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Michael Insigno, also known as Emicii, is an Italian artist who has topped the music charts for many years. And now he will share some suggestions with us on how to have the right motivation in the field of music.

Find new ideas:

To get success, you have to first find a new idea. You have to produce tracks that nobody has ever made. So, you have to produce tracks that must be original. And why not, finding ideas also from existing tracks.

Start, complete, and then start again:

You have every possibility, as long as you set yourself deadlines to complete a track, or an album, and stick to them. Tasks tend to expand fit the available time. Take deadlines as your friend. Professionals produce, release, and move on. Newbies spend more time coming up with excuses than delivering and getting onto the next project.

Get to know more:

Getting knowledge is like giving your body good food and exercise. It also rewards your body and brain. It may be many things, such as reading books on marketing or taking classes. So, we get these boosts of energy and excitement to try out the knowledge we’ve recently gained.

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