Why Innovation is an Entrepreneur’s Best Virtue as per Matt Mahvi

Matt Mahvi, the mastermind behind nabbing several Cyber attacks believes innovation is an Entrepreneur’s best virtue. He takes pride in being an innovator/inventor with patents granted in the areas of intrusion detection and mitigation. He is also a famous cybersecurity expert and his company Staminus, pioneers in DDoS migration and Cybersecurity. He has written several well-received articles, publicly presented at conferences, sat on several cybersecurity panels at renowned events, traveled to more than 45 countries, is active in charitable causes benefiting the education of young women, and speaks three languages. Being a successful entrepreneur himself, he has proven how innovation has opened new doors for him. He shares with us his perspective on how Innovating leads to an Entrepreneur’s journey.

Matt says, “Innovating or creating new options/trends sets you apart in this world”. When everyone is competing, it is important to have a uniqueness about your product. Everyone follows certain standard rules to build things. You truly create an authentic product when you lend your vision to it. Your way of doing things, design to execution, innovates the product in a true sense. Defining your “How” is important to stay relevant in the constantly evolving world. Your brand or product adds value to the lives of people. It changes the way they see or perceive things. The change you bring about is your zing!

As an Entrepreneur, Matt emphasizes, “It is your responsibility to invent and innovate”. And to keep yourself on your toes, you have to do a lot of groundwork. It is not easy to establish this role. This role constantly needs you to learn, and be the best version of yourself. Innovating puts an Entrepreneur to do the dirty work. It hones the existing skillset and inspires you to upskill more, innovate more! The good this responsibility brings for you is understood only after putting in years of hard work in your innovation.

Innovation also generates healthy competition among fellow Entrepreneurs. This competition again drives the community to work towards a better brand, to impart a better vision. It also becomes a self-imposed duty to leave a positive impact on society and the Environment. While innovating, the Entrepreneur is chiseled and polished to outshine his skills. Hence, Matt  says,

“Innovation will always remain a true virtue in the life of an Entrepreneur.”