Ulefone launches The Much Awaited Armour 26 Ultra: A Significant Advancement in Rugged Smartphone Technology

With the official release of the eagerly anticipated Armour 26 Ultra, Ulefone has raised the bar for innovative tough smartphones. The result of intensive research and development, the Armour 26 Ultra is designed to meet the demands of explorers, outdoor lovers, and professionals with outstanding performance that will redefine durability.

Dual Variants for Diverse Needs

In defiance of tradition, Ulefone releases two Armour 26 Ultra variations to meet the varying needs and tastes of users. This release’s adaptability is its best attribute. The initial version has a dual-mode, dual-band, and dual-slot radio and is intended for users that need to communicate instantly in difficult or distant settings. Professionals in a variety of industries, including construction, railroads, warehousing, security, plumbing, and contracting, find this walkie-talkie variant invaluable since it guarantees dependable communication even in locations where regular networks may fail.


With digital and analogue communication modes, the dual-mode mobile radio technology of the walkie-talkie model is impressive. Users can easily transition between UHF and VHF antennas, making it easy for them to adapt to different communication settings. The UHF band is appropriate for indoor and urban settings because it provides improved penetration and clarity, making it perfect for short-distance communication. On the other hand, the VHF band offers reduced signal attenuation and more coverage, making it ideal for long-distance communication in untamed environments like mountains, forests, and coastal regions. One-key communication with individuals or groups is made possible by the physical PTT Key, and the removable antennas provide the best possible signal reception quality.

Key Specifications

Among the many amazing features of the Armour 26 Ultra is the MediaTek Dimensity 8020 5G SoC, which offers 5G connection and strong performance. Amazing details are captured by its 200MP Mega Quad Camera System, and an immersive audio experience is guaranteed by its 121dB Thunder Speaker. Users can benefit from a longer battery life and quick charging for convenience when they’re on the go thanks to a large 15600mAh mega battery and 120W mega flash charging. In addition, the Armour 26 Ultra provides a large amount of memory and storage with up to 24GB of RAM and 512GB of ROM.


Orders for the basic and walkie-talkie versions of the Armour 26 Ultra can be placed at Ulefone’s official AliExpress store beginning on May 13, 2024. On its official Facebook page, Ulefone is giving away the Armour 26 Ultra and other new products to commemorate the introduction.