicinal experimentation is dangerous and it’s dangerous for untrained people to inject themselves with substances not intended for intravenous use.

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