Youna Ahmadi, a singer who was able to sign music contracts with big companies at the age of 18, gave his opinion on Mix and Master

Youna Ahmadi, a popular Iranian figure whose music we hear a lot around us these days, pointed out specialized points about mixing and mastering.

The main purpose of a standard mix is to produce a clear, powerful sound with appropriate depth. Of course, I should add that all the sounds used in a piece of music should be clearly audible and in line with its style. Not using sound that is not effective in a piece is one way to help clarify the elements of the music.

One of the most important ways to position your voice is in music, which is simply playing the sound from the left and right bands. This technique prevents frequency interference between instruments and makes them sound much better and more attractive. Each instrument or sound has its own place in music and this makes it better heard.

One way to empower the sound is for the mixing process to better detect the sound, instruments, and instruments. Its very solitary appearance is mixed so that it can be heard loudly. One of the important elements of music in this field is drums and rhythm of work (percussion).

There is a difference between mixing and mastering

If I want to explain to you in the form of a short example, I would say that if you consider the process of building a building, the foundations, repairs and major changes of the building such as plumbing and… can be mixed with the facade of the building, yard and green space Compared to mastering. Each of them (mixing and mastering) must together create a standard structure for the listener.