The right age to start singing, explanations from Reza Sajedi, a famous Iranian singer

When is the right age to start singing? This question is asked by many readers. In answer to this question, it can be said that there is no universal age to start reading because the appropriate age for reading for various reasons such as: physiological conditions and growth of the body, technical and professional advances and experience of people. needs.

Many readers ask the question, what is the right age to start singing? In fact, there are many methods that singers use to improve their voice. But does good sound come with age? At what age do you think singers reach the peak of their good voice? Does puberty affect sound and singing?

Human voice is changed by various factors. Aging causes various changes such as physical changes, puberty and.. Which all affect the sound changes. There are various rumors about aging that some people say the right age to start singing is older. Do not pay attention to these rumors. Aging will not improve your voice. In fact, what is effective in improving your voice is the experience and exercises that will give you a beautiful voice over time. The voice of human beings in life changes in different ways and it is not possible to determine the exact time to reach the peak of the right voice or to start singing. Puberty does not occur in individuals at a specific time and varies from person to person. Therefore, it can be said that the appropriate age to start professional singing varies from person to person, because people improve their voice by using the experiences they gain as well as the exercises they do in different years, and these experiences depend on It also has to do with the talents of the people, which is why the appropriate age for starting professional singing varies from person to person.

Short biography of Reza Sajedi

Reza Sajedi ( رضا ساجدی )  is a famous Iranian singer and pop musician. Reza has released many official music that can be found in a short search in global markets.

Reza was born on September 30, 1995. His full name is Reza Sajedi Abkenar. He entered the field of music at the age of 13 and studied pop with the country’s top professors.


Tutorial 8 Important Tips on How to Become a Good Composer? Golden Tips from Milad Rabin, a famous Iranian singer and musician

1. Make sure you are the center of attention: You need to work with confidence and put your name on a piece of music. Smith insisted on constantly talking about yourself and your musical achievements.

2. Express your opinions: Express your opinions and opinions and be steadfast on them.

3. Raise your time and goals: Time is always limited, but if you are serious about doing it as a profession, then do your best.

4. Get to know your musicians: Smith insisted that you choose the best orchestra, singer and.. It also allows you to use a lot of musicians in your work and also makes you feel comfortable.

5. Don’t worry about deadlines: As Smith said, you can’t limit a genius to time. Except when musicians are forced to devote time to seasonal concerts.

6. Help musicians play correctly: If you worked for hours on a piece of music, you need musicians to perform it. Smith advises you to tell the musicians wrong, and if there is nothing wrong, give them advice to improve their work.

7. Get rid of bad habits: When you look at the composers’ past, they had no fear of confrontation and developed their talents.

8. Eliminate your competitors: Be confident and learn your own techniques, gradually eliminate your competitors.

Biography of Milad Rabin:

Milad Rabin, whose real name is Milad Akbari, is one of the oldest Iranian musicians who specializes in hip hop and rap. Milad was born on April 2, 1991. Many of Milad’s famous songs have been viewed by millions on world platforms.


5 tools and rules to achieve a great voice from the point of view of Farshid Adhami, a famous Iranian musician, singer and musician

The very important thing about people’s voices is that opinions about voices are completely individual. People have very different opinions about what makes a great sound. Like 50 different flavors for ice cream. You may like to enjoy the steps of a rock singer with an electronic guitar, and sometimes you may enjoy the sound of soft local music. When it comes to a singer’s voice, it all depends on your taste. As a result, your most important goal should be to be the best singer you can be and use 100% of your power.

1- Sound making technique, a path for sound freedom and its development

If you are looking for more voice freedom, you should definitely use this technique. One of the best tools in the world of great sounds is the art and science of sound engineering. You can never make a good sound if your voice is stuck in your throat. No one wants to hear a sound that is muffled or in the nose. You need to study and practice your voice. No one wants to hear a voice that is not yet close to its ultimate potential. As a result, you have to do your best.

2- Sound health is the most important factor for durability and prevention of sound wear

Keeping your voice healthy is one of the most important reasons for your success and it also helps you not to be left alone in important moments. There is nothing worse than not being able to record your own sessions because your voice is weak. Or, for example, if you sing but do not care about the health of your voice, you will definitely have a problem. You need to know the best secrets related to sound health so that you will never have a problem. You can use different sources for sound health.

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3- Natural remedies for sound recovery… Very fast!

One of the best ways to keep your voice healthy is to know what is hurting your voice. Most people still use common medications to treat colds or flu. These products are not only toxic, but they only eliminate the symptoms of the disease and certainly do not cure you. I still see a lot of people going to the doctor for courses of antibiotics, which not only kill the good bacteria in your body and weaken your immune system, but also against the virus or Colds do not have much effect. If you want to have products to use for colds, allergies and reflexes or acoustic problems, there are natural solutions that not only solve your problem but also have good long-term effects on Build your body. You can use it with fresh salads and vegetable juices on a daily basis to get more oxygen, chlorophyll and vitamins to your body and strengthen your immune system. The next step is to use supplements that contain vitamin D3, which strengthens your immune system and you can naturally regain your health.

