Motivational Speaker Jay on How His YouTube Channel Garnered More Than 50 Million Views

Growing your YouTube channel as a content creator to one million views is considered a Herculean task, but extending it to 50 million views is something only done by experienced YouTubers, like Jay Jay, a motivational speaker. He started with less than one hundred views, and in just a few years, has garnered 57 million views.

Born Joshua Jayaweera in Sydney, Australia, Jay Jay knew from a young age that he loved connecting and engaging with people, and understanding what made them come alive. He also knew that he wanted to travel all over the world, meeting and interacting with people of different cultures and inspiring them to be the best they can be.

After high school, he worked in different jobs, all of which had one thing in common – connecting with and engaging people. He is an international speaker and performance coach who has spoken to people in 30 countries, worked as a television host for ten years, performed as a magician for over 15 years, and runs a YouTube channel with 56 million views and counting.

Have goals and a plan

“When I started my YouTube channel, I had a vision of where I wanted it to be. I had goals and plans of reaching that vision,” he advises. According to Jay Jay, it is not enough to start a YouTube channel and assume that things will fall into place. Like in any other job in your life, you need to have goals for the channel and plan how you can achieve those goals. Jay Jay knew that he wanted to get to millions of views, so he’d make a schedule of the videos he’d post two months in advance. This way, at any given time, he had a video ready to upload to the channel.

Be consistent with your uploads

According to Jay Jay, there’s nothing as bad as telling your viewers that you upload a video weekly, then you slack and start posting once a month. Consistency is key for YouTube content creators, and if your channel goes for weeks or months on end with no new content, you will notice the number of viewers and subscribers decreasing. 

Engage with your viewers

Engaging with your viewers to make them feel like they are family is an essential part of any YouTube channel. “You may have the best videos in the world, but if you don’t make an effort to interact with your viewers, they will slowly stop watching your videos and move to other content creators who they feel care more,” says Jay Jay. He hosts giveaways on his channel and makes an effort to reply to comments on his videos, in order to connect more with his viewers.

Jay Jay’s YouTube channel has grown organically over the years, and his tips will help you grow yours too.