Dr.Michael Tran Has Established

FLOSS Dental with Hard Work and tenacity        

Dr. Michael Tran has made his life successful through hard work and struggle, some people just keep thinking about their dreams, but there are some rare people who focus their goals and keep on achieving that goal and till then Until they achieve success, there are some people who make the lives of others their goals, to overcome the suffering of others and make sympathy for others their goals, because such a person He knows that success comes in many forms, and perseverance explains the difference between those who keep on growing. Dr. Michael Tran was born on 6 July 1981 in a refugee camp in Chonburi, Thailand. Michael Tran graduated from Dulles High School Sugar Land, Texas in 1999. After high school, he became a Red Raider and studied business management at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

Dr. Michael Tran applied to dental school, working on an MBA in finance and real estate. He was accepted into the Howard College of Dentistry and moved on to Houston Advanced Education at General Dentistry AEGD, where he became president. While studying at school in Houston, Michael was awarded the ‘Smartest Resident’ award for critical thinking. Dr. Michael Tran knows what bright minds need and he always continues to study in dentistry with his inherent, insatiable desire to know and do more. Dr. Michael Tran began learning and understanding live surgery so well that he now teaches live surgery transplant courses at his FLOSS Dental offices and is working on ways to expand and introduce that knowledge to a wider audience.

Dr. Michael Tran has built FLOSS Dental for hard working people. He wanted his own practice, so that he could have complete control of creating and ensuring the ongoing experience and environment provided for his own patients. Michael Tran launched FLOSS Dental from an old closed dental office in Magnolia, Texas, which has become the fastest growing retail brand in the world today. And Dr. Michael Tran has become the owner of FLOSS Dental, the fastest growing dental retail brand in the world of dental medicine. FLOSS Dental is headquartered in Houston with 12 other offices in North Texas. The brand will soon be in Ohio, Georgia and the U.S. Is expanding nationwide with three new offices in the Virgin Islands. FLOSS Dental has also claimed success with its unique experiences giving everyone a new experience every day.