4- Smooth movements for great sounds

What makes a great sound, no matter what genre the singer sings in, is that the changes are smooth. Phrases based on music are one of the most important topics. You should not do this in a hurry. An audio line has rhythm and melody. You should try to make changes to the rhythm and melody of your voice fluently. If you want to have smoother movements in your voice, you need to study the style of blues singers to be able to improve your wording. Good pop singers have rhythm + blues elements in their voices. You can use our site tutorials to access these features.

5- A special style helps you to show yourself

The good news is that you should not imitate others and try to be yourself. Having a voice that sounds like the voice of others certainly does not make you stand out. You should try to make your voice different from the others. You have to play with your voice, develop your voice ability, try to have a dynamic voice.


Full description of the composition process from the language of Shahrokh Kiavash, famous Iranian singer, composer and musician

What is song setting?

What you hear in a song, including the arrangement and structure of instruments such as drums, piano, guitar, and so on, is called tuning. Arranging a song is a long process to create a musical structure on the lyrics and melody, which is an important part of the impact of a piece. In fact, tuning a song should be done with the knowledge of what the content of the song is. For example, if the poem and melody you want is happy and the purpose of presenting it is to create a positive feeling in the listener, the arrangement of the song should inspire the same feeling many times more to the listener or vice versa. So the result is that everything you hear except the lyrics and melody in a piece is the work of arranging the song. The tuning of the template is done by the composing host software, which will provide you with many features, including VST and a composing plugin to improve the quality of the piece.

Let’s talk a little bit about regulators, who are the regulators?

A professional arranger should be fully acquainted with the types of instruments in terms of the type of playing as well as its general structure, as well as familiarity with the musical notes, which can be combined according to the melody and lyrics of the required instruments including drums, piano and… Give; And even if the instrument is to be recorded live on that piece, a professional arranger must know how, when the musician starts playing and how it ends, and he or she tells how each instrument is played and the division of a What is the song like? Here we mean the division of a song into sections according to which the overall structure of the work is arranged. For example, the preference section is a part of a song that is performed and repeated in parts of a piece differently from other parts.

Given the above, it will definitely be more important for you to choose a good regulator; And this will double my commitment (Shahrokh Kiavash) to you music lovers. With the help of professional composers and arrangements, Betistan will give you the assurance that it is the best choice, both in terms of cost and time, and of course, the highest quality output. Because he values ​​your point of view and work and has a special respect for your interests and tastes.


Explanations on how to be a good composer from Mr. Hadi Borhan, a popular Iranian artist and musician

Hadi Borhan is a famous Iranian poet, composer, musician and singer born on April 3, 1993.

In the following, Hadi Borhan offers some explanations about becoming a good composer.

Make sure you are the center of attention: you need to work with confidence and put your name on a piece of music. Keep talking about yourself and your musical achievements.


Unlike playing musical instruments – which is hard enough – writing music requires your emotions and state of mind. Composing also gives you a lasting impression of how you feel when you write music. Here are some composing ideas to help you become a better composer and arranger:

Movement: Some people come up with ideas as they walk – this is an old trick. Beethoven walks every morning before writing a song.

Small Melodies: A melodic motif (the smallest melodic component), which is usually a combination of two chords, can transform your composition. Always pay attention to these small melodies.

Relationships: Songs are usually made up of two chords that reveal melody, mood, or both when moving back and forth.

Consider the drawbacks: Where is the climax of this song? Where did you start and where do you want to go?

Consider the final mentality of your work: how this song makes you feel and how you feel in the end.

Combine songs: For example, move the end of the song to the beginning.

At the end of the day, consider the basics: see how easily you can progress.

Sing a song: Sing the song you wrote aloud. This will make you better understand the strengths and weaknesses.

A composer is a person who composes music. A composer is, in fact, a music writer who writes his or her intellectual ideas in the form of music, fully immersed in the science of music. Composing is not about composing a melody or only attributing the title of composer to the pieces of music he composed; Rather, the composer, like any other scientific profession, must be educated in music education centers or must have various musical sciences, including conducting, orchestration, arrangement, harmony, polyphony, counterpoint, etc., which are required for composing.


Youna Ahmadi, a singer who was able to sign music contracts with big companies at the age of 18, gave his opinion on Mix and Master

Youna Ahmadi, a popular Iranian figure whose music we hear a lot around us these days, pointed out specialized points about mixing and mastering.

The main purpose of a standard mix is to produce a clear, powerful sound with appropriate depth. Of course, I should add that all the sounds used in a piece of music should be clearly audible and in line with its style. Not using sound that is not effective in a piece is one way to help clarify the elements of the music.

One of the most important ways to position your voice is in music, which is simply playing the sound from the left and right bands. This technique prevents frequency interference between instruments and makes them sound much better and more attractive. Each instrument or sound has its own place in music and this makes it better heard.

One way to empower the sound is for the mixing process to better detect the sound, instruments, and instruments. Its very solitary appearance is mixed so that it can be heard loudly. One of the important elements of music in this field is drums and rhythm of work (percussion).

There is a difference between mixing and mastering

If I want to explain to you in the form of a short example, I would say that if you consider the process of building a building, the foundations, repairs and major changes of the building such as plumbing and… can be mixed with the facade of the building, yard and green space Compared to mastering. Each of them (mixing and mastering) must together create a standard structure for the listener.